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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tea, cake and a good magazine - what could be better

Visiting a friend last week we got chatting about the price of magazines and value for money in them.

She showed me a house/home mag that she had been buying for the past couple of months, i had a quick look and next time i was in the supermarket i picked up a copy for myself to have a better looksee.

Style at Home is relatively new and at £1.99 for 130 pages filled with information and advice i thought it was really good value and will definately be buying it again.

I thought i'd share some of the lovelies that are inside with you ....

A few pages with ideas to spruce up your home at online sites as well as high street stores

Advice on how to run up a throw on your sewing machine in this issue and a competiton to win £2,000 worth of Next homewares

A 12 page pull-out with recipes and ways to use up ingredients in the store cupboard. This page with different ideas for using crumble mix caught my eye and will definately be filed with my recipe collection

There are loads of different articles about readers homes and ways to help you declutter and style your own home, help and advice about all sorts of things like 100 ways to turn your kitchen-diner into a thing of beauty as well as a functional space.

This lady shared a lovely piece about transforming her office space into a funky area instead of the dark space she had before.

Don't rush out and buy this issue though, the next one is due out 31st August and looks like it will be just as interesting. I'll certainly be dropping it into my shopping basket next time i'm in the supermarket.

Do you have a magazine that you buy regularly and think is good value for money?

Here in the UK we are having our last bank holiday weekend of the year, the weather is not as warm as some had hoped for, but i hope that whatever you are doing this weekend you are having fun with those you love.

Stay safe my overseas readers, i do hope you are not caught up in hurricane Irene


  1. That looks like a great magazine Julie. Thanks for sharing it with us. You see them sometimes and think Naaaaa but it looks good. xx

  2. Looks interesting Julie..must remember to have a look for the next edition -thanks.

  3. I used to buy load of house mags but they got really expensive. I cave in and buy a couple last week, we are having the kitchen done soon and i wanted some ideas.
    Don't you just love the ones showing readers homes? I love a good nosey, lol

    The weather has been pretty awful here too the last couple of days, tomorrow if (supposed) to be better, we'll see!

    Have a good week x

  4. Magazines have gotten too pricey over here. I used to like Taste of Home.

    Hope you have a good weekend too.

  5. A lovely magazine Julie, may have to look that one out for a browse. I love to my the monthly Sainsbury's magazine...only £1.60 a month and crammed with lovely recipes, housey ideas and other stuff too.

  6. That looks like a really good buy Julie. Magazines have got so expensive that I tend not to look!

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  8. Now Julie I am a sucker mags and your glowing endorsement will have me looking out for this one. I do get Ideal Home, mainly for DD as she cannot justify outlay and so I read it and pass it on, I think many of her friends get it after too so I feel I am doing a little to give them a bit of pleasure.
    I subscribe to 3 (oh dear) Country Living which I have had for many many years. Mollie Makes a recent one which is pricey but so nice. I also get Country Homes and Interiors which I love too. Well you did ask!lol.
    Wonder if it is becouse I was never allowed comics as a childI am making up for it now lol.
    Hope your weekend was good too.

  9. Hmm. I don't know about it being a good deal but I've had an ongoing subscription with The Rolling Stone magazine since I was 17 yo. I'm turning forty this year so that's a pretty long time, right? I dont always know/like the musicians they cover at this point (my days of being hip are long over) but their in-depth articles on politics, the wars in the Middle East and human interest stuff are some of the best to had out there. (Seriously.)

  10. I have recently stopped a recent subscription for wocs and The art of crochet, as I was really wasn't looking at them. So I will buy a mag if it looks interesting though.

  11. I love magazines too.. Thank you Julie I think I'll look out for this. I buy Country Houses and Interiors but each month I think... mmmm I 'd love a bigger house to put all the lovely ideas in use!! I paid a fortune for a fitted kitchen 6 years ago and the fashion now is all open shelves!! But then I think I would have to clean and dust the things on them, so perhaps behind doors is a better idea. I shall look out for your magazine when we are next out.
    Hugs Chris x

  12. I don't buy a lot of magazines besides cross stitch ones. We do have a few Canadian ones here that are really good. One is Saltscapes and the other is Harrowsmith.


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