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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hook, stitch and explore

A little hooky time ...

I now have 30 grannys to make Amy's cushion. 15 brightly triple coloured with the black edge for the front and 15 single coloured with again black edge for the back.

Just need to make an effort and do the sewing up and make it look presentable now, thats the boring bit, a good DVD and an hour or two sitting in the daytime needed, you just can't sew black in the evening with the artificial light.

I happened to be looking at Rachael's hookabilities blog when Amy was here and she noticed the lovely ripple Rachael is working on. Oooh's and ahhhh's and she asked if the second cushion could be a ripple. I've never done a ripple before, but have given it a go, it's growing nicely, a few more rows added since this pic and a couple more colours too.

A little stitching time ...

A monthly ornament for September. This one is for Isabelle. As you can see i've stitched 'Isabelle's 1st Christmas' on it. Amy has a new ornament each year for her tree and this year it's going to be this one.

This little design i'm sure you all know well. It's one of the 2006 12 Blessings of Christmas by Lizzie Kate. These have a very special meaning to me. I lost my dad December 2005 and during 2006 i stitched the Blessings onto one piece of fabric in memory of dad - a very therapeutic stitching project - and gave it to a local hospice and they have it on show each Christmas in their chapel. I thought that as Isabelle is our little angel and my dad is an angel dad it would be most appropriate, some of you might thank thats silly?

Wednesday evenings have been spent in the parlour with Barb and some of the ladies in the Sampler Girl SAL at Needlecraft Haven. I've managed to build a house this month, why is it house stitching/building always seems to take so long? I do find that it seems to take me longer to stitch a house than anything else, is it the same for you? Do you avoid designs that have houses on them for this reason?

A little relaxation time ....

A few days away for DH and i, some quality time hoping to visit places we have never been to before, it's nice to have a little holiday, i'll show you pics of our trip when we return.

Hope you are all well and happy


  1. Oohh ahhh from me too lol Julie.
    Awww bless you doing that in memory of your dad and love Isabelles first ornie .
    Oh I quite agree about houses and now I have got Scrooges house to do on a Monday -I shall have a development soon!
    Love progress on In the Meadow,Julie , are you going to be away for this Wednesdays parlour meeting?
    Have a really good few days away ,be in touch soon.

  2. A lovely ornament for Isabelle. Love the blessings piece you did in memory of your Dad. Great ripples and squares I'm sure they will be great when you have finished. Hope you have a great time away.

  3. I love grannies trimmed in black.

    Lovely ornament for Isabelle and memory of your Dad.

    I'm an odd duck, I like stitching houses.

  4. Lovely hooking Julie,love Isabelles ornie and in the meadow is coming on lovely.I do like stitching houses but agree they take ages to do.
    Have a great holiday
    See you soon xx

  5. Have a lovelt time Julie.
    I am glad to be able to enable you, I am doing another ripple blanket soon. Loving the grannies!!

  6. The grannies are so pretty! Can't wait to see them as a cushion. Lovely knitting and stitching too!

  7. I love the combination of bright colours with black in your granny sqaures, looking forward to seeing the finished cushion.
    Isabelles first ornament is adorable

  8. Absolutely nothing is silly when we remember our mums and dads, Julie, think it is a lovely idea.

  9. It looks like you have been one very busy lady! I love all of those beautiful granny's. Won't Amy be thrilled with her cushion when you stitch it all up!

    I love your sweet "Blessings" ornament, and think that the stitching "Blessings" sentiment on it in memory of Isabelle and your Dad, is wonderful. It's not silly at all.

    It looks like The Sampler Girl SAL is going to be a very sweet little piece too.

  10. Your ornament for Isabelle is lovely Julie. Love all those granny squares too! You are so clever.

    Your JA is looking gorgeous. Hmmm houses! Do you think I'm a glutton for punishment with all those houses on my BBD AotH and now Barb and I are starting the Christmas Carol Stocking with Scrooge's house on it?!!!

  11. What a cute little ornament for Isabelle. That's going to be an amazing Xmas legacy as the years go on. :)

  12. Your needles have been flying!

    What a sweet ornament for Isabelle's first Christmas. I like the idea of you making one each year for her :o)

    Have a great trip and can't wait to hear about it when you get back.


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