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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

SAL progress only this week

Good afternoon blog readers....

although there is absolutely nothing good at all about todays weather, or the past 3 days either. All we've seen is wet, wet, wet and i dont mean the boy band (although if Marty Pellow did arrive at the front door i wouldn't send him away lol)

My back garden resembles the beginnings of a lake and poor Midge is very reluctant to step outside the back door for a stroll. He'll be needing webbed feet at this rate and apparently more rain is on the horizon .... what happened to the lovely cold, bright, sunny, crisp November mornings that are the norm for this time of year?  

This week i only have a couple of update pics to share with you.

The Parlour night SAL with Barb and the ladies at NH from last week. I built a house on Holly & Berries and very Christmassy it looks too. Hopefully this week we will have snow (nooooo not literally!!)

Saturday was the Strictly UFO Night SAL. Finished off the filling in around the dome at the top and also filled in some sea and added a few words.

I have a dilemma with this one now though. My dad was a seaman and when i saw this design it made me think of him. He went to sea at 13 years of age on the Arethusa which was a masted training ship stationed on the River Thames in London similar to the ones on the pictures of this sampler.  He sadly passed away 19th December 2005 and i was going to add his name and date to this block but now i'm not sure. The sampler is more of a sweethearts sampler isnt it? What do you think? Should i not worry about that and go with my first instinct to dedicate this beautiful and big piece to dad or stitch it as it is?

It's been lovely to read blogs this week and i have seen some wonderful and exciting things being made by very talented ladies, not only stitching, but also, knitting, crochet and quilting.

Christmas preparations have begun here, a few gifts purchased, some cards and last Saturday i made our Christmas cake. Amy came over to have her traditional 'wish stir' of the cake mixture.  She's been doing this since she was a small girl and santa is really good and mostly grants her wishes. This year she wanted Isabelle to have her very first stir and continue the tradition. That was fun and the cake this year will definately be slightly smaller as some of the mix was splatted onto the table as excitement took over and she got a bit carried away.

She's a little poorly at the minute with a cough, but i couldn't resist showing you this little pic i took last time i saw her of what mummy calls 'the squinty face'  We have the 'happy face,' the sad face,' 'the angry face' and when you ask her to do it she does each one right on cue lol. Such fun being a grandparent, one loving cuddle can make any worry seem a million miles away at that moment.

Wishing all those who will be celebrating Thanksgiving with their friends, family and loved ones a very happy day tomorrow.


  1. beautiful stitching deary..both are so cute..
    have a lovely day x

  2. I think you should go with your first instinct and at your dad's details. It's coming along really well.

    Hope Isabelle feels better soon.

  3. Definitely put your Dad's details in there.

  4. Love your cottage stitching.

    I also think you should add your Dad's details to the sampler. You're making great progress there too.

  5. Lovely stitching progress, and your little grandaughter is adorable!!

    I think you should go with your 1st instinct and dedicate the sampler to your dad--the piece is yours, after all, and it would always have special meaning to you.

  6. Great progress. If you want to dedicate the piece to your Dad , go for it . It ill make you smile in remembrance every time you look at it. Great pic of you little Grand daughter , so cute.X

  7. Absolutely - that was your first thought so definitely go with with it! Love the photograph and sending hugs for you and DH, Julie xxx

  8. Yep, i'd go with putting your dad's name on there too, a great way to remember him.
    Love the little red house and the photos of your granddaughter is cute :-)
    I have some great photos of Oliver pulling faces, small as he is he has pulls some funny faces :-)

    It's very wet here too, we don't let Molly out in the wet, (or after dark), Millie will venture out but is not out very long.

  9. Great stitching Julie! I say go with your instinct and personalize it for your Dad. I think that would make it personal and unique!

  10. Oh what a cutie Isabelle is!!
    Beautiful stitches ~ I'd definitely go with what your heart tells you. This would be a lovely tribute to your dad's story.

  11. Great stitching Julie. I would definitely put your Dad's details on your sampler.
    Love the picture of Isabelle!

  12. Great stitching Julie! I personally would go with my instincts. This is a lovely keepsake in memory of your dad. It will stay with you forever!

  13. I'd put your Dad's initials in there as well, love the progress on Holly and berries, I've got that somewhere and it looks a lot better in real life than it does from the chart, might have to dig it out. Isobelle is adorable, hope she's feeling better soon....x

  14. Go with your instinct and dedicate it to your dad! What a sweet face your little DGD has, Xmas will be very exciting I expect. Stitching is looking grand.

  15. I am going with the majority on this one Julie, your dad would be so proud to have this done in honour of him.
    Great progress on the splendid house .
    Well what can I say ,she is a poppet, and I love the idea of her on stir up Sunday with the wooden spoon and cake mixture.
    Big hug for all the family will be in touch soon.

  16. Lovely stitching. I think you should go with your first instinct and dedicate the block to your Dad. Gorgeous picture of Isabelle. A great tradition to carry on with Amy and Isabelle.

  17. Your Granddaughter is growing up so quickly!!!

    Go with your instinct put your Dad's name in there!

  18. Your Shores is looking good Julie. I would definitely go with your first instinct and out your Dad's name in.

    Lovely progress on your LHN.

    Awww cute photo of Isabelle :)

  19. I'm with everyone else - I say go with it and put your Dad's name in there. :)

  20. How sweet is little Isabelle! And what a fabulous tradition. I love that you call it a wish stir.

    Your SAL pieces are wonderful. I think you should dedicate the ship to your dad. That is what makes our stitching so special...we can personalize it.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  21. I would say to go with your instinct...I love when stitching is personalized. But of course, do whatever feels right to you!

    Either way, your work is lovely!

  22. Oh how cute is she??? I love your stitching. Go with your gut feeling. If the design reminds you of your dad then what better to dedicate to him? Hope you get some let up from the rain soon. It isnt often that it is drier here than the Uk lol


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