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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A new start

Pinch, punch, first day of the month, and hello to February. I woke today to a lovely sunny morning but shivered when i looked out of the window to see the sharp frost that we had. The pavements were white over and i heard people scraping car windscreens before they set off to work.

Opening my kitchen window blind, i noticed my kitty weather vane (a surprise Christmas gift lovingly made for me by DH many years ago) was outlined in frost and pointing to the north, that would explain the cold wind and the snowfalls that i heard the weatherman on the radio predicting for the weekend as i ate my breakfast.

I stepped out into the garden to feed the birds and noticed the lovely fir tree in next doors garden and how wonderful it looked against the blue sky with all it's pine cones hanging down, a favourite place for the grey squirrel to hide with his friends.

That pic looks like a spring day, not the coldness of a winter morning.

The camelia leaves and buds show the real frostiness of the morning. They are supposed to be in bloom later this month, not sure that will happen though. I think they'll be somewhat later this year. Although, i have seen some pics of a camelia in flower on the south coast of the UK already this year. Too cold to be outside today, a day inside playing with crafting things i think.

December i was asked to review a kit by Yiota's cross stitch. I chose a William Morris design called Hare.

I said i would start it January. Busy with other things the days passed by, and with only 2 days left of the month i thought i had better put needle into fabric and make a start.

As all the fabric is covered i decided to use the aida that came with the kit, it really is nice and soft and the threads are stitching up nicely. No knots and tangles at all. Here's where i got to after a few hours. Looks just like a blob, but its the bit under the hare's chin as i started in the centre of the design. Stitching up nicely and now it's on a frame i'll be able to pull it out and do a bit each week ... yes, i know we all say things like that and it doesn't happen.

It does mean i have a few WIP's on the go right now as well as the monthly SAL projects, the challenge and the Spring exchange and the RR that i signed up for. Why do we do it to ourselves!! Maybe the wintery weekend weather will be welcome so i can sit inside cosy on the sofa, snuggled up under the blanket with needle and thread and make some progress on things.

Stitch club tonight, so that means this weeks evening in the parlour with The Sampler Girl SAL ladies will be happening, thats if i dont chat too much with the other ladies and come home and have to frog it all out again!

Waving to the new followers and commenters, it's nice to see you here, thanks for stopping by.


  1. It does look like spring over your way! We were out last night and both DH and I thought we would freeze to death although I'm sure it wasn't THAT cold but we haven't been used to the colder weather because it's been so mild here.

    Hey, it's a start! LOL!

  2. My camellia has been out for a couple of weeks, maybe a bit milder in Cheshire. Lovely pictures!

  3. It was like that here today too, brilliant blue skies but bitingly cold.
    Great start on your hare

  4. Love your new start , we have it really cold too . Lots of ice and it was 0 deg before 6 pm tonight. X

  5. Lovely start on the hare
    It's been a mild winter here
    Have fun tonight at the club

  6. Hope the frog did not visit Julie, He did me on my new start so it will be started again next week!
    Like the Hare just something about W.Morris.and the colours used.
    Oh I know what you mean about taking so much on argh we just do not learn.
    Take care and cuddle up under that blanket.

  7. Your William Morris Hare is off to a great start, Julie--what a handsome piece. And, I just love the weather vain that your husband made you--what a wonderfully sweet gift!

    We're enjoying a string of mild, sunny days this week--so enjoyable :)

  8. Oh that will be lovely Julie, good luck with it.

  9. Good for you, for willing to "test drive" one of those designs. I was asked as well but I ignored the request, life is just too busy right now.

    The colours do look great for your start!

  10. You have got your stitching of to a good start. lovely photos and it's very cold here too
    x catherine

  11. Hare is off to a super start Julie. Looking forward to seeing more progress.

    Your photos are lovely. Now Winter is here properly and the plants are looking a little sick. I'm waiting for the snow that's been forecast!


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