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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Another Sunday and another crafting update - can't think of a better title today!

Freezing temperatures by day and even colder by night, the snow has been hanging around this week, but today we've had rain and the last of it has now finally melted in my garden.

I've spent a quiet afternoon sitting in the conservatory watching the birds coming and going on the feeders in the garden and thinking a few things over that have taken up brain space over the past couple of days where decisions need to be made and i'm not sure what i want to do about them.

I did make up this months challenge piece at Needlecraft Haven. It was a quick valentine design to stitch. As usual though there is no reveal till the last Sunday of the month.

I also finished off my Christmas monthly ornament for February too.

This design came from the JCS Ornament preview edition that i received from Mary Ann in her giveaway last month. It's by Debbie Booth at My Big Toe Designs.

I found a small piece of 40ct linen in the oddment box and decided to use that to make it smaller than the 32ct recommended. Just a little stuffed pillow finish and my ribbons drawer contained the perfect match of ric rac braiding to put around the edge and use for a hanger. I'm happy with the finish even though my mind was not really on making up nice things this afternoon.

Other WIP's i've stitched on this week...

William Morris' Hare had some attention for a couple of evenings. It was nice to add some of the blue flowers this time. It's so strange to stitch on aida after such a long time using the higher count fabrics and i dont seem to get so much accomlished of an evening. Does anyone else find that? When you stitch on aida it takes longer? I think i have to concentrate more otherwise i am trying to go over 2 holes instead of 1.

Wednesday evening The Sampler Girl design came out again for the SAL and we are now almost finished with page 1, just the middle flower design to start and then onto Page 2. I really enjoy my Wednesday evening on this one and have to be really strict with myself not to get it out again during the week. I'm not sure if it's the pretty pink fabric or the colours in the design but it is a pleasure to stitch each week.

Another member of the family has asked me to make something for them and are keen to purchase just the right colour wool themselves, it'll no doubt be arriving early next week. DD has asked if i will make Isabelle another cardigan as she is fast outgrowing the one i made here and she loves the design and fit of it. Looks like the knitting needles will be out again very soon and it wont be the socks i had planned to make for myself with the new wool i purchased a couple of weeks ago. Did i show you that? no i dont think i did.

I've been lucky enough to become the next member of The Stitcherhood and will be the 16th stitcher to receive the travelling pattern from Shakespeare's Pedlar called Count Your Blessings. My address details have gone to Kate @ Kate's Flossbox ready for it to be mailed. Welcome to the new followers who have come over here following The Stitcherhood, i'll make a start as soon as it arrives so you dont have to wait too long to be in with a chance of being drawn to receive it.


  1. Congrats on joining the Stitcherhood. Look forward to seeing your knitting. Lovely progress on your wips and a lovely ornament finish.

  2. congratulations for joining the sisterhood..
    all your wip's are so lovely..
    big hugs fro you xxx

  3. Great ornament finish and great progress on your WIP
    x catherine

  4. Your projects are coming along lovely Julie, i think i would have trouble stitching on aida now, funny how quickly you get used to counting over two.
    Your Feb ornie is just great, love the ric-rac around the edge :-)

    Congrats too on joining the sisterhood! Sounds like you have had a busy week :-)

  5. Congrats on the this a special chart which has been designed to be passed on? Just wondering lol. Sorry you have the kind of thoughts which take up mind space and make the need for decisions....they are the worse kind. Probably the one thing that makes being a grown up suck sometimes. Good luck with them...I am sure you will make the right choices though xxxx Sounds like you are going to be very busy xxxx

  6. love the ornament finish and the WIP's are looking great.
    Wow! your the 16th stitcher for the hood?! the chart is really make the rounds.
    I bet Isabelle is growing like a weed, a saying we use here in the USA, lol
    Take care!!

  7. Wonderful finish! The wips are looking good.

  8. A lovely ornament finish and you are moving well with your WIP's.

  9. A lovely ornament finish Julie and nice progress on your WIPs. Look forward to seeing the knitting.

  10. Congratulations on joining the stitcherhood. I just know you'll love stitching it.

    The ornament you stitched is beautiful Lovely progress on Hare and Jane.

    Am glad to see the back of the snow now! As much as I love it it's lovely when it first snows but once it's thawed a little then frozen it's a nightmare to walk on! As long as it stays cold for another month that's fine! Lol!

  11. I love your finished ornament it's great.

  12. Congrats on joining the Stitcherhood. I stitched this one last year. In fact it was a good year for Travelling Patterns - I was chosen for three of them!
    Looking forward to your finish.

  13. Your ornament is adorable Julie! I'd say your finishing is perfect :o)

    Nice to see some more work done on your projects.


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