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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Birthday goodies

My birthday was a very emotional time this year. My whole family organised a surprise picnic at a local beauty spot and they were all there to help me celebrate last Sunday. I had no idea they had been planning this wonderful surprise just for me, i thought DH and i were going out to lunch together and it's left me feeling very emotional all week that they would be so kind and lovely and spoil me so.

I was very lucky on my actual birthday, Monday 30th and received the loveliest of gifts.

Angi (no blog) made me one of her lovely cards, it received a lot of lovely comments from friends and family.

An envelope from Christine contained some lovely Anchor threads and buttons.

Kathy (no blog) stitched a beautiful card and enclosed a fabulous 'I love X Stitch' pin and some fabric.

Karan made me one of her handmade cards and knowing my love of Peter Rabbit sent some wonderful teas in the cutest tins for me to brew whilst stitching. A lovely magnet that sits on my fridge and ribbons for my finishing.

Sally made me the most beautiful heart shaped pillow, i had admired this on Sally's blog when she made one for Karan's birthday earlier in July, now i have my very own.

Clare and i meet regularly and sometimes she comes to visit me at home. She stitched me a wonderful towel for my kitchen. I have the willow design crockery so this was the most perfect choice of design.

Barb's reputation for making such beautiful things is well known in the stitching community, especially with those ladies who have been lucky to receive one of her beautiful creations in exchanges and RAK's.

She made me a stunning gift. A needlebook that was stitched and filled with a small needlebook, scissors, notebook and pen, a Blackbird Designs little chart, Werthers Originals for me slurp away when i am stitching. I keep opening and closing this just to look inside to make sure everything is still there and look at it. Fabulous!

For those who have been reading my blog a while you will no doubt remember Seymour and the bunny family that i made and sent to Barb. They are naughty little rascals sometimes and each year when my birthday comes along they send 'Julie mum' a little gift. This year they sent me the latest Barbara Erskine book to read.

For my new readers who are not familiar with Seymour - he arrived for Barbs birthday in February 2009 complete with spectacles. He got his name, as he likes to 'see more' stitching happening at Barb's home.

His internet bride Rose came along September 2009 and they duly celebrated their marriage with a bottle of wine at Barb's home.

Their girls were born December and completed their family December 2009.

Barb sometimes has pics of them on her blog showing the antics they get up to.

She even took them on holiday one year lol.

Thank you so much to all of you who made my birthday so very special this year, for the cards, gifts and emails i received.

A big thank you to my blog readers for their birthday wishes too and to those who come to visit and just browse, thank you for taking time to visit. A big friendly welcome to my new followers.

I read quite a few blogs and i would like to thank you for the continued inspiration that i get from seeing your wonderful work and the enthusiasm you put into your craftwork, it sure does make me happy to be part of this blogging community.... told you i was all emotional this week.

Much love



  1. You have been sooo spoilt! All these handmade goodies are the best!!!

  2. Loved your gift fom Barb - I wasn't too nosey when I visited but something did give me an idea -wink. Glad you liked the tea towel

  3. Awwww so many nice gifts! I am so rubish at remembering birthdays Julie - I hardly remember my own family's! However, you look like you have had a great week of it. Enjoy it knowing how much you are loved by all your stitchy friends. xx

  4. Happy birthday Julie!
    You have lots of lovely gifts.
    I love the rabbits, they are really sweet!

  5. wow all the goodies are so lovely..
    have fun xxx

  6. Happy birthday Julie! Your gifts are very lovely. I really like the BBD needlebook - it is just gorgeous.

  7. Happy birthday to you Julie, now that I'm up and running again with internet access
    You received some lovely birthday gifts.
    Those bunnies sure are cute

  8. It's great to hear you had such a wonderful birthday! You received some lovely treats!

  9. I am so sorry I missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday: I am glad it was wonderful. The stitching gifts you have are amazing. And I love the bunny family: just perfect.

  10. A belated happy birthday to you and I am so glad that your family and friends have helped to make it such a memorable day.

    Love the story of Seymour and his family - really made me smile. x

  11. Happy Belated Birthday Julie. I love all the beautiful gifts you received and the photos of Seymour and his bride.

  12. Glad you enjoyed your birthday Julie.
    The Needlebook Barb stitched for you is just stunning

  13. Oh what a day no wonder you were emotional I think I would have been reaching for the tissues too.
    Well I am having problems now with Seymore and family ,they are quite giddy with excitement at being famous. Thanks for the pics will be using them later . Will be in touch very soon.

  14. Wishing you a very happy belated birthday Julie! All your gifts were wonderful. I know Barb does beautiful work. And Karen's heart is so precious.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  15. Sounds like a lovely birthday!!!!! Lovely gifts and lovely surprises. So happy for you! :)

  16. Happy belated birthday wishes Julie!  It sounds like you had a wonderful day, you certainly were spoilt with all your lovely gifts!  :o)

  17. I'm just back from a week at the beach so I missed saying happy birthday on the actual day, Julie!! SO... ♫♪♫ Happy Birthday, my friend! ♫♪♫

    I can tell how pleased and overwhelmed you were with all of your gifts... You well deserve them for your kindness to others and all of those happy little bunny creations that have hopped all over the globe :) My Miss Bluebell sits right by my stitching chair guarding my pincushion!

    I wish for you nothing but happiness and good things for your coming year (well, lots of stitching and reading time, too!!).

  18. Happy belated birthday to you, lovely presents. I love the willow pattern china, reminds me of my childhood.

  19. awww I didn't realise it was your Birthday, I should pay more attention to that part of the forum!

    Looks like you were well and truly spoiled rotten. You deserve it! Some great prezzies there.

  20. Belated Happy Birthday, Julie.
    WOW! You have received such gorgeous gifts.

  21. Happy Belated Birthday, Julie!! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebrated with the ones you love, and such lovely birthday gifts you received!

  22. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderfully special birthday. Here's wishing you a year full of all things that make you smile!

  23. Ohhh, look at all these lovely gifts. You are such a lucky girl.Enjoy each and every one of them. And Happy belated Birthday!

  24. Happy Belated Birthday Julie! You were definitely spolt and with such lovely things! I absolutely love the bunny family you knitted for cute! Hope you had fun on your special day!

  25. Wishing you a very 'Happy Birthday', Julie. What a wonderful birthday celebration! The gifts you received are all so special and unique. Barb's needlebook is beautiful and what amazing treasures are tucked inside.

    Blessings to you for a wonderful year ahead!

  26. A very happy birthday Julie. It sounds like your family and friends made it a very special day!!!!


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