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Monday, 27 February 2012

Challenge reveal time again

A lovely sunny weekend, it was wonderful to see my crocus bulbs open up fully as i drove onto my driveway.

The snowdrops are just about to open too although my daffodils are still little buds.

It wont be long till i look out of my window and see a sea of yellow loveliness brightening my day.

Spring is definately on it's way .... yippeee!!

A treat to celebrate our anniversary and DH had booked us seats to see Calendar Girls at the theatre.

He took the afternoon off on Wednesday and we went to the matinee performance. It felt a bit naughty him being off work and us having a fun afternoon out midweek. It's ages since i've been to the theatre and i do love it. The performance was very funny and well acted, we both enjoyed it very much. Has anyone else seen it whilst it's been on tour?

February challenge reveal

This month the design was from Happiness is cross stitching.blogspot. There were two designs to choose from, a little kitty or the love freebie. The album can be seen here.

I made mine into a felt stuffed heart and gave it to my daughter as we babysat Isabelle whilst she and her partner went out for a meal for the evening to celebrate Valentines day. I thought it would be a nice reminder for her of the evening out.

A quiet weekend, DH was making the most of the sunshine and good weather and was in the garden and i sat in the conservatory and finished off Isabelle's cardigan. I also completed the stitching on the spring exchange piece, just need to make that up now and then get it into the post to my partner. It's a secret exchange so no reveal till we all open our envelopes next month.

Clare has finished her page on my RR and you can see it on her blog. Thanks Clare, it looks great. I've sorted threads for Jaclyn's which i have and it's waiting on the frame for my attention later this evening.

An extra day this month being a leap year and it will be the anniversary of DH's fathers passing, its strange being on a day that only comes round once every four years.

Live well, laugh often and love much

p.s don't forget if you are a member of The Stitcherhood and want to be in with a chance of the travelling pattern coming to you, please comment on the post below.


  1. aww very sweet finishes..the heart is so cute and the cardigan is super beautiful..
    love for you xx

  2. Pretty heart finish
    Isabelle's cardigan is so adorable, she has one terrific grandma
    You and hubby are so naughty for have a joyful day, lol

  3. Isabelle's carny is so pretty :-)

    The theatre trip sounds like it was fun, it always feels special and more of a treat somehow when you go to these things on the afternoon - glad you had a good time, i've only seen the film unfortunately.

    The weekend was beautiful here too at the weekend, unfortunately it all changed today, back to grey skies and rain for us today

  4. I can't wait to see my spring flowers sprouting! What a sweet cardigan ~ love the pink (having three boys, I don't get to see much pink). And your day out ~ they are fun to sneak in every now and again, aren't they!

  5. What a sweet cardigan for your granddaughter! I just love the color!

  6. Great challenge piece Julie and the cardigan is beautiful.

    Glad you had a good time at the theatre, that's one I'd like to see

  7. Your challenge piece is gorgeous. Love Isabelle's cardi. Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon out. Can't wait for my spring flowers to come out.

  8. Great challenge finish Julie, and Isabelle's cardi is gorgeous.
    The theatre trip sounds like fun, I loved the film, I imagine it made a fabulous stage show. "We are going to need considerably bigger buns"!

  9. That cardigan is adorable! Well done on the finish, I didn't even start mine :0(
    Oh you both deserve a bit of time to enjoy the finer things in life!
    I must remember to plant some bulbs for next year I always forget!

  10. ooooooooooo not a member lol..what stitcherhood rofl. With it as always. Blooming chickens have eaten my daffs and crocuses but it is lovely to see yours. Lovely finishes, well done. The heart is beautiful. xx

  11. Oh, Julie, Isabelle's latest cardigan is just exquisite!! Your knitting is amazing!!

    I'll bet your visit to the theater was great fun :)

    Hope your weather stays sunny and warm--spring will be here soon!

  12. Hi Julie,
    Had to pop in and say oh super duper cardi for Izzy and lovely heart finish too. Loverly crocus ,we have had daffs snowdrops and violets out for ages but then we have been free of snow . The birds are very active too soon be nesting building has already started.

  13. Lovely! I saw some Heather here the other day but we are still far from seeing a crocus.

    I didn't realize this show was in theater. Glad you had a great time :o)

    The cardigan is so precious Julie! Well done. And your stuffed heart looks great!

  14. Wow Julie...that little cardigan is so sweet and I am sure that Isabelle will look adorable in it! What a nice thing to have my the NH challenge piece for your daughter to remember her night out.

    Spring is showing itself here in Holland too. I just hope our extreme frost did not kill too many plants. We see some that will have to be replaced but have hopes others will perk up. Your crocuses are beautiful!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  15. I've got some snowdrops out and I noticed this morning that my daffs are in bud too. You watch it'll be freezing again next week but at least they will used to it!

    Love your Love finish and the cardigan is adorable.

  16. Your heart pillow is so beautiful. Lovely gift idea
    x catherine


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