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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Let's catch up

It seems like months since i made an entry into my online blog journal even though its only been 3 weeks.

Computerlessness (is that a word?) is the main reason i have been away, unable to post pics and also i've been sick with a nasty tummy virus. Some sad happenings have also made me take time to sit and think and make some decisions about things. My laptop died, one day fine the next it wont switch on, and then the biggie office computer we use decided to keep cutting off the internet connection, so frustrating. Limited savings and DH and i decided to upgrade the office computer to something better. Programs installed and its now ready for use YIPPEEEE it's so much faster, but so different to the old ones, so a learning curve for me and using it takes me longer right now.

I missed wishing you all a Happy Mothering Sunday for those in the UK. I hope you all had an enjoyable day.

Mine was spent with daughter and grandaughter as her partner had to work that day. I was spoilt by my two children and had lovely gifts.

I made this little crochet tin cover for a flowering cactus plant i picked up for own mum. It accompanied another gift i purchased for her, she loved it so that made me happy.

Stitching on The Sampler Girl SAL with Barb and the ladies at NH continued each week.

A happy dance last week when i put the final stitch into In the Garden with Jane Austen, i have loved every stitch in this one, it's turned out so pretty. Just need to get on with making it up now.

The Spring exchange was sent out on time and i have received something. It's still safely in the envelope waiting to be opened on Friday when we can reveal what we have received and who it's from. The Round Robin has also been given to Clare, we met for a coffee and a chat to exchange that which was nice and i have received Tina's (no blog).

DH has been really patient waiting for me to start his crochet blanket. He decided that he wanted a granny rectangle and last week i sorted out the wool he chose. Do you remember the one i gave as a Christmas gift that he was so upset about when i wrapped it? Well he decided that he really, really did want three of the colours in that one as it was so nice so thats what we've gone for. Just a few rows to start it off and i can pick it up between other projects and he should have it finished for the autumnal evenings!

Both socks are now complete and have been keeping my feet toasty warm. Maybe i should knit me a pair or warm socks each March if it makes the the recent temperatures we are experiencing hit record highs for the time of the year.

Very unlike spring here in the UK right now, more like summer approaching, i see that other readers are experiencing the same warmth too in other countries, it's nice isn't it. The gardens are looking lovely with the flowers blooming and it sure does make people seem friendlier when you are out and about. This pic makes my feet look very huge, they are not, it's the camera angle, honest lol.

At the stitching club we have been having a visitor from Tobago. She is staying with family for 6 months and is friends with one of our members. She was telling us all about some stitching they do back home. She brought us each a small piece of gingham to have a try. You stitch a smyrna cross onto the same colour gingham square in a desired pattern. I chose to make a cover for one of my marmalade pots and completed mine to give her (she was able to sample my marmalade too). It really is effective when completed. Thank you Esther for showing us this new technique, i really enjoyed having a go at it.

Today i have had the most wonderful envelope delivered. I was lucky enough to be the winner in Staci's (Snippets and Stash) blogoversary draw.

I have a thing for tins and this is stunning. A Whitmans 100th anniversary tin that i will cherish. Thank you so much Staci, the contents are fabulous. If you haven't visited Staci's blog please do, she is an amazing knitter and stitcher and it's always a pleasure to stop by and see what beautiful things she has created.

Spring officially arrived earlier this week and my DS has also celebrated his 27th birthday. That means we are fast approaching the end of another month, but, not all my planned stitchings for this month will get completed - i do have a good excuse though. DH and i are off for a few days break to the seaside very soon. Sorry Christine, but the challenge will not happen this month, i'll do better next time. My monthly ornament is stitched but i'm not sure it will be made up by the end of March. Not a stitch put into Shores again this month either... must do better on that next month.

My camera is charging ready to be packed, so hopefully next time i post i'll be able to tell you all about my seaside adventure with pics, fingers crossed the weather stays nice and warm just like it did for our little break last September.

Just a quick reminder to the UK ladies, clocks go forward tonight, so lighter evenings on the way, that'll be nice.

Wishing you all well and hoping that life is being kind to you and yours.



Linda said...

Here's hoping you have a wonderful few days away and this lovely Spring weather we are experiencing continues.x

jane said...

Lovley stitching Julie and your socks look great. Look forward to seeing your Crochet blanket when it is done.
Enjoy your break - hope the weather stays good for you.

stitcheranon said...

Wow..lovely socks and your finish is great. I never mastered crotchet so really appreciate the work you put into your blankets. Have a great time at the seaside!

Barb said...

Just popped in to say safe journeying and a peaceful and enjoyable time away. Missing you already sweetie.
Love your JA finish and the blanket is super is it the same colours as my cushion!! Watch out Julies Mr Macgregor it may go walk about!!
Speak soon

Maggie said...

Beautiful stitching, knitting and crocheting Julie! Every-time i see a a crochet blanket i want to learn how to crochet! Love the colours you are using :-)

Have a lovely few days away, i hope the weather stays great for you :-)

Daffycat said...

It's amazing how different everything is when you upgrade the computer. If I use Dash's computer I'm always one step behind and confused.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that the weather cooperates again! Safe trip!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Julie I was wondering why you had been quiet for so long. Isn't it nice to have a new computer?

You've been so busy and done lots of lovely crafts!

I look forward to hearing about your trip.

Lesleyanne said...

Sorry to hear you have had a tough time of late. I hope you are feeling better. Happy Belated Mother's Day. Love your socks and your stitching. Enjoy your break away.

Christine said...

Sorry to hear you and your computer have both been unwell, hoping you are both fighting fit now.
You've done some lovely work while you've been computerless, so there is a silver lining.
I haven't done my challenge piece either so I certainly won't be nagging you about yours ;)
I remember making a gingham apron somewhat like that when I was at Junior School. Amazing memory huh?

staci said...

So sorry that you and your computer were both ill. Your projects are all lovely. I love the idea of the crocheted pot-cover, I may have to remember that for gifts!

Glad you got your tin and are enjoying your goodies!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Have a fabulous break Julie. I love your work, so clever, and I'm very envious of your tin, I'm a bit of an addict too x x

Rachael G said...

I forgot and thought I had loads of time sunday morning, then when I realised I had to hurry!!
Enjoy your little break. It is nice to get new things except when you have to re-learn how to use it!
Fab socks Julie

Melanie said...

Sorry about the computer troubles. They always happen when you least expect it. Hope the new one is fantastic!

Enjoy your break!!!!!! :)

Carol said...

We really have all become so dependent on our computers, haven't we, Julie? Glad you have a nice working one again--I'm sure you'll learn it's ins and outs very quickly :)

All of your stitching, crocheting, and knitting are wonderful--especially love the colors in your husbands blanket. Congratulations on your win from Staci, too--looks like a lovely tin and goodies!

Enjoy the spring like weather and I hope your son had a great birthday--they are getting so old aren't they?!

Sally said...

I hope you have a lovely time away with your DH Julie.

Love your finish and the blanket is looking gorgeous.

Congratulations on your win from Staci :)

Catherine said...

Computer troubles are never fun and to be sick yourself on top of it ~ ugh! We've been battling the stomach virus in my house too. Love all of your projects. Congrats on your win too!