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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I saw the Olympic torch!

Monday evening, July 2nd the Olympic torch relay came through Leicester. It was passing by just up the road from where DH works so we went along to see it.

Here's the moment it passed by right in front of us - not a very good pic though!

Tuesday afternoon was the Book Borrowers group and this week one lady brought along a bunch of bags that she had sewed for us.

We had decided previously that it would be a good idea for one of us to put a book into each of the bags of an author that perhaps we had not read before and on the way out we would each pick up a bag and read the book that was inside.

My bag this week contained ....

I've never read Maeve Binchy so it'll be interesting to read this. This group is growing and becomming a nice friendly place.

Thanks for all your comments about Agatha Raisin and her adventures last post. I thoroughly enjoyed that book. We had a great discussion about her yesterday with lots of laughter about her 'funny ways' and things she got up to. I think i'll have to read a few more of her tales in the future.

Stitching is going on, but only slowly. The sampler for the winner of the 'Best in Show' at our Fruit and Veg show in September is progressing.

A frog visit though as it looks like i am going to have to take out the 'T' as it's just too far to the right...gggrrrr. The letters are 2 spaces apart but i have counted 2 from the blue at the bottom of the letter 'S' instead of 2 from the top and it is way too obvious that it's wrong.

Want to see a pic of the wrongness? Yes, of course you do, lol.

3 posts in a week i can hear you all saying, whats happened to Julie and her blog. The new 'all singing and dancing' computer we had a couple of months ago has developed a problem and it's going to the computer hospital to get better. Not sure when i'll be posting a blog post again. I'll still be able to read blogs and comment but just not upload any of my pics to mine.

Thanks for stopping by to read my wafflings.

Much love



Gillie said...

One of my favourite authors, you really have never read any before? Well, a treat is in store, I hope! The 'T' would bug me too, I am sorry :( I love the idea of a 'surprise bag'.

Janet P said...

You'll love Maeve Binchy, I read an Agatha Raisin book the other day it was great. I like the idea of the books in those bags.

Barb said...

Hi Julie,
I agree I have read most of Maeve Binchy books but I am not a lover of short stories which I think that one is.
Torch is coming right by our front garden on its way to Portland .
Like the idea of a book bag.
Hugs always

Lesleyanne said...

I am sorry you have to frog the T. Great idea of the book bag although I have never read that particular author either. Got to love Agatha though.

Christine said...

Aargh, how annoying. On the plus side the BES IN part looks fab!
I like the idea of a mystery book bag at your book club, although I have visions of twenty bags all containing 50 shades ;D

Rachael G said...

I have read most of the Maeve Binchy books, they are good!
What a great idea for the book bags.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Glad you got to see the torch :)

Your stitching is growing (hee hee) nicely too x x x

Carol said...

Well, at least you only have to frog the "T" and not the B, E, S, I and N!

That is so neat to have seen the torch, Julie--this will be an exciting month for England, indeed!! My niece will be lucky enough to be in London (for work) during some of the Olympics and is hoping to see at least one or two of the less popular competitions.

I've always enjoyed Maeve Binchy's books--nice family relationship stories. Have not read this particular one yet.

Heidi Kuijer said...

I love Maeve Binchy but don't know this book. How fun your book group sounds. I wish I had a group like that as I love to read and love to talk about the books too. I so enjoy The TV Book Club when it is on Channel 4 so I can feel like I am in such a group. :-)

Happy reading and happy stitching this July!

Hugs from Holland ~

Heidi Kuijer said...

P.S. - Love the new header photo. And did you know that I have a book and food blog? Just in case you are interested. I am reading ...well listening... to a series of cozy Cotswolds mysteries that you might like. I should be reviewing the second in the series in the coming week. I am almost done with it.

Melanie said...

I've read a couple of books and they were very good reads. I bet you will like it!

Ouch. That wrong is really.............wrong. No disguising that one, I'm afraid. :(

So exciting, all this Olympic stuff going on over there. I love it all. Looking forward to the equestrian stuff, even though it's impossible to find on tv here (usually). You're lucky if they do a little highlights reel once and again with it. *sigh* Last Olympics I had to set my alarm clock and watch it at 6am online to get the live feed. Pffft!

DUSTY said...

Julie, how nice that you wre able to see the torch, I am sure you were excited. I like the idea of the book in a bag, and your book looks like a good read. I have only read Maeve binchy once but enjoyed it. Youur stitching is lovely, too bad about the frog. boo hiss !! LOL

Catherine said...

How fun to see the torch!!
Yuck on the frogging ~ hope it goes quickly for you.

Brigitte said...

I think I would have gone too, to see the torch being carried along if I had lived so near to the event. I'm already looking forward to watch some of the Games and stitch along while watching.
I love the idea of a book bag. Gives you some motivation to read something you usually don't.
Such a pity that the frog came and visited. But as it's just one letter it can be mended quickly (well, not too quickly but what can you do about it? Nothing.)