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Thursday, 3 January 2013

My round up of 2012

Happy New Year to you all ....

I've spent some time this afternoon looking back on my finishes for 2012, its lovely to look back and see what you have achieved, some you remember well, others you forget what you've done! I had 58 finishes in all.

47 were stitching projects, no biggies just smaller ones this year. 10 Christmas ornaments for the ornament a month SAL, 2 round robins - one of which is still ongoing, and plenty of gifts for friends and family. Shores didn't get as much attention as i had hoped, but with Block 8 now completed there are only 4 more to go, surely that will be a finish this year.

I did manage to squeeze in just one more before the New Year. I completed the stitching on my RR - Little Book of Stitches - so this really was a 2012 RR.  Just need to read how to do the making up now, good instructions as it came from the Gift of Stitching Magazine, just need to make some time to do it.  Thank you to all the ladies who stitched on this for me.

I had 6 knitting finishes and i can now show you the socks that i was secretly knitting for DH for Christmas.  It's hard to make a surprise gift when you have family that are really interested in your craft, it was hard to make progress when he wasn't here. There was some query as to whether they would be finished in time for Santa to deliver them, but like all crafters, there is always one projects that comes right down to the wire for a deadline date. They fit and he was thrilled with them.

Crochet finishes amounted to 5. Hubby's lap blanket was the biggest of those. Midge is still really pleased that mum made such a comfy blanket and snuggles on it a lot of the time.

December 31st was opening day for the winter exchange at NH. Mine went out very early to avoid the Christmas post.  Jane was my partner and i made a pocketed pinkeep using the JBW Design 'Let it Snow' that had 2 sachets of hot chocolate inside.  I thought winter weather and it would warm her up, but we've only had rain, rain and oh yes, more rain.

I received mine from Kate in the post today. She made me this beautiful stitchers pocket. Thank you Kate, its really lovely.  It's been a great exchange and there have been so many different designs and finishes.

My workbasket starts off 2013 containing 2 WIP's. One of course is Shores of Hawk Run Hollow and the other is Irish Garden by Liz Turner Deihl - i didn't put a stitch in that at all last year, does that make it a UFO?  I do have one that really is a UFO and that is Leo by HAED, it was my first try at a HAED and i was gifted the chart and the 25ct fabric a very long time ago for my first attempt at stitching over 1.  Its about a quarter finished and its only a little one. Just maybe, now i have been stitching over 1 for a while it might make an appearance out of the basket one day this year to surprise you all.

The Book Borrowers started in June and reading has taken up quite a bit of the stitching and crafting time. I was amazed when i counted up the number of books i've read in 2012. Can you believe it, there were 40!! Being introduced to Agatha Raisin was great, she brought such fun and laughter to our meetings each week and i have worked my way through 15 of her adventures, they are not big books but i have really enjoyed them thats why the total seems so high lol.  We have lots of new things planned with the BB for the new year, but i am hopeful that my stitching and crafting time will take place, i still find it so very therapeutic and relaxing during the evenings.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all make during the comings months.

Wishing you a very productive and happy stitching, knitting, crocheting .... and whatever other craft you do filled year.....and may the frogs stay in their ponds and not bother us all too much lol.


  1. Great finishes & lovely exchange goodies!! Your cat is so cute :)

  2. I love the little book of stitches it looks so pretty
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Your RR looks lovely Julie.

    Gorgeous exchange pieces.

    Ooh it would be lovely to see Leo out again!

    Happy New Year!

  4. I love all your projects and your stitchers pocket is adorable. Love your project from gift of stitching. Too bad it ended. I though it was doing well and becoming quite popular. The socks you made look so warm. Do you sell your socks? I might like to buy a few pair if you do.

  5. Great project finishes. Wow 15 Agatha Raisin books, I've only read 4 but agree they are great. Happy New Year to you and your family. Lovely exchanges.

  6. You achieved a great deal in 2012 and I hope you manage to do as much if not more in 2013.

    I'm still deciding on a stocking pattern too - utimately I need to make four of them so they need to be of a similar size.

  7. You have had an amazing year! Not only all those finishes but also 40 books? I am green with envy. You have a new year waiting for you to fill now...

    May your new year be filled with joy and creativity Julie!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  8. Congratulations Julie on all those finishes and your reading :-)

    Lovely exchanges and i can't wait to see your RR made up, it looks wonderful!

    midge looks like he is smiling sitting on your DH blanket, what is it with cats and blankets! I caught Millie snuggled under the throw on the sofa again this afternoon!

    Looking forward to following you in 2013 and seeing all your lovely crafting :-)

  9. Happy New Year Julie! What a great review for 2012 your Stitcher's book is gorgeous I have that kitted up for "someday" well at least all the silks

  10. Wow, you really had a very successful year - so many stitched and knitted finishes, and so many books read. And on top of it a great exchnage with beautiful exchange gid´fts on both sides.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year which is hopefully just as successful as the past.

  11. Bothe exchange gifts are gorgeous Julie, great socks too

  12. Lovely round up Julie, you have been very productive indeed! All the very best for 2013.

  13. Love the goodies! Congrats on reading all of those books ~ that's great! Sweet picture of Midge!

  14. You had a wonderful 2012 finishing year and I hope it is just as good in 2013
    Love all the goodies
    Happy and healthy 2013

  15. Haha! I laugh because I could have written some of this post myself. I also read 40 books last *and* didn't finish the hubby's knitting project until the night before Xmas. (It was a squeaker for sure!) That is quite the impressive number of stitchy finishes too. Here's to a bigger and better 2013!! :)

  16. I've really enjoyed seeing your many and varied projects over the past year, Julie! Your stitching and knitting are always so pretty and I'm truly impressed that you've read so many books--when do you sleep :)

    Wishing you much joy in this New Year!

  17. Great finishes Julie! Love the socks for DH and your SAL is so pretty. Can't wait to see how it looks all finished up as a book! Happy New Year!

  18. A productive year you've had and hope it continuous.
    Lovely exchanges both sent and received.


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