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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hooky happenings

It's that time of the year when we are all making secret projects for friends and family. I've too have been busy but i do have a couple of things i can share share with you.

This crochet cushion is for a family member. A plain granny for the back and 9 mini ones for the front, embellished with 9 brightly coloured flowers (flower pattern by Lucy @ Attic 24)

I loved making this one, the buttons i found in my box, a perfect match i thought. I think i am a loose crocheter as you can see the cushion insert through the holes but it still looks fantastic.

One major problem when this one was finished, DH is most upset that it's not for us and that i am giving it away! Here we go again, same old thing, he always wants what is not for us just lately. As i pointed out it's far too late now to be saying these things and i will have to go and hide when crafting in future if he doesn't stop putting the guilt trip on me for giving stuff away he likes.

A little stitching too, my neighbours daughter is getting married on Friday this week. Just a small wedding, but i thought it would be nice to make a little card to celebrate the occasion.

A simple design with just the names and date added. I had the card in my stash already. I seem to be saying that a lot recently, amazing what you find when you have a sort out and put stuff away.

Are you all organised for Christmas?

To be honest, my brain is still not thinking in terms of the festive season, how can it be when i step into the garden and see a rose in bloom and my fuschia is still flowering lovely, very strange indeed.

Venturing down the garden you get accosted by a new addition that has come to live next door, meet Jasper, he is such a little sweetie and desperate for someone to play with outside in the windy conditions we have been experiencing.

I'm sure he thinks we are his second home as he is always trying to sneak inside with my boys. He is adorable though and so cuddlesome and cute.

Thursday is December 1st and that means i'll be able to open my secret Christmas ornament that has arrived here, how exciting! I'll also be able to reveal what i stitched and who i sent mine to. Christmastime does bring exciting and happy things to a stitcher doesn't it.

Wishing you happiness in your life ...


  1. Lovely cushion at your DH,maybe you make him his own one for Christmas
    AAWW lovely cat he's got unusual markings
    Hugs xx

  2. Julie you've made some lovely hookey gifts there! Your hubby is right to want to keep them, and what compliment to your work that is!

    Lovely little wedding card.

  3. Gorgeous cushion Julie, no wonder your DH wanted to keep it.
    No. Not ready for Christmas at all, can't believe it's going to be December in a couple of days...

  4. I am standing right behind the DH Julie the cushion is lovely and would look really nice reclining in the stitchy chair next to a certain crocheted bag!lol.
    Love the picture of Jasper ,has Treacle moved.
    They certainly know Auntie Julie will give them a tidbit or two.
    Iknow what you feel about the garden and the festive season being soon upon us.
    Looking forward to seeing all the ornies.
    Nice little card too.

  5. What a lovely cushion Julie,no wonder he wants you to keep it!! LOL Aww what an adorable kitty. Makes me scratch behind his ear!!

  6. forgot to add that the stitching is lovely too!!

    Yes I am ready for christmas and looking forward to it this year!!

  7. beautiful finishes, just gorgeous! I am not very xmass yet..hopefully after the 1st I will get in the mood. It is made harder by the strange nature neighbours still have sweet peas!

  8. Love that cushion Julie - not surprised that your DH wants to hang onto it. Great celebrations card.
    We're not ready for Christmas but we will be - eventually.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog - for some reason when I try to reply to you it brings up someone else's email address! Quite frustrating.

  9. Gorgeous crocheting. I think it is great your husband wants to keep them. Lovely wedding card.

  10. Love your cushion Julie. You will have to make one just for you now. I do feel quite organised this year but it does always fly by, doesn't it? Cute cat. They do that. Have second homes. x

  11. Love the crochet cushion Julie! you will have to make another one to satisfy your DH!
    I'm fairly organised for Christmas, still a few things to get but i can order then on-line, avoid the crowds, lol. I just finished putting up my decorations in the dining room too, so all is starting to look festive around here :-) I will put the tree up in the sitting room on Thursday, too much to do all in one go!

    I still have a couple of roses too, never thought about it really but i suppose it is a bit strange, mind you, this afternoon the heavens opened and we had a right good downpour!

    Love your cute new friend :-) Don't you boys mind that he comes into your garden? We have a black cat comes and visits often but my two girls hate it when he comes, i feel sorry for him because he seems to be outside an awful lot.

    Have a good rest of the week x

  12. everything looks great, as always!!! Oh, how I wish I could see flowers if I went outside...
    we got blanketed with at LEAST 6 inches of snow last evening...

  13. Lovely cushion Julie, really pretty no wonder your DH wants you to keep it....x

  14. Such a pretty cushion, Julie--and I think that is so sweet that your husband wants one for your own home. My husband barely glances at what I make--that is why all you blogging friends are so special to me :)

    Love the new kitty next-door--he sure looks playful. Enjoy those blooms while you still have them. We've had an extremely warm November here as well (but not a flower is anywhere in sight!).

    ΚΑΛΟ ΜΗΝΑ!!!!

  16. Julie I absolutely love the cushion you made. There's no wonder your DH wanted to keep it. Usually in our house when I make stitched gifts it's Abi who wants to keep them although my DH did say that he hoped I wasn't giving my BBD Peacock Pin Keep away!

    The wedding card is lovely.

    Your new feline neighbour is so cute!

  17. Some fab pictures those crocheted cushions!

  18. You are a gosh darn good hooker! Hehehe. ;^)


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