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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It's my age!

What is it about an apron? I've had them before and only used them occasionally. I've had wipe clean ones made from oilcloth and i've had nice frilly vintage ones. I even have an old butchers type navy striped one that belonged to my maternal grandfather, but this new one that DH bought me for Christmas seems to have bedazzled me.

I find i am putting it on at every opportunity and i must say i seem to be more focused on the task being done when wearing it. It goes on when i wash up, it goes on when i am cooking and serving up our evening meal. Even DH has commented on 'value for money' in it.

It's made me feel like a domestic goody goody and i have to say i enjoy wearing it, i even caught myself hanging out with washing with it still on this morning. Have i turned into some kind of barking mad woman? Do you wear an apron when doing household chores?

The sewing front has been more productive too lately. I've finished off all 8 book cover front designs for the winners of the different categories in our horticultural show that will take place on Sept 8th. The lady that normally stitches these is no longer a member of the committee so i've done them this year.

Clare's RR arrived at the weekend with me so that is now on the frame for this weeks stitching. This is the last round so when the next posting comes along we should all get our own design back again. I really need to get motivated to stitch more as this and the Autumn exchange piece have deadlines and i haven't even thought about the speciality stitches RR that i signed up for. Maybe i should wear the apron when stitching to get my concentration levels up???

My nose has been in a book or two or even three in the past couple of weeks too. I've read the new Barbara Erskine book - River of Destiny - that i had for my birthday, which i enjoyed very much. But, i confess, Agatha Raisin has also had another 2 adventures in two further books and i started on book 7 last night. With meeting the ladies at the Book Borrowers each week and they are all talking about her, it's hard to put the books down as you know others are waiting to borrow them. At least i can say i am making time to have quite a bit of relaxation time to myself each day, sshhh don't tell hubby lol.

We've been having some weird weather here recently, i snapped this the other evening at teatime, the sky went quite dark and looked quite stormy for a while, all of a sudden the sun shone through and made a kind of rainbow effect in the clouds, very effective and pretty over the rooftops.

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  1. Julie I have no apron!!! This must be my problem. I must get an apron. xx

  2. I love wearing my apron, it makes me feel ready to work. Love the picture of the sunset and the book covers are a lovely idea..x

  3. I also wear my Cath Kidston apron when I'm doing the cooking, washing up and any kitchen-based jobs. I love it as I'm a messy sod!

  4. The book covers look lovely and i can't wait to see the RR's!

    I sometimes wear an apron, i forget more time than not though. I remember that my Granny always worn an apron, the sort that covered the whole of her dress, more like a pinafore really - perhaps i would stay more focused if i wore one!

    We have been having strange weather too, was really lovely this afternoon, then it went really dark about 5pm and absolutely poured down, the rain water was running down our road like a river!! The British summer eh??

    I've been reading more too, and I've been making more use of the library to try out some new to me authors.

    Sorry i missed wishing you a Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a great time, the surprise pick nick sounds perfect :-) Glad you had a good one x

  5. Sorry I missed your B'day Julie, I hope it was a happy one. I like the apron. I used to wear one but for some reason got out of the habit. My grandmother wore one all the time, cooking and cleaning.

    The weather here (US) has been crazy also. This last week has been cooler thankfully. But we have had terrible thunderstorms almost every night it seems.

    the book cover are lovely !! Where did you find the sewing machine design ?? Really liked that one.

    I just received the last RR also. So better get stitching LOL

  6. I like your apron. I don't wear them although I probably should. Congrats on getting the book covers done. Gorgeous photo. Lucky you reading all those Agatha Raisin books I will have to read the next one I have.

  7. I love your apron too..and the books cover are so sweet too.
    Hugs x

  8. I don't blame you, if I had an apron like that I'd probably never take it off. I scored a new Cornish ware jug a few weeks ago at an outlet shop and I was over the moon.
    The book covers look good, hope the show goes well. We had a 25% increase in overall entries at ours. Phew!

  9. I don't think I've ever worn an apron.

    Great job on the books!

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one to wear an apron, prefer the material aprons with pockets. Your show is the same date as ours here in the village, I think the entries will be down this year because of the weather. These shows are a lot of hard work but great fun. x

  11. Even if I wore an apron I am so messy I can guarantee missing it and getting mess every where else lol. Lovely cards...perfect pictures xx

  12. Love the apron! It looks nice and sturdy and I love stripes. I have one in case of 'emergencies' but don't find that those pop up very often, like if I'm making a red sauce or something like that. I usually just make sure I'm not wearing 'good' clothing when I'm cooking supper. So I guess my 'apron' is really the endless supply of broken in t-shirts I seem to put on for cooking and cleaning duties. lol

    Lovely book covers! I can't believe you did all that work on your own. Good job!!!!!!

  13. Happy Belated birthday wishes Julie, I am so out of it this year, I am not stitching atm either, busy with the volunteering.

  14. I have a few aprons, do I wear them?? No, but I really should when I'm baking. Maybe I have to dig them out and wear them and feel sexy while baking, lol
    The books covers are very cool

  15. Hi Domestic Goddess in an apron!

    It looks good on you! you have worked hard on those covers well done you, I wish I could win one myself!

    Happy Days
    Chris xx

  16. Who knows what goodies will spring from your kitchen now that you have that great new apron, Julie!! Maybe I should try wearing one to make myself more productive in the kitchen. I only throw one on at holiday time when I'm dressed up and cooking :)

    Your covers look wonderful--what a lot of stitching you've done lately!!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  17. I like your apron Julie and can see why you like wearing it. I haven't worn one for ages even though I have about 3!

    Those covers are lovely.

  18. Hello

    Your blog is lovely!
    I think your apron is great!
    I have one but I never wear it but now maybe I will.
    I love your notebook covers.
    Great photo too.
    Holly x


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