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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Today is reveal day for the monthly challenge at Needlecraft Haven.

I've seen this little freebie from Primitive Hare stitched a few times this month. All have been finished so differently and beautifully. You can see the ones in our challenge in this months album, not quite as many as usual, but some are added later if time does not permit a finish before reveal day.

I saw this spiders web in the local supermarket, complete with rubber glow in the dark spider with sucker on the back. The perfect thing to fix on my little ornament which is stitched over one on a grab bag piece of purple 28ct evenweave and finished with orange ric rac braid.

It's stuck on my kitchen window, but unfortunately it wouldn't photograph nicely, so i took it down to get a better pic.

I was lucky enough to win the draw on Christine's blog for a patchwork pear she had made using a pattern in Mollie Makes magazine and this week it arrived. It is wonderful and so beautifully made. Thank you so much Christine for the lovely parcel, i adore the crochet flowers that you included together with the apples and pear thread.

Another envelope had me all excited when it arrived too.

My son had ordered something for me.

The JCS 2011 Ornament Edition arrived from the US. Who would have thought he listens to places i visit to purchase stash sometimes and he must have overheard me telling DH that i really wanted to obtain a copy for my collection this year.

There are a lot of lovelies this time, and i think that next years ornament a month collection will all be coming from this one edition. It is looking well browsed and it's been here less than a week already!

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween by sharing a smile from my two girls.

Isabelle was happy to oblige with a nice smiley dimple faced grin this week when she came for a visit with her mum.

She is definately doing a good impersonation for halloween of Count Dracula when she grabs your finger and tries to bite down on it with her new two top teeth, that makes a set of four now.


  1. baby Isabelle is too darn cute. I always told DH that if we had another girl I wanted to name her Isabelle.

    I love the way you finished your Halloween challenge. I also noticed that your drinking glasses in the dish-rack look just like mine and possibly your plates. My plates are the Blue Willow china plates.


  2. A great Halloween finish, and i love the spiders Webb too!!

    What a lovely photo of Isabelle and your daughter, Isabelle is really growing fast.
    How great the your son bought you the magazine! - just goes to show that men do pay attention to what we say sometimes, lol

    Have a good week x

  3. A beautiful finish. Thank you for the link I missed this one. A gorgeous photo of Isabelle and her mum. Great gifts received.

  4. Your daughter and granddaughter are beautiful!

    You've had some wonderful mail!!!

  5. You are very welcome Julie.
    Great finish on the challenge piece and an adorable picture of Isabelle

  6. Great and creative job on the monthly challenge Julie!

    What a lovely group of items from Christine.

    Your Granddaughter is adorable, she has your daughter's eyes for sure!

  7. Great finish on your challenge piece and that web is fantastic for displaying it.
    Lovely package from Christine especially the pear.
    Isabelle is absolutely adorable.

  8. Awww...what a precious smile Isabelle has. How you must love being a grandmother, Julie :)

    Enjoy those nice gifts--hope to see some pretty ornaments stitched from the JCS issue in the future on your blog!

  9. A darling spooky finish, Julie!

    Happy Halloween!

  10. Your Halloween finish is really good Julie. Love the spider's web!

    Lovely package from Christine.

    How lovely of your DS to get you the JCS ornie mag. There are some gorgeous ones in there this year.

    Aww Isabelle is such a sweetie.

  11. Isabelle is adorable! How sweet of your DS to get you a copy of new JCS magazine! Lovely gifts from Christine too. :) Enjoy your new stash!

  12. Beautiful pic of your daughter and granddaughter.
    Cute halloween finish!

  13. What a gorgeous photo of mum and Isabel, she is certainly a cutie.

    Chris xx

  14. Opps sorry Julie I didn't spell Isabelle correctly..

    Chris xx

  15. Cute finish Julie :o)

    Awwww! That was SO sweet of your son!

    Isabelle as Dracula...LOL!

  16. Congratulations on winning the sweet little pear and lovely crocheted pastel flowers from Christine.

    Your little Isabelle is adorable, and so photogenic too!

  17. congratulations on winning a gift from Christine, wonderful pear and crochet flowers

    Love Isabelle's smile, she is so cute and a very proud Mum has a lovely smile too

    What a very thoughtful Son you have


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