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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Quick flyby ....

Did you all have a lovely halloween? No celebrations here although there were lots of children out and about dressed up which i passed on my way to the stitching club. The weather wasn't kind to them though, we had the most horrendous downpour.

Last night there were firework celebrations here in the UK for Bonfire Night in honour of Guy Fawkes, lots of loud bangs and lovely air displays. DH and i were home to keep an eye on Midge. He is not a fan of this time of year and likes to be curled up on your knee nice and safe. I hope all those that were out enjoying the bonfires and the goodies that go with it had a lovely time.

Wednesday was the parlour night with Barb and the ladies at NH and i put the final stitch into my Daisy Lane Cottage this week. I found the perfect frame for it and just love how it's turned out.  Just need to find another design in my stash to join the ladies next week. There are some really lovely projects being stitched in this SAL.

Last Sunday was reveal day for the October challenge. A lovely design by Carmela at Balades et Broderie was chosen by Christine. Only a couple of finishes in the album this month, its getting to that time of the year when everyone is so busy with secret Christmas stitching and exchange stitching going on.

I've started the final block for my RR...

and added the border to the block that Lynn didn't have time to finish.

Saturday night is Strictly UFO night at NH, a chance to sit and stitch on a UFO project whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing. Shores is not officially a UFO for me but its been on the frame for a long time, and as i only have one UFO (a HAED design) i decided to take the opportunity of making some progress on this biggie.  Block 8 is growing nicely.

Life here has been somewhat strange this past couple of weeks. DH has been really poorly and he is awaiting some hospital tests very soon. He's been off work and in bed most of the time and i have not had a lot of computer time with taking care of our business and other things. I'm way behind on blog reading, for which i apologise to you all. In the evenings i've not felt much like being on the computer but have found comfort and relaxation time with my needle and thread having some quiet contemplative moments.

My thoughts are with those who are across the pond and have been themselves, or know others who have been affected by Sandy, so sad.

Take care all


  1. Lovely little progress Julie!!! Love the Christmas ornament, very pretty.

  2. Great stitching Julie. I love the Daisy Cottage finish.
    Hope DH is feeling better soon

  3. Hope your DH is feeling better soon. Lovely stitching.

  4. i hope your DH feels better soon..
    beautiful stitching xx

  5. Lovely finishes JUlie,love the ornie!
    Hope DH feels better soon,looking forward to seeing you next Monday xx


  6. I hope your husband starts to feel better soon. Hopefully the hospital tests will show up nothing serious.

    your stitching is looking lovely :)

  7. Wow, you've been busy. Love your little cottage finish, it's so sweet.
    Hope your DH gets good results on his tests and feels better soon

  8. Lovely stitching. The Christmas ornie is very cute. I hope your hubby gets better soon xxx Take care and look after yourself

  9. Lovely stitching Julie. Hope your DH is feeling better soon. Take care .XXX

  10. Beautiful stitching Julie - great finishes x x x

  11. Love the little cottage Julie, and the frame suits it perfectly :-)
    Halloween was a bit of a wash-out here too, not many children around, but i too had stitching club so might have missed then.

    Sorry you DH is not well, i hope he starts to improve soon.

    Take care x

  12. lovely stitching, hope your husband recovers soon, as for strictly is the only program that i sit and watch and dont pick up a needle i love it, Fern was rubbish again this week though

  13. Great stitching! I refused to stitch the October freebie as I was still doing Hallowe'en! I will do it this month, I promise, don't want to break my record.

    Do you think Christine will give out 100% attendance certificates?

  14. Oh Julie just love the ornie you did , I am going to make a resolution to do the challenges next year!
    Hope DH is feeling a little better and you too ,your friends will understand how you feel about being on the computer at the moment. Just take care of you both and we shall speak again soon.

  15. Hope the DH feels better soon!!!!!!! :(

  16. I love your finishes, especially Daisy Lane Cottage, and wonderful stitching progress on the other pieces. I do hope your DH is feeling better soon. ((hugs))

  17. Beautiful Christmas ornament and the frame for DLC is perfect! I've kept my eyes open for a frame like that so now there is proof they exist! :D

  18. Daisy Lane Cottage is beautiful Julie. What's next for you in the parlour?

    Lovely ornament finish and Shores is coming along nicely as is your RR.

    I do hope your DH is feeling much better soon {{{{hugs}}}}

  19. So sorry to hear that your husband isn't feeling well, Julie--do hope he gets some answers soon.

    Love the little Christmas ornament finish--I stitched that one this year, too and it is one of my favorites! Nice frame find--your cottage finish is perfect for it :)

  20. Hopefully your husband will be feeling better soon.

  21. Wow Julie this post is more than a quick flyby look at all of the wonderful stuff you've been up to!


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