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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Highs and lows....

I live in a very multi cultural city. There is always a celebration going on and this weekend was no exception.

The Chinese new year was celebrated on Saturday with dragon dancing at the Market Corner. (pic from the Leicester Mercury)

Out with the year of the rabbit - which was my year - and in with the year of the dragon. Which Chinese animal are you? Happy Chinese New Year to foreign visitors.

Friday i was having a blog catch up session and arrived at Lucy's Attic 24 blog. There was a pic of an empty tuna fish tin, a hook and some wool and she was asking ladies to guess what she was doing. The only thing i could think was that she would be covering the tin, but i had no idea why, so i posted that my brain would be wondering all day what she was up to, but my guess was a covering for the tin. I left the computer some time later to do some housework jobs (i know bad naughty word to crafters lol) but returned with a cuppa for a break. On opening my emails, i was so excited, i had an email from Lucy herself. Happy heart-skippy moment when i read that i was right and she had kindly added a preview pic of what she had been making for me to see. Feet stamping on the floor with excitement, i had to stop myself opening the window and shouting to the world "I had an email from Lucy" I loved the covers she had made for her tin and decided there and then that my little pot of daffs could do with being taken out of the old cat food bowl that they were standing in and being put into something a little more crafty.

Tuna fish for sandwiches for us and i whipped up this by guesswork and embellished it with some buttons and crochet leaves. It could have done with being a little taller and maybe a couple of stitches smaller to get a tighter fit, but for a first attempt i am happy with it. Lucy has now put up a proper 'how to' tutorial and lots of pics of the ones she has made, so i will follow her expert instructions and make myself another one at some time.

Thanks Lucy for taking time to email me, you have no idea how happy i was on Friday and i wished i could explain to all the shoppers when i hit the supermarket why this strange woman had a silly grin on her face all day.

The dizzy heights of happiness on Friday were to be stamped out on Saturday by the news on the death on one of my stitching club ladies. She was given the all clear from cancer in late autumn but it seems that this was not to be and she was taken into hospital earlier this month and unfortunately at 74 her body was too weak to continue with treatment. Joan was a wonderful stitcher and knitter and has made some amazing things over the years i have known her. She was the winner of the handicraft category at last years fruit and veg show with her stitch-a-photo of her 5 grandchildren. God Bless you Joan you are going to be very much missed.

MY RR is all ready to fly the nest.

Here's Page 8 from my design, Debbie Draper Designs - My Little Book of Stitches, i wont see this again until it returns to me mid September. Safe travels little robin.

Wednesday last week i did take The Sampler Girl with me to the stitch club and managed quite a bit of stitching. We had a visitor. One of our ladies has a friend who has a visitor over from Tobego for 6 months and she is a crafter and wanted to come and see our group and join in. She brought some wonderful hand embroidery that she was doing and told us all about life in Tobego and the craft groups she attends. It was a very interesting evening for us. Hopefully Esther (thats her name) will join us again this week.

I've also finished off this months challenge this week, but as reveal isn't until the weekend i can't share that with you yet.

My blogoversary gift has arrived safely with Carol. I received a lovely email today to let me know.

As you probably guessed by the shape of the wrapped up secret parcel, i had made one of my bunny's. I knew Carol's favourite colour was blue, so thats the choice i made for her.

She just needs Carol give her a name. I think that makes over 50 bunny's that are out in blogland now.

Happy crafting, i hope you are all having a lovely week. Here in the UK the weather is yeuck... rain, rain and more rain and the temps are nowhere near what they should be right now, whatever happened to winter this year?


  1. your tin looks beautiful! i love the weeny beads you've added, what a sweet touch.
    Lovely visiting with you


  2. What a brilliant idea..wonder if you can do something cross stitchy with such a tin...will have a think. Lovely julie. great piccies too xx

  3. I saw those tins on Lucy's blog too, and yours is lovely. I was worried that they would have enough of a residual tuna smell to attract the cats, but since you don't mention it I guess not.
    Great stitching too, and another gorgeous bunny

  4. I will be going in a bit to have a look at lucy's blog.
    Great idea, but the smell of tuna(as it never leaves) would attract the cats!! LOL
    Wow over 50 bunny's in the world!! You have made many a crafter happy with your bunnies!!
    I love the Debbie Draper LBOS, I love the colours you have chosen!
    Sorry to hear about your friend. (hugs)

  5. A lovely bunny. A great idea to cover the tin. Your stitching is gorgeous. Sorry to hear about your friend.

  6. Good job! Happy New Year's!

  7. Fab plant pot cover , and love your RR too .
    Sorry about the loss of your friend , she sounds like a lovely woman who will be missed.
    Great bunny.

  8. I loved the tins on Lucy's blog and yours is equally lovely. Your RR is great, an inspired choice of design.
    So sorry to hear the news about your friend, sounds as though a lot of people will miss her.

  9. what a great idea for an empty tuna can!! Recyling at it's looks great...
    as does the stitching..oh my!!! those words are so pretty the way you stitched them!
    And you are still making your bunnies!>!>! Good for you!!!

  10. Wow 50 bunny's thats a lot of knitting!
    Love your tuna can cover,so i guess if you are going to make more you need to keep eating Tuna it's a good job you like it lol
    Love your TSG will have to kit one up soon before i get withdrawel symptoms
    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend
    Take Care

  11. I'm a bunny too like you Julie. Thanks for the recent comments. I so appreciate them! How exciting to get that email from Lucy. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your friend.

    What a cute bunny! I love seeing these on your blog. 50 bunnies, wow!

  12. Julie I know exactly how that feels when a "special" person comments on your blog or sends an email. Well done on the tin holder but ewwww I do not like fish and I do not crochet .................
    Perhaps you ought to ask the question where are you now to all your bunny holders ,the latest is as gorgeous as all the others.
    Will have to check what year I am ,I think of all things I am a rat but will see.
    Need to send you mail so will do that later . Hugs to you on the loss of your friend .

  13. Love the tin holder, what a great idea, although my cats would have it in shreds in seconds! Sorry to hear about your friend. I love your little bunnies, it would be interesting to see where they have all ended up.

  14. I love your tin cover Julie. It is so pretty and a fantastic idea too.

    Lovely progress on Jane and your RR is really pretty.

    Aww what a cute little bunny you made for Carol. Mine is keeping watch as I type :)

    So sorry to hear about your friend {{{{{hugs}}}}}

  15. I am so enjoying my dear bunny, Julie! Thank you again for sending her to her new home across the pond and for making her blue!! She is so to come up with a lovely name! I feel like a new mother again :)

    Your tin cover is lovely--I follow Lucy's blog, too. Such great ideas!

    Oh, dear, to lose a wonderful stitching friend must be terrible. I'm so sorry. I'm sure her memory will live on in the wonderful pieces she created.

    Thanks again, Julie--and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  16. Oh my, Julie, a lot of life happenings in that post, so sorry about your stitchy friend, hugs to you all.

    I love the tin pot holder, very clever doing it before the tutorial!

  17. What a treat Julie, a beautiful jolly crochet tuna tin, lovely stitching and the most gorgeous bunny, I used to knit lots of little toys years ago but don't seem to find the time sorry to hear about the passing of your friend, I'm sure you made lots of memories together to keep and hold in your heart.

    Have a lovely weekend, (in spite of the rain). xx

  18. I'm so sorry about your friend. :(

    The tin cover is DARLING! When I saw Lucy post about those last week I swear I was this --><-- close to flying off to the craft store for some crochet hooks and a book on HOW to crochet because those are SO stinking cute.

  19. DH and I are year of the Pig :o( I wish I was year of the Rabbit! LOL!

    What a neat idea! Brilliant job Julie.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend :o( ((((HUGS))))

    Your stitching is lovely as always and it's nice to see another bunny go out into the world ;o) I have mine sitting near me where I can see her every day.

  20. Love the tuna tin I wonder will salmon tin be ok as I hate tuna and I don't have a cat anymore, so don't buy it..(ahh..I wonder if my Nell would like it??LOL)
    It is very pretty indeed... well done Julie. Thank you for all the times you visit and leave a comment on my blog..
    Happy Stitchy wishes... hope you're really well.
    Chris xxxx

  21. I just saw this sweet bunny over on Carol's blog. ADORABLE!! What a precious gift!!



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