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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Back from a week away...

A catch up week this week, catching up on chores, laundry, a bit of a blog reading catch up (i still need to do some more of that, i will get up to date on your blog soon if i am a reader). Thats what happens when you have a week away isn't it.

I haven't forgotten about the pics of our trip, we bought a new camera before we went and i still haven't got the foggiest idea how it works properly, DH used it mostly whilst we were away, but as soon as he uploads the pics to the computer i'll share some of them with you.


Finally made up Amy's granny square cushion, this was made using all the odd little bits that get left in the bottom of the wool bag. The front of the second one is almost complete and i hope to get the back done this week especially now that Strictly Come Dancing is back on TV and i really have to be sitting down to watch It Takes Two each evening as well. Any other avid Strictly fans out there? i bet your productivity is much better at this time of the year like mine LOL


Sampler Girl SAL - In The Meadow

A little birdie that was added this time tells me that he thinks i'll have a happy dance with this next week.

There's only a small amount to do in the bottom right hand corner so maybe he's right, i did manage to add the alphabet too this week. Do i get the gold star this week Barb??


When packing for our trip i decided not to take any stitching with me, i took some knitting instead just in case we had time to sit in the caravan in the evenings.

Two 100grm balls of aran is all that is takes to knit this beauty. A self striping wool and so pretty too.

The wool was from a lady at the stitching club. She knitted a hat and mitts for one of her great grandchildren and the mother didn't like the colours so she passed them onto Amy for Isabelle and i used the extra two balls to knit a cardigan to match and finished it off last night (whilst watching Strictly!)

The pattern i have is so worn out you can hardly see the writing, i have knitted this so many times for my own children and many others too. It's a Patons Argyll and the number is 659, but i have been unable to find a link to it. What i did find though was Vintage knitting patterns, i have a few that this lady has for sale that belonged to old family members and have been passed on to me. There are a few more on there that i like too. The vintage patterns seem to be making a comeback.

Thats all the crafting news thats been happening here this week. Next Saturday, i'm off to a meet up with the ladies from Needlecraft Haven in Nuneaton and am really looking forward to seeing them all again.

I hope you are all well and life is being kind to you all.

Take care, love to you all


  1. Lovely cardigan Julie, pretty colours. Looking forward to seeing your photos too.

  2. Gorgeous cardi Julie, such pretty colours, love your crochet cushions too.

  3. Lots done I see, I hope you had a fab holiday!!

  4. The cushion turned out lovely Julie and the little cardi looks great too!

    Glad you had a good week away, look forward to seeing some photos.

    I'm afraid I'm not a fan of strictly (nor x factor)but i do love Downton and will be getting my fix of that tonight and stitching along :-)

    Have a good week x

  5. Lovely cardigan and cushion. Great progress on your TSG sal. Hope you had a lovely holiay.

  6. The cushion is gorgeous Julie, and I don't see what's not to like about the colours of the wool, its gorgeous. I've got some ancient and very fragile knitting patterns too, but they all seem to use such fine wool.
    I know what you mean about Strictly. I get some of my best knitting done in front of that too

  7. Welcome back Julie. I hope you had a lovely holiday.

    I love the granny square cushion you made for Amy and that cardigan for Isabelle is so cute!

    Lovely progress on your JA piece. Looking forward to your HD.

    Have a great time in Nuneaton!

  8. Oh my goodness, I love the colors on that sweet little cardigan! How adorable is that??

  9. Pretty granny sqaures and that cardigan is gorgeous ccolors

  10. Hope you had a nice time away :o)

    Lovely finish! The colors are so bright and cheery.

    I LOVE this little cardigan! Wow...the color is just incredible :o)


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