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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Septembers here!

Here we are into September, the nights are drawing in and the temperatures have dropped considerably in the daytime. Time to break out the autumnal woollies and wrap up cosy in the evenings.

It's that time of the year when craft projects take off again now we are not able to enjoy outside activities so much.

Not a lot of stitching happening here so far in September, lack of concentration and organisation for the show coming up, thats on Saturday this week, so lots to keep me busy and i really dont want to be frogging what i do manage to do, if any!

Having a little relaxation time in the evenings i have been hooking though. A few little grannies to make into a nice bright cushion for Amy to accompany the throw i made for her at Christmas, you can see it in this post.

Each time i finish one it makes me smile and so happy to see the way the different colours combine, how can hook and wool make something so pretty and satisfying and it does make me marvel at the thought that i can whip up something like this when i only learnt to do this hobby such a short time ago. Big thumbs up to the internet and online buddies for help and encouragement, there are so many sites offering help and support for anyone wanting to learn a new skill.

I did stitch at the end of August and completed the monthly challenge at Needlecraft Haven just in the nick of time with pic sent off to Christine. Other finishes for this design can be seen in the album. This time the chart was by Le Chalet des Perelles and was called Le Temps des Cerises, i made mine into a tin top and will use it to store my spare needles.

Christmas stitching in the summer and i am now back on track with a monthly ornament for August.

I have loved this design for so long and finally its completed. From the JCS ornament magazine 2009 and is called Peace by Blackbird Designs.

Being so small i decided to add a fabric border to make it a little larger, its turned out really nice and will make a great addition to the others i have.

And talking of the others i've stitched this year, i remembered to take a pic of all 7 together, one for each month except July as i didn't do one that month. Maybe i'll be able to get two done one month before we get to Christmas to make the full dozen.

All by different designers and they look so lovely when you see them together. They are to add into Christmas parcels for family and friends, i'm tying to be organised this year and not have the mad rush to stitch/make things later in the year.

Are you starting your Christmas pressie making yet?

DH and i had a lovely drive to the seaside again this past weekend. Relatives have a new caravan at Heacham. A lovely place and we were invited to spend the day with them on Sunday. It was a little chilly and the rain came down in the afternoon but we had lots of fun playing board games inside till the rain stopped and we could walk along the sea front, very bracing but wonderful, i do love the sound of the waves lapping at the shore, there is nothing nicer in my mind.

It's a lovely place to visit and there is so much to do only a short drive away, a good place to holiday. I know of quite a few folks who enjoy this part of Englands coastline.

I was asked a question in a previous post by dooniebabe (i was unable to reply to you personally as there was no way to get in touch) ~ Where did you purchase the melamine square plates ~ They came from BHS (we have a local store close to where i live) and were in the sale when they were clearing out the summer stock last month.

Thanks to all who stop by for a quick read, i do appreciate your comments but i do know how hard it is in our busy lives to find time these days to do this. I am still way behind on blog reading with organising for the show, but hopefully after the show at the weekend i'll have more time to catch up with what you have all been up to and more time to do a bit more crafting myself.

Take care, love to you all


  1. Ooooh I love the crochet. I have been wanting to do something surrounded in black for a while now. The colours just pop. Love your tin top. I have been a bit awol haven't I? A few probs at home at the mo. xx

  2. Well done on your finish, love the crochet, I love black edging as well.
    Kids went back today and I had a lovely quiet day!! lol
    I have actually managed a little stitching will update my blog soon!!

  3. everything looks wonderful Julie!!!! YOu are always so busy!!!
    So glad you & hubby had a nice getaway.....they sure do help, don't they!?!?

  4. Lovely crocheting. it will make a lovely blanket for your granddaughter. A great finish for the challenge. Glad you had a good weekend. Your ornaments look gorgeous.

  5. Lovely ornaments Julie and the crochet looks great, balck edging is very nice.

  6. All of your projects look the pic with all your ornaments together :)

  7. I love all your ornaments Julie. They are so pretty. Love your challenge piece too. I really wanted to get this one done but unfortunately I failed as usual!

    Your crochet squares are beautiful.

    Oooh I know Dooniebabe! I've met up with her a few times a few years ago!

  8. lovely crochet Julie and 2 great finishes too...

  9. Thanks for the link to the little bird freebie, Julie. I just love your tin finish--have yet to try that kind myself. The colors you chose are perfect :)

    It's such a nice feeling to see your collection of hand-stitched ornaments grow, isn't it? Each one is adorable...

    Looks like a lovely drive for you and your husband. What is a caravan? Is it a house? It must be nice to live so near the shore...

  10. Thanks for the freebie link! I've never seen that one before and it's adorable.
    Loving the ornaments! (Though I'm a wee bit jealous too because I've only managed to finish up a couple this year. *sniff*)

  11. It does seem like someone flipped the autumn switch last weekend. Makes me want to get my crochet out and make something snuggly, but I'm sure it wouldn't be as nice as yours. Your montly ornies look great all together like that. I fear I've fallen hopelessly behind with mine this year

  12. I love granny squares edged in black. It really makes the colors pop.

    Still hot here in Tucson. I'm jealous of everyone that gets to enjoy my favorite season, Fall.

  13. Fantastic finishes Julie! Your Christmas tree should be very happy this year :o)


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