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Friday, 11 November 2011


I'd like to share with you this beautiful poem written by a local 10 year old schoolgirl called Georgia

Great memorials are set in stone now to commemorate the injured and the dead

World War Two was hard and painful, many tears were shed

This is how my poem goes, both pain and happiness it shows...

In 1939 the start of the war was declared, many people hopeful, many people scared

Most women were used to baking a cake and cleaning the home

now they were making a gun, World War Two had truly begun

Ferocious fights and beastly battles...

It wasn't a fairy tale, there weren't any castles

But it came to an end, the blood, sweat and tears were shed

Many husbands, brothers, fathers lay on the battlefield dead.

When for two minutes you stop and think, although to us it is just a blink

compared to the wars where our soldiers fought, let us think how much it has taught

How countries can unite

How friendships can be made

How wrongs can be put right and all fears be allayed

So on Remembrance Day wear your poppy with pride

For all the soliders alive

and for the ones that have died.

God Bless them all


  1. That's a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing that Julie - simply lovely

  3. That's a lovely poem Julie, thanks for sharing x

  4. Julie Thankyou for sharing this with all , and also to the young lady who had the insight to write it.
    We will remember


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