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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Can show, can't show, can show, can't show...

I had a lovely start to the week.  Tina had a train journey and came for a visit for the day on Monday and i showed her how to make pin keeps.  She doesn't have a blog but does some beautiful stitching. She brought with her Sampler Aux Bouquets,  i just wanted you to see how lovely it is. I have this in my stash, hopefully a 2013 project? until something else catches my eye!

It's that time of the year when everyone has projects that they can't show right now, i have a couple, but i also have some that i can share with you.

Can show ...
Mary's speciality stitches RR - the 3 bands i added are tied windmill stitch in yellow, rice stitch in the green and rhodes square in the peach

Can't show ...
Christmas ornament exchange - post out for that is 25th November

Can show ...
A bit more of the last square on my RR - Little Book of Stitches

Can't show...
Winter exchange - post out mid December
Can show ...
A new start - Holly & Berries, Wednesday SAL in the parlour with Barb and the ladies at NH


Can show ...
Strictly Saturday SAL, Shores of Hawk Run Hollow

I'm all caught up on blog reading, you've all been really busy and i've seen lots of beautiful work happening. Well done to you all.

Thank you for all your kind wishes for DH, he went into hospital last week and they have carried out some tests, so now we await the results.

Love and best wishes


  1. Lovely work, looks like you have been so busy , thanks for sharing, hugs.

  2. Wow, so much stitching! All beautiful. Love your friend's project. Fingers crossed that hubby is well and if there is something wrong that it is something easily fixed xxx

  3. Lots of lovely stitching shared - well done to your friend for her stitching too.

    Hope it's not too long before you get the test results and all is well.

  4. Lovely stitching Julie, you have been busy. Hope DHs testresults come back ok....x

  5. Wow they all so wonderful .. Well done
    Big hugs cucki x

  6. Hope the test results are good. fingers crossed.
    Some gorgeous stitching,looking forward to seeing the others later.x

  7. You are moving good with your WIP's.

    Hope for a good results for your dh.

  8. Busy, busy, aren't you! Wonderful progress on everything and the Jardin Prive piece is lovely. I hope you do it!


  9. You know i'm always amazed at how much you accomplish, and you have not disappointed this time either :-)
    Such great progress and lovely stitching!

    Sending good wishes again to your husband x

  10. Lovely work Julie. Like you I am struggling to find "can shows" for my blog at the present.
    Hope DHs test results come out OK

  11. Lots of lovely stitching you have shared, Julie!

    I do hope your DH's test results are good.

  12. Lots of good thoughts for the hubby!!!!!! *hugs*

  13. Lovely "can show" pieces, Julie, and I'm sure you're "can't show" items are equally pretty...Hoping your husband's test results are good. Take care now...

  14. Lovely progress on all your projects; I especially like the wave-riding Christmas trees! I hope your husband's test results are filled with great news!

  15. Hello

    I found you through another blog.

    Lovely projects - you have been very busy!
    I hope all is well with your husband.
    Happy weekend.

  16. Hi Julie,
    Well I can tell you have been keeping DH company on your sofa. Lots of stitching done. Love Tinas piece how lovely she can visit in a short space of time , just a delicate shade of green here because I am just tooooo far away.
    One day maybe .

  17. I'm in the can't show category right now as well! I love the look of this latest block on SHRH!

  18. Thanks for sharing all the stitches you could!

  19. Beautiful stitching, Julie. You are making so much progress on so many wonderful pieces. Prayers are with you and your dear husband.

    Your friend's Jardin Prive piece is lovely. It is a design that I too, would love to stitch.



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