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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Nice to meet you

Yesterday was the bi-annual meet up of the ladies from NH. We all had a lovely day. Plenty of stitching was done whilst having some good conversation.  It's always nice to meet up with friends who travel to be with you. Thank you ladies for making the journey, for me it's only a short drive, i am really lucky i can get there in half an hour.  Mary came over from France to be with us which was great, it was the first time we had all met Mary, and very lovely she is too.

Lots of lovely work on show for all to see....

There was a goody bag exchange. This time it had a halloween theme to it. My bag was won by Clare and i was lucky to receive all these lovely things from Ursh.  Thank you Ursh, i love it and my grandaughter is going to love that flashing pumpkin and i think i might just loose the Milky Bar ghostie to her too, she certainly recognises that brand of chocolate when she has a little treat lol

There were a few of the regular ladies who could not make it for one reason or another and they were really missed.  I'm looking forward to catching up with them next time, but, we'll have to wait till next year for that. Although, with the way 2012 has been whizzing along it will be here before i know it.

When i arrived home, there was a parcel for me.  Hubby had taken delivery from the postie of my Round Robin. What a shame it didn't arrive on Friday instead, i could have taken it with me to show off the lovely work done by Dusty, Tina, Clare, Lynn and Jaclyn.

Thank you for stitching on my project girls, it really is lovely. I'll stitch the final square and get it made up ready for the next meet up. ***I know i said that about the last RR and thats still not done is it***  For those how don't recognise this design it is Debbie Drapers Book of Stitches from the Gift of Stitching Magazine.

SAL night with Barb and the girls was a disaster this week. There was a frog in the parlour, must have been all the rain that Barb has been having down south. I miscounted by 1 thread and had almost stitched all the flowers on the left side. How come its not until you finish for the evening and go to put it away it jumps out at you and you can see clearly the mistake. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was one stitch to the left or right but it was along the bottom so it wasn't level with the house, how did i do that..... ggrrrrrr. The following evening was spent unstitching it and redoing it again.

Last week i had to go into town and found a parking space right outside our cathedral. Not a very big cathedral but lovely nevertheless. As i was walking past one of the doorways i caught a glimpse of the lovely autumnal arrangements that had been placed there. It really made the entrance look colourful.

There have been some exciting things going on close to our cathedral recently regarding the strong evidence that the human remains that have been found are of Richard III, maybe you have heard about this on the news.

I hope you too have had a nice weekend and spent it doing things you enjoy with friends and family.

Much love


  1. Lovely pics Julie, happy memories from a great day, it was so nice to meet up with everyone again.
    I have been following the news about the search for Richard III's remains, it's very interesting.

  2. It was a great day Julie, thanks for joining us and driving over yourself :) As you say time is flying by so it will soon be the spring meet up.

    Thank you for my goodie bag - great colours for Halloween.

    It was a pleasure to stitch on your RR and a massive thanks for lending me 'A place we call home' so I can join the palour on Wednesday xxx xxx

  3. Julie what a lovely meet up you had! Beautiful pieces on display!!!!

    Sorry to hear you had a bad case of the frogs.

  4. Looks like you had a great day, lovely stitching and goodies bags :-)

    can't wait to see your RR made up!

    have a great week x

  5. Looks like you had a great day. Gorgeous stitching on display. I had heard that they think they are Richard III's remain. Lovely flowers.

  6. what a fun time you had to have had.....I miss stitching get togethers...
    the floral arrangement is sure pretty too...

  7. Another great get-together, one day I'll join you all!
    The RR looks amazing, will you make it into a little book now?

  8. Glad you had a good time, everyone's work looks lovely and your RR is gorgeous.
    Poor old Richard gets such a bad press

  9. I've been enjoying following the Richard III stuff too - archaeology is fascinating!

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at your bi-annual meeting. Frogs are crafty they get you when you least expect it - very frustrating for you.

    Pretty arrangements outside the cathedral too. I've heard the news stories - have they been able to confirm the theory they are Richard III's?

  11. oooo isn't it nice when you can meet up with friends and to get to meet Mary as well and how nice you got to see my design up close too :)
    love the autumnal flowers and gorgeous stitching from you too :) love mouse xxxx

  12. How nice that so many gathered for the stitching retreat, Julie--and one all the way from France no less!! It must have been such fun to ooh and ah over everyone's stitching :) And your RR is looking wonderful--can't wait to see your final square and a lovely new finish!

  13. How fun to see all the wonderful projects!
    Those arrangements at the cathedral are stunning. How exciting about the remains ~ I'll have to look that up!

  14. How fun to see all the wonderful projects!
    Those arrangements at the cathedral are stunning. How exciting about the remains ~ I'll have to look that up!

  15. Glad you had a good time Julie. Lots of lovely stitched pieces there.

    Oh no not a frog. Maybe we need to keep the door closed next week :) Your cottage is looking beautiful.

  16. So many wonderful projects the ladies were working on. I love the finished Pecking Order, I have that design in my stash and want to stitch it soon myself. Good to know that you were having a great time.


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