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Sunday, 4 March 2012

RR, SAL and a new start

What a change in the weather, monsoonish today, lots of heavy rain!

A day to be spent inside with crafting projects and a good film this afternoon i think and this morning gave me time to blog about what i've done this week.

Jaclyn's RR is complete and ready to move on to the next person. Vermillion Stitchery birds and butterflies from 2006 was the lovely design for this one. It had been on a RR last year and 5 squares of the 12 had been stitched and Jaclyn decided to continue with it again for this years RR.

I chose the Diamond Fantail for my square, the month of May. It was a hard choice as they were all lovely birds.

I had a brainwave as to why to choose this one.

The Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee this year and she will be starting her Jubilee tour of the UK on March 8th in my hometown of Leicester and as i will still have the RR with me on that date it seemed the perfect bird to choose. It was a lovely project and not something i would have normally chosen to stitch.

Wednesday was of course The Sampler Girl SAL with the ladies in the parlour at Needlecraft Haven.

Lots of wording completed this week on the right hand side. There are some lovely projects being stitched in this SAL, well done ladies on your progress this week too.

This week there has been some trouble going on in the wool cupboard!!

The sock wool is not at all happy and keen to wait for their turn on the needles so i have had to pull out one of the new balls and take it under control and make a start on the new waffle pattern socks (patttern free at Ravelry by Sandy Turner). Thanks Lily for the link to this lovely pattern, yours did inspire me to have a go myself and i am loving the way they are turning out. The stripey regia wool i had planned to knit next is much more refined and agreed to stay in the cupboard for a while longer ...

When i mentioned Isabelle is one of my posts recently Ranae commented that she must be 'growing like a weed' i did love that saying and yes Ranae she certainly is. I can hardly believe 9 months has whizzed by since she arrived. Here she is posing for the camera. She does love to have her pic taken, mummy always has the camera ready to snap a shot or two.

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend and the weather in your neck of the woods is much better than i am having.

Before i forget .... Dani, the travelling pattern is on it's way to you, it's in the hands of the postal service now, a scarey thought and i will be in a panic till it arrives safely.

Take care all



  1. The bird RR is darling. The little birdie you chose is cute too.

    I know how you feel sending out an important package like that one. Dani will let us know the minute it arrives, I'm sure!

  2. Thank you for sharing that darling photo of little Isabelle, Julie--I'm sure you treasure each minute you spend with her!

    Your Diamond Firetail looks wonderful--I know the owner of the RR will appreciate everyone's hard work. Nice progress on your Sampler Girl piece as well...

    Hope those rains let up for you! We're due for a bit of snow today :)

  3. That is a beautiful SAL! I don't think I've seen it before!

  4. Lovely SAL, those birds are so
    Isabelle is certainly growing fast, that's a great photo.
    Love the socks too, something I have not mastered yet!

  5. What a beautiful RR! I haven't seen that one before.
    What a cutie is Isabelle!!

  6. Great stitching Julie, and the RR is gorgeous.
    I have some wool like that, it does NOT want to wait in the basket for its turn!
    Great picture of Isabelle

  7. 9 months already...Really OMGosh time does fly she'll be off to school before we know it!!
    Love that wool!

  8. The R R is looking really good...and it's me next :)

    Isabelle is certainly graing, such a sweetie x x

  9. Fantastic stitching..I love the birds, they look so real. If your wool is unhappy, mine must be manic depressed rofl...and a cute photo of Isabelle..she is a stunner xx

  10. love the birds RR....I am a bird lover so it caught my eye...
    that sock yarn is so pretty!
    And oh my! Little Isabelle is getting so big!! So pretty!!

  11. Lovely stitching on the RR and Sampler Girl. Isabelle is definitely growing. Love the sock colour.

  12. I love the beautiful Diamond Fantail you chose to stitch, and think that your decision based on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, is just wonderful!

    Lovely stitchng on your Sampler Girl SAL too. Isabelle is just adorable. Babies just grow up too fast during the first year, don't they?

  13. Hello

    This is my first visit to your blog.

    I love your RR, the birds look beautiful.

    Your sock yarn is lovely!

    Isabelle is very sweet.

  14. Hello

    This is my first visit to your blog.

    I love your RR it looks great.

  15. The bird RR is lovely Julie. What a beautiful theme Jaclyn chose.

    Lovely progress on your Jane piece. I do love the fabric you're stitching it on.

    Aww Isabelle is definitely growing fast!

  16. Julie you did a lovely job on the RR and I think picked the perfect bird!

    I will let you know as soon as I get the travelling chart, thanks for picking me!

  17. The RR is looking gorgeous and I love how you picked out the bird to relate to the Golden Jubilee.

    My Son-in-law comes from Leicester, although he has lived in Plymouth for many years now, but still has family there.

    What a darling Ranae is - the time certainly does go by so quickly - out youngest grandchild is 15 months already and later this year he will have a brother or sister.

    I hope your wool is behaving itself now LOL x

  18. OMG!!! I love the birds and butterflies pattern. Do you know where I can get a copy? I tried at the Vermillion Stitchery web site and it says its not available. I hope someone can help me.

  19. OMG she is sooooooo big! Wow. That did go by fast. Even for me. lol

    Love the colors on the new sock! Look at all that great sripey-ness you've got going on there. LOVE IT!

  20. Hi Julie, love the Diamond Fantail square you chose to stitch, very in keeping with the Queens vist to your town...........your socks are coming along famously, mine are never off my feet, except when they need washing of course.
    lily x

  21. Hi Julie, I thought I left a comment the after Milli I think but there it was gone!
    The birds are lovely, the garden is looking lovely and I see a finish shortly whoo hoo.
    Oh dear confrontation in the knitting basket- will look forward to seeing what comes out on top lol.
    Well what can I say that Miss Isabelle is growing so quickly , what a sweetie. Give her a big hug from me next time you see her.
    Will be in touch soon

  22. That bird RR sure is lovely. I love the deciding factor of you picking your square. Good progress on your SAL WiP.


  23. That bird round robin is so cool. Is it all from one pattern. How does a rr work. I would love to do one sometime.

  24. Hi Julie

    That RR looks familier I did two birds last year! Very pretty..reading your blog sounds as though you're enjoying all your stitching and knitting too. Isabelle looks gorgeous!
    Chris xx

  25. Oh my, what a lovely RR this is. I'm completely fond of birds and love watching them and stitching them.

  26. What a truly lovely RR and I love the bird you chose.

    Sampler Girl is really coming along nicely and you've done a lot since your last post :o)

    I'm loving these socks! Great pattern and LOVE the colors.

    Isabelle is adorable and yes, it is hard to believe it's been nine months already! LOL!


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