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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Brrrrr it's chilly

It arrived last night, the snow that is. It started late afternoon and by the time i went to bed we had a few inches. A young man had an accident outside our home and fell off his moped, he wasn't injured just a little shaken. He decided to walk the bike home for safety, best idea i think.

DH and i were nice and toasty warm in the sitting room with an open fire to keep us snuggly all evening. He with his Danish subtitle programme and me hooking away on a little project, you can see below.

Cold nights recently and DH has been taking the hottie bottle to bed with him to warm his feet. On Friday he asked if i could 'just whip up' a new cover for it... whip up a cover? 'hhmmm i guess so' i said. I decided that a crochet cover would be nice and let the warmness out without burning his tootsies.

I sewed it together this morning and here's what i managed to 'whip up' for him. It's not perfect by any means but it'll do the job, using oddments from the wool bag. He's pleased with it and thats all that matters.

Wednesday my lady managed to get herself dressed and is no longer just sitting in her bloomers.

I also managed to errect a little of the long fence too.

I do like the fabric this is stitched on and look forward each week to my evening on it.

My card a month for the SAL is also complete this week. Another Just Nan design from the Heartfelt chart.

Perfect for the month of February it's the Love one and i used some of the valentine sticky's to add onto the card. DS was eyeing this up as it was being stitched, i wonder if he'll ask if he can have it now it's completed.

Shores has also been on the frame this week. I borrowed a lap frame from one of the ladies at the stitch club to see how i got on with it. Stitching this on 32ct makes it quite large and the excess fabric thats around the edge does make it hard to hold on to in the normal clip frame. I seem to have made quite a bit of pregress for a couple of evenings and am able to stitch two handed with the lap frame.

My back garden looked like something from Narnia this morning when i sat in the conservatory with my cup of tea. Very pretty but i wont be venturing outside today.

DH and i were commenting about Mr Moe and his love of snow, he would have been hopping around outside this morning jumping and catching imaginary things in the snow, it was such fun to sit and watch him, it was his favourite time of the year, happy memories.

The sofa has my name on it for this afternoon, a film and a roaring fire and i'm sure i can find some stitching to keep me company as i while away the hours whilst the big snow keeps me inside.

Stay safe my UK friends, i hope it hasn't inconvenienced you all too much and spoilt your weekend plans.


  1. shores is looking good! that huge block in the middle is such a beast...but looks like you're doing great :)

  2. Love all of your projects! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  3. Enjoy your afternoon Julie and stay safe yourself!
    Shores is looking great and the crochet hot water bottle cover is a great idea.

  4. That is a lovely hot water bottle cover...we do not have snow here which is just as would be August before I 'whipped' something like that up. Can I ask what kind of lap frame you are using?? And yes, if it snowing, your lady would def. need to have something over her bloomers rofl xx

  5. Yours sounds like my kind of weekend, Julie--snuggled up warm in the house while enjoying the lovely white snowfall through the windows... We, too, had a lovely falling snow most of yesterday, but it vanished quickly. Today is bright and sunny :)

    I love your idea for your husband's hot water bottle cover--great design!! You certainly are creative with your needles and crochet hooks!

  6. Lovely work Julie, shores is looking great.
    Hope the snow has gone by Friday, I've got to bring Eloise to Leicester for a university interview.
    Keep warm!

  7. I love how he asked you to just whip up something LOL Funny!!!

    I do love snow and I am staying in the nice warm house today, I might even get some stitching done.

    It was Lily's first proper play in the snow today, last year I kept her on a harness as she wasn't yet neutered, she and Tango loved it!! lol

  8. Love all your crafty bits Julie. Love your hot water bottle cover. I made a ripple one last year but haven't stitched it together yet. Maybe I will dig it out and do that this week. Looks like we will be needing it. x

  9. Your hot water bottle cover is great, I'm sure hubby will love it. Your stitching looks gorgeous. Hope you enjoy your afternoon of stitching.

  10. Lovely card, is it for DH?

    I have decided I completely hate snow. Unfortunately here we don't stop for snow we keep going. I'm very tired of dealing with it and driving I it etc..

  11. All your projects look lovely Julie :-)
    Love the water bottle cover! I thought i was the last of a dying breed with my water bottle, lol. I found a lovely pattern for a knitted cover that i would like to have a go at, you might have spurred me on to have a go at it.

    Yes we got the snow too on Saturday, i had a very close thing in my car outside our house on the afternoon, we live on a hill and i just couldn't stop the car sliding, missed one of the neighbours cars by an inch :-0 DH has moved my car back outside the house today as most of the snow has disappeared now, thank goodness, wasn't looking forward to catching the bus to work in the morning!

    Have a great week x

  12. My you are a quick worker with the bottle cover. it loks fab. stitching looks good.
    x catherine

  13. Pop on over the pond, Julie. It's like Spring here. Azaleas and Japanese magnolias are blooming like crazy. And I'm running around in jeans and a t-shirt.

  14. You've been busy busy on lots of projects! Love getting a peek at them. :)

  15. Your projects are very pretty.
    Love the hot water bottle cover.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  16. Your work is lovely and as your snow is deep, good job you can snuggle up inside! Over here in Somerset we have none!


  17. Shores is looking lovely Julie. Lovely progress on your Jane piece.

    Love the hot water bottle cover. It is gorgeous.

    Your garden looks very pretty in the snow. I now ache from all the trudging through it I've done! It's been nice to finally have some though and I got some nice photos when DH and I went out for a walk on Sunday morning.

  18. Hello my Julie friend, Love your garden in the snow almost as nice as when there is no snow!!
    Oh my you mean to say he does not warm his cold feet on you? I think someone here needs a talking to!
    I love the hottie cover though and the colours you used.
    Your stitching is fab as usual and I can almost hear "Mum could I have". Hope you had your snuggly weekend ,will speak soon.

  19. Lovely hottie bottle cover that you "whipped up" to keep your dear husband's tootsies warm:)

    Your lady is looking very pretty all dressed up too, and the Just Nan February heart is beautiful!

    I love working with my lap frame. A few years ago, a designer, from whom I took a class, convinced me that it is so much easier stitching with one. I have never departed from it since. My favorite one is from Images Stitcher Design, called the "Mini Plus Doodler". It has interchangeable dowels, which I love. Their website is:

  20. Wow, we dont have any snow but I would not mind a little if it makes my garden look like that. Very beautiful. Your email link re: lap frames did not come..I might have chanced email though. Stitcheranonathyahoodotcodotuk. Thank you for all your support.. xxxx

  21. Well, you can keep that snow ;o) Today I saw my second robin so I'm hoping that means an early spring!

    What a nice thing for you to do for your DH. I'm sure he appreciated it!

    Love seeing how your WIPs are coming along. I guess the snow gives you the perfect excuse to curl up and stitch ;o)

  22. hello deary, its me cucki from south africa..your new friend and follower :)
    i love your stitching so much..very sweet..
    love the hot water bottle cover too,..
    sending you big warm hugs xxx

  23. well, I tried not to send the snow over... sorry;)

    Stay warm and continue having warm stitching fun. That's what February is for I think.

  24. Lovely card you've finished! Sampler Girl and Shores are coming along beautifully.

  25. I saw the link on Kate's blog so came over here for the Travelling Pattern (I stitched it last year) and then saw the Needlecraft Haven piece too!

  26. I stitched the Jane Austen design myself and it was such a fun stitch.


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