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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Crochetdermy anyone?

Hello friends

The computer is home after it's hospital stay and DH says all seems well after he tested it last night, so today i can have a play and chat to you all, i really want to show you what we saw at the weekend.

Do you remember this post from way back in August 2010 when i told you about a local lady who was creating Crochetdermy for the Olympics and she would be making 3 huge lions.

They are finished and the posters have been displaying where and when they will be shown.

They were outside the Curve theatre in Leicester's cultural quarter last week and Saturday evening we went along to view them before they moved on.

They were spectacular and H...U...G...E

I was eager to know just what she had used to create them and was really pleased to see it printed on the exhibit.

So, if you want to create something like this you will need to get your supplies sorted - a 10mm hook and 36 miles of wool from 150 Derbyshire Dales sheep - anyone want to try and make something similar? Dont forget it will take you almost 2 years full time work and if you are lucky you might get awarded a lottery grant to help with the cost of it.

ROAR ......

All those circles and curves and straight lines to get exactly the cover for the polystyrene shapes and WOW Mr Lion, what big feet you have!

The wool looks so rough when you see it close up, i wonder how many blisters she got from her time spent doing this?

I was in awe of them and am so pleased i got to see them close up after following Shauna's progress since she started them. Well done Shauna, simply amazing!

You can read more about them and where they will be on show at Lionheart Project blog.

and now for something a little smaller ....

Happy Birthday Karan, here's the 'little' something i made to send to Karan for her birthday, a little covered tape measure.

I've also been very lucky this week. Linda had a giveaway on her blog and as i was the lucky winner. Postie brought me this beautiful package today. Thank you so much Linda, such a nice assortment of goodies.

The little handmade card is adorable, the verse reads ...

Buttons and patches
and the cold wind blowing
The days pass quickly
while i am sewing

I wish i could say that my days recently have passed with me sewing, but alas that would be untrue. I am having to force myself to pick up needle and thread and stitch. I've frogged out the disobedient letter 'T' and re-stitched it in the correct place and have added another letter. I'll be taking it with me to the stitch club tonight so will show you an update next time.

I'm happier with a book in my hand at the moment and have finished the Maeve Binchy one so that was taken back yesterday to the Book Borrowers and my mystery bag this week contained this book.

Look at the little wording at the bottom of the cover. A tale of barley, blackberries and some very bad behaviour... now doesn't that sound interesting LOL.

I hope you are all safe with ongoing floods that we are having in the UK and that the US folks are ok in the hotter climates you are experiencing.

Much love



  1. Who would have believed what you can do with a crochet needle, wool and a lot of hard work. Those lions are brilliant!! How did you like Maeve Binchy? This new book sounds interesting!!!

  2. Oh wow! That is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I love the tape meaure cute! :)


  3. Oh, what a sight those lions must be in person, Julie! I can't even imagine!! The crocheter must have had to wear gloves while using that wool!!

    Your gift for Karen is so pretty--love the saying on it, too. And what nice goodies from Linda...

    Enjoy that new book :)

  4. Wow all I can say is those lions are just amazing!!!

    What a cute little gift!

  5. WOW, is that enough, they are wonderful, nice gift as well.

  6. wow, those are cool you got to see them in person....what a treat!!!
    love the little tape measure you cute & congrats on your win...
    that book looks very interesting! I have been on a reading kick here lately!

  7. Wow, what a clever lady! Thanks for the pics. I love the tape measure, it's really sweet.
    The book sounds good too.

  8. O.o
    That is a PROJECT! Never seen anything like those lions!

  9. Julie, the crochet display is amazing. My hand cramps from just thinking about holding the needle that long. Your covered tape measure is lovely. Glad you enjoyed your Mauve Binchey book, this new one looks interesting. Enjoy !!

  10. Wow those lions are amazing. A lovely gift for Karan. A great giveaway from Linda. Hope you enjoy your new book.

  11. Very cool looking lions. What a sight they must be up close and personal.

    Happy Birthday to Karan. What a pretty covered tape measure you've made her.


  12. WOW! Thanks for sharing those lions. As fairly new to crocheting, I am so impressed. How neat to see that in person. Lucky you!

    I love your gift for Karen.

    Oh the cover alone of the book is wonderful. They say never judge a book by its cover...but it does I looked it up but it is not in print. Will keep checking if I can get it with a bookseller fulfilled by Amazon soon. Enjoy!

    Hugs from Holland,

  13. Amazing lions -such skill and dedication. Your gift to Karan was beautiful, you're very clever.

  14. Julie those lions are amazing and how much patience has that lady got!! Well done on the giveaway win and I am sure Karan loves her tape measure, I use mine so much.
    New book looks interesting and I may have to succumb. Be in touch soon.

  15. Oh, wow!! Those crocheted lions are simply amazing!! I can't imagine the work that went into that project.

    Your gift for Karan is lovely!

  16. Glory be, what a project!

    Love Karan's gift and I want a book bag, wailing loudly here!

  17. Oh my goodness!!!! How amazing!!!!!!!!! That is the best 'hooky' I think I've ever seen. So so so so so awesome.

  18. Oh wow!! Those lions are amazing and I bet are even more spectacular to see in person!! Your tape measure is fabulous!! What a special gift! Congrats on your win ~ looks like some great goodies. I'm curious to know if that book is as interesting as it looks!

  19. I know many have said it, but WOW!!! Those lions are simply amazing!

  20. Wow those lions are amazing!
    Love your gift for Karan. I have mine in my knitting bag and have used it often:)

    Congratulations on your win.

  21. Something very small - the gift you made for Karan, and something very big - that roaring crocheted lion - just stunning.
    BTW, that ROAR reminds me of a series that carries that name and it's about a Celtic prince in Ireland who fights against the Romans ... I have to pull it out and watch it again.


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