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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

We dont usually buy gifts, we just give each other a card.

It's the same card we have had for the past 10 years. A really lovely card which we save and put into a new envelope each year. It's not being mean, just being thrifty!

When i was in the supermarket last week passing by the valentine things and thinking to myself "I wonder how much of this stuff will be left on the shelves this year with the current economic climate and people short of cash to buy basic essentials" i spotted the little heart shaped frying pan. DH does love egg on toast and it somehow hopped into my trolley. It certainly started our Valentines Day off with a giggle this morning when he came downstairs to see it on the table and he went off to work with a smile on his face.

Amy dropped off the wool for Isabelle's cardigan and i made a start. Isn't that what nanny's do? Grab needles and pattern and drop everything else to get cracking on whatever the family wants?

Do you do the same?

It really is a lovely soft yarn, Amy made a good choice. King Cole Smooth DK in fuschia pink the label says especially soft for babies. It's knitting up lovely and quite quickly too. This is the pattern. The edging frill is a killer to do, it takes ages but does look so effective when it's finished and the cardigan is being worn. Isabelle has had lots of lovely comments when wearing the one i made before.

While i had the camera out i took a snap of my new wool for MY pair of socks. It's gone into hiding in the wool cupboard after i took it out of my lovely knitting basket to put the new project in. I also have some other deadline stitching projects to do this month, so it might just have to have an extended holiday in the cupboard for a short time.

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentines Day. Did you receive a lovely card or gift from the one you love?


  1. Oh my gosh! Love that egg pan!

  2. My parents used to do that for all occasions, Julie--just recycle cards and I, too, think it's very practical. With the cost of cards now, I would rather have a nice big chocolate bar, than a card :)

    The heart egg is adorable--what fun that would be for special days! And I love the fuschia color of Isabelle's new cardigan. I'm sure you'll do a beautiful job on it...

    My husband is away for a few days, but did leave me the prettiest box of chocolates before he left on Sunday. They are almost too pretty to eat--almost :)

    Enjoy your ♥ Valentine's Day, Julie! ♥

  3. aww sweet egg :)
    happy valentine day to you too..
    hugs xxx

  4. What a fun breakfast surprise! My dh totally forgot today was Valentines Day, and I decided not to remind him... although I did drop some hints like, "I need to write in the Valentine cards..." It didn't hit him until he got to work this morning and then he called. : ) It used to bug me, but after 25 years I'm finally getting used to it and think it's kind of funny. : )

  5. Happy Valentine's day! I re-give my hubby a card I stitched four years ago with the year and a small personal message in it. I have read your email pet but have not had a chance to answer as it is half term and my computer seems to be needed by ds's and dd rofl...just squeezed on rofl xxx

  6. Love that heart shaped egg, you must have made his day too!
    Jumper will look a treat too.


  7. Fantastic frying pan Julie, what a lovely unique gift for your hubby..........the reason I have only one pair of hand knit socks to my name is that my knitting gets thrown aside to knit for the's no hardship, I love to knit for others.........the fuschia yarn is gorgeous, lucky little grandaughter........good luck with getting to your own sock knitting.

    Happy Valentines Day, lily x

  8. wow! that's cute that heart shaped egg, love it!

    oh...i got a big surprise, a huge bouquet of flowers as hubby is in Scotland!

  9. I LOVE your heart shaped egg, its gorgeous. Lovely colour wool for the cardi. Hope your wool for your socks doesn't have to stay in the cupboard too long.

  10. that pan is great!!!!! Wish I could find one!!! My husband loves fried eggs too!! That is his Sunday breakfast each week!
    Oh my!!! You are totally into the grandma thing!!!! I do the same....drop all other projects if my son asks me to do something for the boys!!!

  11. Lovely knitting Julie, and I had to smile at the heart shaped fried egg!
    One year I cut all David's sandwiches into heart shapes in his lunch box. He was really embarrassed when he opened them at work and always made his own sandwiches after that!

  12. That is such a NEAT idea!!!! I love it :o) I think the heart shaped egg was the perfect topper. LOL!

    DH made me Creme Brule and that was good enough for me :oP

    OMG, that is going to be THE sweetest cardigan!

  13. What a fun frying pan Julie! There's no wonder your DH went off to work with a smile on his face.

    We just buy cards. My DH had to nip out quick to get one at the weekend as he'd forgotten. I thought the one I got from Judy might have reminded him sooner :)

    That cardigan is going to be gorgeous and love your sock wool. One of the ladies at craft club is trying to get my knitting again!

  14. ROFLOL If I ever see one of those pans I'm buying it! Love it!

    How sweet to use the same greeting cards every year ~ awwww!

  15. That fried egg is adorable...........which is NOT something I thought I would EVER say about a fried egg! lolol

    Ooooo, love the Regia yarn!! *LOVE*


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