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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ahoy stitchmates ...

Is that Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl i see through my looking glass??

Alas, no, unfortunately not ... *shame* but your eyes are not deceiving you, it's not a mirage, it is that long lost Shores of Hawk Run Hollow!

Do you remember how i left it in May this year... fed up and couldn't face all those boring ships sails.

Time for a jig around the deck with the accordian playing and a tot of rum me thinks. Come on lets all sing... "What shall we do with the drunken sailor?"..... I'm so excited, after a week on the frame (thank you Strictly for coming back, i had decided i would stitch on this each week when watching that and Merlin on a Saturday night) but enjoyed it so much kept going for a whole week and Block 6 & 7 were completed last night.

It's looking great and certainly spurred me on to start the next block next Saturday evening.

I did have one evening when i stitched something else. The Parlour evening with the ladies at NH stitching on an LHN, CCN or TSG design. This week the top flower border was added to my Daisy Lane Cottage.

The RR is ready to go onto the frame tonight. I'm planning to add the border to Lynn's square as she didn't get time to finish it when it was with her and then complete the whole thing by adding the final square.

I had a lovely gift in the post yesterday, a RAK surprise. Some of you might have seen it already on Clare's blog. She posted at the weekend that she had sent out a surprise to someone with a pic of her little stitched pillow. Isn't it cute and finished so beautifully.  Thank you Clare, it's so bright and cheery and has been added to my basket of finishes from friends.

The weather is certainly turning cooler and this week so far very misty, murky and damp. This coming weekend we put the clocks back, an extra hour in bed so that'll be nice, but i'm not looking forward to the darker nights, although it does make for more stitching time doesn't it.

This past weekend DH decided it was cold enough for us to have our first real fire of the autumn. It was so cosy Saturday evening sitting stitching and watching the TV with the roaring fire. It looks like we have a halloween bat on our fireguard but its not, it's only the fixing for the handle, strange how i've never noticed it looks like a bat before till i uploaded this pic.

I hope you are all well and happy and life is being kind to you. For those in need here's a ((big hug)).

Thanks for stopping by, hope you didn't get too tipsy on the tot of rum lol.


  1. Shores looks lovely and well done on the RR. Glad you liked the pillow :)

    I'll be over to sit by your fire it looks so cosy :)

  2. I love the Sea sampler - its gorgeous.
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Wow great progress, love the HRH charts , but they are a bit too big for me ,lol .

  4. Wow they all so sweet..I love the sea sampler so much..
    Hugs xxx

  5. Not TOO much rum, now! Wow, well done that woman!

  6. wow, your needle was moving.....great job!! It looks fantastic...
    as does everything else as well. isn't it sad when the cooler weather arrives? I wish it could stay warm year round!!!

  7. lovely progress on SoHRH,, I wish I'd got the patience to do a big piece. Lovely gift from Clare and a lovely roaring fire to sit by, I love my coal fire though it does make a mess but so nice to sit and stitch by ... x

  8. Wow great progress! The sea sampler is so sweet!! That little pillow is just soo pretty, I love them all. Mii xx

  9. Great progress on Shores. Your Saturday night TV viewing sounds like mine. A lovely gift from Claire. Your fire looks gorgeous.

  10. Wahooo! Shores is looking fantastic Julie.

    Your CCN is coming along beautifully and the RR is looking lovely.

    Gorgeous gift from Clare :)

  11. Hic! Shouldnt have given Tom the cabin boy that tot of rum . Hey Ho my heartie that is looking mighty fine and well done you.
    OOH i think I shall have to Borrow that fire for Wednesday in the parlour ,I can feel the warmth in my toes.
    Love Clares cushion what a lovely suprise.
    Right off now to find my stripey jumper so I can join in the dancing.

  12. Dancing a horn-pipe happy dance for the Hawk Run block! I love blocked designs because you get lots of mini- happy dances then a big one at the end.
    Cute pillow from Clare too.

  13. Great progress on yout Hawk Run. I love watching strictly too and am so glad it's back.

  14. Fabulous progress on HRH
    Sweet RAK from Clare
    That fire sure looks warm and cozy

  15. Hawk Run looks amazing...and a little rum between friends is a nice way to begin an evening. The RAK is very cute: and a reminder of how special our crafty blogging community is!

  16. Yay, the return of Hawk Run! :)

    Nothing better than the season's first fire. I love just listening to the sound of it, crackling and spitting.

  17. Well done on completing that giant block, Julie--the whole piece is looking ship-shape indeed :)

    Such a cute RAK from Clare. I have a basket of finishes from friends, too, and it always brings a smile...

    Enjoy those cozy fires! We're actually having a heat wave here this week, but I'm sure the fireplace will be in use before too long :)

  18. Hi there, I'm a new follower~ :D

    Your Shores looks quite awesome even though I can see where you'd get tired of sails! At least the lovely stars broke them up some~

    Such a cute RAK pillow! I love the little ruffles around the edges!

    I'm so glad for cold nights and warm fires! I could sit in front of one all day and not miss any of the housework at all, lol!

  19. Yay for the shipbuilder!! Looks wonderful, as do all your stitches. And oh, love that comfy fire!

  20. Why is the rum gone Julie? ;D
    HRH looks fantastic. The other stitching is looking good too. Merlin & Strictly are pretty handy for stitching/knitting in front of I must agree (except when Gwaine distracts me by getting all shirtless!)

  21. I am really impressed with your sampler, it's super dooper! Is there any room for a small one beside that fire?

  22. Well done going back to your Shores, sometimes the second time around is good!

    I have joined in the SAL and so shall see your progress at NH on wednesday..
    Happy Stitching Julie
    Chris xx

  23. Julie, huge congrats to you on getting those sails completed! Its so nice when we breathe new life into an old project that's been put to the side!

  24. Shores is looking great and lovely pillow you've received from Clare.

  25. Congratulations on finishing two more beautiful blocks on 'Shores' at HRH. Your stitching is wonderful! Daisy Lane Cottage is so sweet. I absolutely love the gorgeous squares design. Would you mind telling me the name of the design? I love it!

    Your blazing fire looks so wonderful and cozy...perfect for a cold autumn day.


  26. Your Shores of Hawk Run Hollow is just gorgeous.

  27. Lovely progress on Shores and Daisy Lane Cottage!! Your fire looks so inviting--it is a little chilly here today. : )

  28. Great stitching on shores - that block is very impressive! I started this piece a while ago, but regret to say I have not done nearly as much as you have :)

  29. Are you sure that Jack Sparrow isn't hiding some where on that ship? I think he'd like it and board it immediately if he saw it, lol.
    Enjoy the cooler afternoons and evenings in front of your cozy fire.


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