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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Summer Exchange

Yesterday was opening day for the Summer Exchange at NH.

My partner was Mary (no blog that i know of) and i chose to stitch the Jardin Prive free design Arbre du l'Eté and make a pin pillow.

I received from Clare. She made me a cake and hand delivered it to me. It came complete with the most beautiful stitched Summer cake band stitched on aida banding.

The little flowers are speciality stitches and it looks so pretty.

It's backed with greaseproof type of paper and i'll be able to use it often. Here's a pic of the full design on the band when i took it off to cut the cake. Thank you Clare, i love it!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend with those you love.



  1. Love the exchange you sent. The exchange from Claire is gorgeous. A great idea.

  2. Great exchange, what a good idea that cake band is. The weekend is nearly over now, I am off to the opticians tomorrow, for an eye test, most important especially for us love stitching. x

  3. Glad you liked it - and hubby enjoyed the cake :)

  4. What a great exchange!, love what you stitched and that cake looks deliciousness :-)

    hope you have a good week x

  5. The pillow is lovely (I have this series too) but the cake? Wow! I have honestly never seen a real cake appear in a stitching exchange LOL. You're so lucky!

  6. Wow Julie what a fantastic exchange and how nice to have somethign hand delivered!!!

  7. Great exchange gifts Julie. The cake and band is a wonderful idea

  8. That cake band from Clare is such a pretty and unique gift...I'm sure that yummy looking cake was gone in no time :)

    Your pillow for Mary is very sweet, too, Julie... Hope you enjoy a lovely week :)

  9. Oh my goodness, what a pretty (and USEFUL) little stitchy! A great exchange all around.

  10. Wow, what a brilliant idea. Beautiful stitching and I love the colours of the little finish and the cake band xx

  11. Oh my gosh...Clare was not kidding when she said she baked a cake for it! How fun that you live close enough for her to bring it over. What an incredibly fun gift exchange to receive. Lucky you! I also asked her about the baking so that is now answered too. :-)

    The pillow you made for Mary really said summertime.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  12. The little pillow you made is lovely and I love both the cake band and the idea of it. And you get to eat the cake too. Good deal !!

  13. I love the little pillow you made. It's so sweet.

    Love Clare's idea especially as it was on a cake!


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