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Sunday, 6 November 2011


Every Saturday morning i go along to the local church to meet up with friends. They are trying to raise money for improvements to the bell tower and one of the church wardens came up with the idea during the Spring of having a Saturday breakfast cafe to do this. He is the chef there and with his family provide the staff for the morning.

It's a fantastic morning, there are people from the local community there that i only see on a Saturday, friends from the stitch club and Amy comes along with Isabelle too. We enjoy a beautiful cooked breakfast and are waited on by two lovely ladies. It's my little treat of the week and there is no rush to get you to leave as soon as you have eaten, a truly friendly and happy place to spend some time.

This Saturday four of us went on to another local church after our breakfasts. It was having a Christmas Craft Fair with things for sale that the church ladies had made to raise funds for their Baptist church

I asked some of the stall holders if i could take some pics to share with you.

You wont see these beauties on the pics as i snapped them up as soon as i arrived, so pretty and something that i would like to be able to do myself. Maybe one day, perhaps next years learning project, need to find a pattern for them first though. I was quite surprised at the price they were charging for them though, it was nothing considering the amount of time i knew that had gone into making them. Very talented ladies who can crochet these lovely things with such thin thread.

I've been asked to make something for the Christmas Bazaar that is being held at the Community Centre in early December. Everyone who uses the centre has been asked to donate something to raise funds for the coming years activities that are organised by the Events Group Committee.

One lady at the stitch club has made baby cardigans. Another has been busy making sets of mittens for children. I decided i would make 6 ornaments as my contribution. I've stitched all 6, traditional designs and here are the first 3 i have made up this weekend.

Seeing the price for the lovely crochet ornaments i bought yesterday got me thinking though, if the organisers ask me how much i think each one shoud be priced what would i say? I dont usually stitch to sell.

How much do you think is a reasonable price for a handstitched ornament? How much would you pay for one? I know it's different when you are a crafter, you expect to pay a little more as you know the time and effort that has gone into something handmade, but not everyone appreciates that do they and i do want them to be sold on the day. I would really appreciate your help in deciding what to charge, thank you.

This weekend here in the UK it was Bonfire night - November 5th throughout Britain, we commemorate the capture of Guy Fawkes with bonfires and fireworks, and by burning an effigy of Guy. There were lots of celebrations both on Friday and Saturday night this year. DH and i stayed home both nights as Mr Moe is petrified of the loud bangs and whizzes. We did have our own little bonfire in the sitting room though as we lit the open fire for the first time this year on Saturday night. Both my kittys were very grateful and settled down in front to get nice and toasty warm. I hope all those that went to celebration had fun and enjoyed themselves.


  1. Julie it sounds to me like the perfect Saturday, breakfast out (my fav. meal to have out) and a wander around a craft fair!

    You did a beautiful job on your ornies I've always thought if someone asked to buy one of mine I'd charge $10-15.

  2. What a fab day out and piccies Julie. Your ornaments look great xx

  3. That certainly sounds like such a fun treat!

  4. Some lovely stuff at the craft fair Julie.
    Your ornaments are lovely, but realistically I wouldn't expect people to pay what they are worth at a Christmas Bazaar, I've never quite understood the mentality whereby someone will merrily fork out a fiver on tombola tickets to win a bottle of Panda Pop but won't pay two or three quid for something beautiful, handmade and unique

  5. Thank you for seems a great idea and has certainly made me feel all xmassy

  6. Sounds like a great way to start a Saturday morning Julie! There are usually some lovely things at these local craft fairs, as far as how much to charge for your ornies, like Christine said people have trouble forking out for things, but don't sell yourself short!

    We heard lots of fireworks going off last night, a few tonight too. My two kitties are not too afraid but i didn't let them out in the garden just to be on the safe side.

    I loved your comment on my blog about my DH surprising me one of these days with a lovely cooked meal, i can live in hope, we have been married 25 years this year and it hasn't happened yet, lol - oh well, at least he is helping out more with housework than he used to, i can't have everything at once :-)

    Have a great week x

  7. Sounds and looks like a lovely day you had.

    I would sell cross stitched ornaments anywhere from $8.00 on up depending on the size.


  8. Such a great day you've had Julie. Lovely ornaments you've made and thanks for sharing all the pics. Sorry can't help about prizes as i haven't sell any ornament.

  9. Wow! Wish I could have been there!

  10. Sounds like a lovely Saturday morning you had.

  11. Julie I am on my way to sit in front of your real fire with Mr Moe and Midge.
    The bazaar looks super and oh I love just love the Holly and the Ivy. Have a plan for that one - where did you get the pattern could you e mail me ?
    As for price it is so difficult. we know how much time and effort goes into these things. I think the H&I one should be more as it looks expensive, the bell one has extras on it too. I feel maybe £6.99 for the ones that have more on and maybe £4.99 for the fc one. Depends on prices of other things as to if you could get more or just acccept less.
    Sorry just got to be your decision I guess.
    I used to struggle when i sold beading , why do people think at a craft fair or bazaar it is going to be cheap.
    loads of hugs
    and luck

  12. Looks as though there were super things at the Christmas Fair.. I love to browse round these. Lovely to see the home msde items. Sounds as though you had a great morning.

    Chris xx

  13. Great pics!!! What a super bunch of crafty treasures!

    As far as pricing, hmmmmm... I would say I would pay between $15-$20 for a hand done cross stitched ornament? Heck, I pay $20-$25 all the time for hand-dyed sock yarn that you are only going to get ONE pair of socks out of - and *YOU* have to do the work. lol That certainly seems comparable in my mind so I'm just kinda programmed to buy hand done items in that price range. If you want my opinion as someone who sells stuff online though, I think you can't go wrong with a price range under $15. Most everyone has $10 to spend on a pretty once and again, you know?

  14. How nice to see the many crafts being sold at the fair, Julie--lots of talented ladies there!

    I've never sold an ornament although I've been asked to--just not sure what to ask. I think between $10 and $25 depending on the amount of finishing that goes into it and the complexity of the stitching. Good luck :)

  15. Congratulations on what sounds (and looks) like absolutely marvelous fun. I love you breakfast fundraising plan-- such a great scheme.

    As for pricing at craft fund raisers. I've found you have to give up pricing knowing how much time of yours went into the making. At shows here they tend to be $2-5 -- most people spend 3 to 4 times that much on single commercial ornament, but if someone else makes them in their living room they become merely cute. Maybe if we sititched "numbered limited edition" on the back we could get a better reception? :)

  16. What a fun thing to do. I went to my first Church Tea last year and it was great! Felt like a true lady ;o)

    Oh lovely! I have no idea what to ask for things like that Julie. I know what you mean about the time you put in but I don't think you can ever recover that part :o( Good luck!

  17. Your ornaments are just lovely, Julie. Of course no one wants to pay what they are really worth but I'd think you could get 6 or 8 pounds each.

  18. Lovely photos Julie. There are some gorgeous things there.

    I wouldn't know what to charge for ornaments but as someone else has said don't sell yourself short as your finishes are gorgeous.

  19. Sounds like a fun day.

    I don't know what to tell you about a price. Sadly, if you want them to sell you have to go with a low price.

  20. For some reason I had missed this post before. as for prive I think £2.50 is a realistic price, I know it wouldn't cover the time and costs, but myself knowing what goes into making one would pay £4 for a small ornament. I do hope they sell well whatever price you put on them.


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