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Monday, 20 February 2012

An anniversary and a Birthday

What did you do over the weekend?

DH and i woke to a lovely sunny day Sunday and decided to take a trip to the coast to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Some quality 'US' time was needed. A quick breakfast, filled the flasks and packed the picnic hamper with goodies from the cupboard and we set off. Impulse trips are the best! The CD player booming out some of our favourite tunes on the 2 hour trip and we were happy.

It was very windy when we got there but lovely to wander along the beach wrapped up in scarves, gloves and coats and soak up the calming atmosphere and recharge our batteries. Not brave enough for a paddle in the sea this time, but the seagulls and a couple of horses that were having such a fabulous time galloping along the waters edge seemed to be having fun. I've never seen horses along this part of the beach before.

We parked the car at Huttoft car terrace and enjoyed the picnic inside the car out of the wind with the window down watching and listening to the lovely sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. We sat there for a while, we read the newspaper and watched families and fishermen having fun. Another walk and all too soon it was time to return home and back to reality, but we had enjoyed our simple day out together and it certainly had blown away any cobwebs!

Saturday postie brought the travelling pattern from Kate. Shakepeare Pedlars, Count your Blessings is the Stitcherhood chart that is going around in blogland.

I've sorted fabric and thread this morning, so this weeks plan is to sit and stitch when i can and get it travelling onto the next person soon.

Barb celebrated her birthday last week so i can now show you what i made for her.

She had admired the cushions i had recently made so i decided it would be a nice surprise to crochet one for her birthday. This one is different to the others as it only has 4 granny squares and flowers and a border around the edge to compliment it. I'm pleased to say Barb loved it so that makes me happy. Wool is the lovely Stylecraft Special DK in the colours camel, khaki, grape and plum.

Isabelle's cardigan is progressing well (forgot to take pic of that), and i've made a start on the Spring exchange piece this week (can't show you that).

What i can show you is my latest purchase and it's Lily's fault i bought it!

She showed her latest pair of wonderful socks she is knitting and a link to an online wool shop Kemps that were having a sale of sock wool - £3.99 for 150g ball is a bargain. I just had to buy 2 balls didn't i. It's keeping my other sock wool company in the cupboard for now. My late FIL used to say stock is as good as money, if thats the case, i am a millionaire with all the wool/stash i have!

Enjoy your week whatever your plans


Always smiling said...

What a lovely way to spend your anniversary, its the sort of thing DH and I do and isn't it wonderful that we can..
Had a look at that wool shop, naughty of me as I have loads! And I love that granny square cushion, lovely colour choice.
Happy Days Julie!
Chris x

Christine said...

Sounds like a wonderful day out.
I don't dare buy any more wool, I have enough trouble trying to hide what I've already got. I love the cushion cover you made for Barb

Ranae said...

Happy Anniversary!! Looks like it was a fantastic day.
Pretty cushion you made Barb
Love the lastest purchase :)

lily said...

Gorgeous crochet cushion Julie, and what a great trip out to the beach with your beloved..........the yarn is fantastic and I'm sure you'll enjoy knitting with it.
lily xx

Fee said...

Love your fil comment on stash! Saw your cushion on Barb's blog, isn't blogland wonderful - and thought how lovely it looked, well done!

Your walk must have been perfect.


cucki said...

happy anniversary dear..
sound like you had a fun day.
i love the is so pretty..
sweet new stash..
hugs cucki xx

Linda said...

A belated Happy Anniversary - sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.

Gorgeous crochet cushion - something else I want to do at some stage this year.

Maggie said...

Happy Anniversary to you both Julie!
Sounds like you had a great day by the seaside :-)

That's another great cushion you made, i'm sure Barb is thrilled with it :-)

Rachael G said...

Oh what a lovely way to spend the day.
What a super cushion!!

jane said...

Sounds like a lovely day Julie - must remember that place if we visit Lincolnshire again.
Lovely cushion and I like that saying.

Daffycat said...

That looks like a lovely place to have a bit of a get away. I imagine it gets crowded in favorable weather!

valerie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Lovely cushion for Barb and your new sock yarn looks like fun. I like the colors!

Mylene said...

Happy happy Anniversary to you both!

What a lovely surprise you made for Barb!!

Elisa said...

What a perfect way to spend your anniversary.
Lovely cushion for Barb

Catherine said...

What a wonderful getaway! Love the cushion for Barb and the new sock yarns - great colors!

Carol said...

How wonderful to be able to get away a bit to celebrate your anniversary, Julie! There is nothing like being by the sea, is there?

Very cute pillow for Barb and can't wait to see those socks you'll be knitting with your new yarn.

Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!
Looks like a great little getaway. :)

Kathy Ellen said...

I can't think of a more romantic and peaceful way to spend your anniversary, than by the sea. As I read your post, and you spoke of hearing the 'waves crashing', I could just picture the scene in my mind.

I love the title of your newest Stitcherhood chart, "Count Your Blessings". The cushion that you crocheted for Barb is beautiful.

Sandra said...

A lovely way to spend your anniversary, I wish my DH was as spontaneous! Well done on your wool bargain.

Pumpkin said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary Julie! Looks like a lovely place to visit and I would have loved to see those horses on the beach :o)

I'm sure Barb loved her gift. Can't wait to see the socks you'll make with this wool!