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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Challenge reveal and the card SAL

The last Sunday of January and the first month of 2012 is fast drawing to a close. This month seems to have whizzed by doesn't it but i have found time each day to craft a little. Are you all all still keeping up with your new year resolutions?

The last Sunday of the month does mean today is reveal day for the challenge design chosen by Christine at Needlecraft Haven and i can show you what i did with it.

I had a birthday gift in the summer of this little basket that contained two beautiful guest hand towels. The design is the perfect fit and looks real nice atop it. The fabric is a small piece from my 'oddment and no name' box but i was really pleased with how the anchor threads were bright and colourful on it. You can see the other finishes in the album.

I have been really good and also stitched my card for the monthly card SAL - with just a few days of the month to spare, must do better in February there are not so many days. I've had the three Heartfelt designs by Just Nan in my stash for a very long time. This one is perfect for an elderly relative who loves to receive a handmade card. Pretty and simple and just beautiful, i'm sure she'll love it. Yet again another scrap of fabric but this time using the asked for DMC colours.

Wednesday is SAL night in the parlour with Barb and the ladies stitching a Sampler Girl design. Unfortunately i didn't get a stitch put in on that day. It's my stitch club night and we were signing condolence cards, sorting out floral tributes and making arrangements for travel arrangements to attend our friends funeral. We had our candle lit on the table for the evening to remember her and some lovely cakes as it would have been her birthday yesterday (Saturday).

We had a new young lady (24 years) start at the club in the autumn of last year. She is a stitcher but wanted to learn to crochet. I pointed her in the direction of the online sites that had helped me to get started and sat next to her and gave help and advice when i could.

She's been so busy and practising like mad at every opportunity. I am so proud of what she has achieved, i asked if i could take a picture and share with you. Here's the blanket she brought this week to show us. She was just finishing off the final edging. It's a gift for her boyfriends mum. Well done Rhia, you have mastered this craft and i'm sure you'll be whipping up lots of lovelies in the future too.

I did get an evening on my Sampler Girl design at the end of the week. This is where i am after 3 weeks. It's a lovely design to stitch. It was too late to carry on so my lady is just sporting a pair of bloomers so far .... oooops!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, ours was very relaxed and quiet, just what we needed after a busy week. Isabelle has another 2 teeth so that makes 8 now and there are several at the back that are giving her real trouble. Sleepless nights for mummy, daddy works the night shift so it's a little tough on them and hubby and i have been over there helping out a couple of evenings/nights this week. As i said to my daughter 'welcome to the parent club, it doesn't get any easier as they get older' i'm sure you all have tales of sleepless nights over the years with your own children.


Pumpkin said...

Great finishes Julie!

Gee, she sure learns fast doesn't she? I wish I did. LOL!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend :o)

Kathy Ellen said...

You have been very busy with your SAL's. I love the beautiful Heartfelt and Sampler Girl designs. Your new stitcher has made beautiful progress on her blanket!

I hope that your weekend has been nice, and that you have been able to do a little stitching. How nice of you to help our your daughter with little Isabella.

Maggie said...

Great finishes Julie, especially like what you've done with the little babushka stitching.
My daughter Stevie was always fascinated by these little dolls, we managed to find her some a few years ago the first time we went to Prague, even though she was probably a little too old for dolls she though they were great :-)

You new stitching group member is a fast learner! The blanket is fantastic, i'm sure her boyfriends mum will be thrilled with t :-)

Have a good week (i think it's been a looooog month, it seems like it's already the 40th of Jan, lol)

Maggie said...
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Lesleyanne said...

Great finishes Julie. Love the challenge and card. Great progress on your Sampler Girl SAL. Rhia's crochet looks great.

Christine said...

Great finish on the challenge piece Julie, and a lovely card.
Your JA is growing nicely. I'm glad your lady has her bloomers on, it would be quite scandalous otherwise ;)
Your friend's first attempt at crochet is very impressive

Barb said...

What a busy little Julie you have been this month. Super challenge piece and card and well I am so pleased your lady has remembered her bloomers if nothing else!!
Gosh Rhia has done a remarkable job , I am sure it will be so well received.
Oh poor Isabelle teeth are miserable whenever,coming during and going. Hope things improve soon and parents are able to sleep.

Fee said...

Hi Julie,
Have been reading your blog for a bit but not ever commented so now am turning over a new leaf! Love your card very nice and I see you stitch with Barb, such lovely designs, Take care,


Sally said...

Beautiful finishes and your Sampler Girl piece is looking lovely. You really must get the lady dressed though or she'll catch a chill in this cold weather!!

Wow Rhia did a great job on the blanket! She learnt really fast.

Kate said...

You've been busy Julie. Great finishes on your Monthly Challenge and card both are lovely. Sampler Firl piece is looking great too.

jane said...

Lovely stitching Julie, a great idea to re-use that basket.
That is an impressive crochet blanket for a beginner.
Hope Isabelle is feeling better soon, I remember how it felt to be up all night with a teething baby.
, it's great that you can help out.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Julie its not me sending the cold weahter. We're still above normal for this time of year... which means we're under a freezing rain warning! When I last looked outside it was snowing... again. I'm not going to look forward to chipping the ice off of my car tomorrow if it does really freeze rain.

Your box and card are just lovely!

Carol said...

Isn't it nice to pass along your love of stitching to the younger generations, Julie? Rhia's blanket is just beautiful! And I love your latest card and the basket topper--very cute!

Hope little Isabelle has an easier time with the rest of her teeth :)

stitcheranon said...

I love the blanket ane well done with the stitching..when I was little I was always fascinated by the little dolls when I was little. Thank you so much for the card and butterfly which arrived today. I am not feeling the best so it was lovely to get something which made me smile..set me up for the day ;-)