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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fruit & Veg Show

The fruit and veg show was a huge success. Lots of new exhibitors this time and the tables were laden with produce and crafting items.

The guy that usually takess the pics for us was not there this year, DH did manage to snap a few before the judges from the Royal Horticultural Society did their best to award prizes - its a hard job and they have 3 years training and a written and practical exam to be able to wear the gold plated badge and have the honour of being allowed to judge at a show.

I am so disappointed though, the ones of the craft table didn't come out so nothing to show my crafting friends of the talents of our local ladies.

Here's the pics DH took of the hall. I'm hoping someone else has some so i'll be able to show you the craft stuff at a later date, i am asking others who attended but so far no luck.

The floral arrangement section was disappointing this time, it usually does so well and the childrens section was also disappointing. One young man was thrilled though that his 'Miniature garden in a standard seed tray' won him a trophy and a 1st place rosette, he had sewn real grass seed over the summer hols and kept it clipped with scissors, pure dedication!

The fruit and vegetables were amazing, we had some guys from a new allotment society entering, they were such fun when they came to sign in and were surprised at the things that had to be done to some of their goodies to make them suitable for showing. Anyone involved with a show like this will know the special requirements that have to be adhered to unless you want to be disqualified with a 'not in schedule' ticket on your beautiful exhibit. I have had that happen to me before and it is so disappointing when you have taken such pride in your exhibit.

Plants and flowers were in adundance and we did well in the cookery section. This includes cakes, fruit pies, jams, marmalades etc. I entered a few things into this one and didn't do too badly. The marmalade that the stitch club ladies love so much won me a 1st place!

All together i was lucky to receive 1 x 1st place, 2 x 2nd place and 2 x 3rd place (Isabelle's crochet bunny was one of these in the handmade toy category).

Dh did somewhat better, he had 3 x 1st place, 2 x 2nd place, and 4 x 3rd place. I must say that we did not enter as much as we usually do this time as we have won the trophys for so many years we both felt it was time for someone new to have a win instead.

One of the ladies from our stitch group won the 1st place in the cross stitch and my Grand Marquoir came 2nd, she was delighted and so was i as it was her first time in entering. She had stitched a 'stitch-a-photo' pic of her 6 grandchildren.

I did remember to get a pic of the prize books with their stitched design on the front for you to see them all together, i took them the day before the show. These are given out with the trophy so the winner had something to keep, one for each category that had a trophy. They looks so lovely all together, i stitched 2 of them and the others were done by the lady who runs the stitch club. The sampler was well received by the Best in Show winner, that went to one of the organisers for her floral arrangement display, so has a good home.

I also entered a hand knitted garment into the show.

I had just finished a new cardigan for Isabelle, here she is modelling it. It looks so much better modelled than on the table!

A beautiful pattern that i borrowed from one of the stitch club ladies, it is a Snuggly Double Knit pattern number 1708, an easy knit but the fringe did give me some trouble to start with till i got the hang of it.

The day of the show was Clare's birthday, i had remembered before hand and sent off a little parcel to her. I made her one of my covered tape measures and as she loves everything French thought part of an old free design by Windy Willows was perfect.

I was asked some time ago to do a tutorial for one of these and very cafrefully took pics of all the stages of putting it together, so i'll put that together for you soon, but silly me forgot to take a pic of the final finish, so i have snagged this one from Clare's blog. I'm pleased you liked it Clare and that you had a lovely birthday.

I am looking forward to getting back to normal now the show is over for another year, even though it is enjoyable it does take up a lot of time nearer to the event and my hobbies do suffer. The nights are drawing in now so plenty of time to snuggle on the sofa of an evening and get crafting, so watch this space for updates of what i have been beavering away at (hopefully - fingers crossed) ......


  1. I'd say it sounds like a successful day! Congrats Julie :o)

    I'm sure Clare will love her gift!

    Isabelle is just too cute in her new cardigan :o)

  2. Wow what a show!! I know all about judges of shows. Some good some not so good.
    Didn't you do well and Mr Macgregor too. I love the pic of Isabelle in her new cardi she will love that fringe!
    I love my tape measure and it sits in my button box and has been well used, in fact I used it to measure Ella the other day she is 4' 11".
    Dil Sue said you are a very clever lady and I had to agree with her.
    Quite agree about Autumn nights , love the crispness of mornings too when we get them .
    Take care sweetie and very well done.

  3. I always look forward to seeing these pics, as we don't have anything local(that I know of) like this!
    That cardi is adorable as is the beautiful model!!
    Lovely gift for Clare.

  4. Sound like a great day! GM certainly is well deserving of a prize, congratulations to you on all you prizes :-)

  5. It looks a fun time at the show.
    Congrats! to you and your DH for places.
    I love the fancy purple cardigan on cutie little Isabelle
    What a pretty gift for Clare
    Take Care!!

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  7. Isabelle looks so precious modeling your beautiful cardigan, Julie--what a lucky girl to have a grandma who is so creative and crafty :)

    Looks like the fair was a lot of fun--those vegetables are truly impressive! I'm sure you'll be glad to have more time to yourself now that it's over, though.

  8. Isabelle looks gorgeous in her cardigan. Looks like the show was a great success. Lovely gift to Clare.

  9. Looks like a great show. I know what you mean about it eating away at your time though. Ours has its 40th anniversary next year so its going to take even more planning than usual for a big celebration show.
    I love the gift you made for Clare

  10. What a nice day and lovely photograph of the gorgeous girl!

  11. A cute picture of Isabelle modelling your lovely cardigan

    Congratulations to you and your DH for all the prizes.

  12. Well done to you and DH for your well deserved wins. It looks like a fantastic show.

    Isabelle looks so sweet in her cardigan. It is so pretty and I love the colour.

    Love the tape measure you made for Clare.

  13. Well done to you and your DH on your triumphs!
    Wow Isabelle has gown so much she is adorable and so is the cardigan!

  14. Congrats on all of your show ribbons!!!! I just love this part of the local fair best - all of the stuff put up for judging. I go through it all, admiring everyone's dedication and skill. It's just a great thing.

  15. Congats on the ribbons. Your granddaughter is adorable.


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