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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Good news, sad news

December is upon us, the last month of 2012 and the start of the festive preparations and celebrations.

We've had a mini celebration here ourselves this week. After what seems like forever DH had his biopsy results back and the dr was very pleased to tell us they are benign. He still has some issues to deal with but this was the best news we could have received.

Unfortunately, is has been overshadowed a little by the loss of my dads sister, my beloved Aunt/Godmother on Saturday Dec 1st a day after her 85th birthday. In light of this i have definately decided i'll be adding dads name to my Shores sampler as it will also remind me of the comfort my stitching gave to me on Saturday after receiving the news whilst i was doing the Strictly SAL. Thanks for your views last post.  I just need to chart dads name and the date to make it fit the space.

Wednesday was again parlour night with the girls at NH. I was out that night having a Christmas meal with the ladies from the stitch club so stitched the following evening after returning from a visit with Auntie at the hospital. Not a lot of progress, but it will definately be finished this year as i only have the bottom border and the rest of the outline to add.

1st December was also opening day for the secret ornament exchange. We have yet to find out who sent to who as some are still in the hands of the postal service.  I opened mine as it had arrived in plenty of time. A wonderful PS santa and a handmade card was inside the envelope. Thank you partner, as soon as i know who you are i will thank you personally. I'll show you what i made and sent next time.

This month also sees the last of the gifts for the stitch club ladies. Mary celebrates her birthday this year whilst sunning herself over the Christmas holidays on the island of Tenerife. I stitched her the same tape measure cover i have made for the other ladies.

Christmas cards are arriving through the door each day, but yesterday i had a visitor here with a special card for us ....

I hope you are all well and life is being kind to you and that you are managing to continue with your Christmas preparations and not in too much of a panic as the days whizz by. My thoughts have been with those families that are still in turmoil after the recent flooding we have experienced, we have a few of those locally to us. I can't imagine how they must be dreading the festive season not knowing where they will be living.

As my older readers of the blog are aware, this time of the year is very emotional for me and i tend to hibernate quietly into my own little shell till the New Year. For those new readers i have some sad anniversaries, Dad passed away 19th Dec, my maternal grandmother who i was very close to passed away on Christmas morning and also my own son on 27th December. With my aunts passing this year and the funeral next Friday, i am finding it a bit more difficult than normal to be upbeat and chatty.

I will be stitching and crafting but the updates here might be a little light on the writing. As for reading blogs, i will still be reading but you might not get a comment right now.  There are times when you might though as i am having some happy memory thoughts that brighten my days.

Much love


  1. beautiful stitching Julie and a lovely exchange. Sorry that you are feeling down but there are so many sweet memories to look back on.
    sending big(((hugs)))....xx

  2. So sorry for your losses recently and in the pass
    It sounds like December hasn't treated you very well, while on a good note that is great news of your hubby, so see there is something to celebrate.
    Your stitching is lovely
    Spoil that beautiful grand daughter
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  3. Sending my condolences on the loss of your Aunt/Godmother Julie. Take all the time you need your readers will still be here when you feel up to it again.
    Lovely stitching and a gorgeous Christmas card.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt. I am however very glad to hear that your DH's biopsy results were good. Lots of beautiful stitching which is always good for the soul. Take care my friend!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  5. beautiful stitching and a lovely exchange. so Sorry that you are feeling down..sending you big hugs xx

  6. Great stitching & beautiful finish.

  7. Great news about your husband!
    I understand completely about wanting to hibernate until New Years! I guess anyone with a little life experience gets to feel this way atleast one in a while.
    I have always maintainted that one a decade we should be allowed to "take the holidays off", that is to pass on the celebrations. Ha! Just try to get away with it!

  8. Sometimes we all need to hibernate for a bit. I know how hard the Christmas season can be. My dad passed on Dec 18 1985.

  9. I remember you go away this time: reflection is not a bad thing. I am so so sorry that this time of the year has so many sad memories for you. And very sad there is another one added with your loss. Thank God your hubbies results are benign: you must have been terrified waiting for the results. Something good anyway. You know where I am if you need a shoulder or a little wooly rabbit to lean on xxxxxxx

  10. Lovely stitching and a great exchange! I just love the Christmas card from Isabelle, she is beautiful :-)

    Great news about your DH results, but i'm sorry about your Aunt. I can understand you wanting to hibernate for a little while, I hope though that you will able to think about some of the happier memories you have of the loved ones you have lost.
    I will be thinking of you xx

  11. Lovely stitching Julie, I love the tape measure so pretty.Can you give me some information how you make them would love to know.
    Good news for your DH. But also sad news for you, I am so sorry you lost your son, I also lost a child and know it is so heartbreaking and your life will never be the same again. But we have to move forward , and one day we will all be together again.
    I also lost my dad on 27th of December last year.
    Christmas can be a sad time , when you have lost loved one's So we have to talk about the good time's we had.
    I will be thinking of you at Christmas my friend, take care hugs.

  12. Wonderful health news for your DH! And, beautiful stitching and finishing, as always, and your little grandaughter is so adorable!!

    I am sorry to hear of the loss of your aunt. Julie, I will keep you in my thoughts as you work your way through this month, and I hope that the happy memories help to brighten the upcoming days.

  13. Delighted to hear the good news on your DH's health but so sorry to hear of your loss. Some lovely stitching. Take care.

  14. So pleased for the good news for your hubby , and all of you . You must be do relieved.
    Sorry for the loss of your Aunt . I know where you're coming from, we lost my cousin to a car accident just over three years ago , and my Dads' and Grandads' anniversaries are in December too . Still miss them very much.
    Thinking of you .XXX

  15. So sorry to hear about your Aunt - having just lost my FIL I truly know how you must be feeling, especially with so many ohter sad memories for you this month - my thoughts and big hugs being sent to you.

    Good news about your husband though - a huge weight no doubt lifted for you both there.

    Lovely stitching going on and what a sweet photo card.

  16. So sorry to hear about your aunt's passing. It's doubly hard at this time of year. I am not feeling very jolly this year. The holidays are a blur and I am just not ready for them at all. Love the photo card of your granddaughter. She is so cute! Hugs to you during this hard time!

  17. Good news for your husband. Sending warm hugs and healing is never easy losing loved ones, but especially so close to the holidays.

  18. Hugs Julie, I know this time of year isn't always easy for you.

    Lovely stitching as always, and your exchange ornament is beautiful (the reveal is up by the way)
    I love the photocard of Isabelle

  19. Just massive hugs Julie, I had no idea. Isabelle's card is gorgeous. How on earth do you cover a tape measure so beautifully! Lovely ornament too.

    Love Fee.

  20. I am so sorry to hear about your aunt Julie. My thoughts are with you and your family. Lots of hugs to you.

    Beautiful stitching as always and a gorgeous card from Isabelle.

  21. Hi Julie, Not going to dwell on the sad news you know I am always thinking of you. Oh but that card is simply fabulous and you must smile everytime you see Izzie looking out at you.She really is adorable.
    Love your exchange and your wips. Will be in touch very soon sweetie.

  22. Beautiful stitching, love the tape measure you've made.

    Sorry that this is a hard time of the year for you with so many losses. I'm sure your granddaughter is a great source of joy and hope for the future for you. (((hugs)))

  23. Julie I'm very sorry to hear about your loss!

    I'm glad you're putting your Dad's name on shores.

  24. Oh, Julie, what a difficult time of year for you--so many losses of such special people. I can't imagine losing a child--that sort of pain would never lessen, I'm sure. Sending you a warm hug and I hope 2013 brings you peace...

    Wonderful news about your dear husband--what a relief that must be to all. I hope the memories of happy times your godmother and you shared will help you through the sadness. And may your beautiful stitching bring continued comfort.

  25. So sorry to hear about your loss. :(
    I have also lost important people this time of year - what it is about December that can bring so much joy AND heartbreak all at the same time?? It can be hard to keep from being overwhelmed by it all. Chin up and here is to a brighter, cheerier 2013. And glad to hear that your hubby's tests came out on the right side of things. :)

  26. Good to hear the news about your husband. This must have been a big relief for him and for you.
    I can understand that December is a sad month for you with all the memories of the beloved ones that you lost in the past and recently. Maybe your stitching can bring you some comfort during this time.

  27. Thankyou Julie for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.After reading your post it must be a difficult time of year for you and especially now even more so. I am so glad on your husbands news being good and sending you thoughts for days not so good. I wish you all the best
    x catherine


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