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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Back to normal

A week spent working, catching up on household stuff and visiting family and friends, a nice week but very busy and another week that seems to have whizzed along at breakneck speed.

I owe a couple of ladies emails, but just haven't seemed to find the time to sit and write this week, apologies ladies, hopefully this week i'll get a little note off to you.

I did some stitching though, mojo seems to be returning.

The fruit and veg Best in Show sampler is finished, phew i did breathe a sigh of relief when it went into the frame almost centrally.

It looks fine and i am really pleased with how its turned out this year. I hope the winner is too, i wonder if it will be me again this year, no room on the sideboard so i had better let someone else take it home LOL

We have a local gardening celeb who comes to give out the prizes and auction off the produce at the end of the show and we always give him something handmade as a thank you gift.

This year, i've stitched this little coaster to accompany a gardening themed mug we have for him. Another deadline project crossed off the list.

We also give out books with a stitched front to accompany the winners trophies as the trophies have to be returned each year, so the winner gets something they can keep. One of our stitching club ladies stitches these each year, but this time i have given her a helping hand and done two of them

These are for the Best Flower in the Show, and Best Floral Arrangement. They're stitched on 16ct aida to make them stiffer and will be stuck onto the front of the books. I'll try to remember and take a pic of all 9 books together when they are done so you can see them all.

In the Meadow was out again this week too for the SAL @ NH with Barb and the girls. Aren't i a good stitcher this week! The border is now complete and its time to start house building.

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow is still standing on the floorstand in my conservatory and not a stitch has been put into it for such a long time, i'll get back to that after the Fruit and Veg show. There is such a lot i had intended to make and enter and also a lot to get sorted as a committee member for that now so i'm sticking with other projects till after show day on Saturday 10th September.

Many thanks for all your kind words on the last entry here and for DH for his birthday. He's still spending some time working in the bathroom getting that finished off and also up at the allotment tending his veggies, although i am not sure we'll have much to enter into the show as a lot of things have gone over already this year. I guess it's the same for all other gardeners so we'll just have to see what arrives on the show benches.

Just before i sign off i must tell you, Isabelle has 2 teeth!!

Just 12 weeks old and yesterday when DH and i went to visit she proudly showed off two little pearlies along the bottom when she smiled at me. I'm not surprised as her mum had 2 bottom teeth at this age too, she's growing up so fast, where did 3 months go to??

Take care, keep happy and have a lovely week whatever your plans


  1. What a nice sampler, can't believe you stitch a new one every time! Clever girl with two teeth and Grandpa seems to be a littler happier, lol!

  2. you have accomplished a lot of stitching this week, and all are lovely :-)
    Good luck with the show, hope you come home with more trophies to show us :-)
    Lovely photo of Isabelle with her grandpa too!

    Have a great week x

  3. Lovely stitching Julie, good luck with the show. Love the picture of Isabelle and grandpa.

  4. Beautiful stitched pieces.
    And your little peanut is a cutie, and with two teeth
    Have lots of fun at the show

  5. Lots of pretty stitching. I hope you win.

    Isabelle is very cute. So young to have teeth coming in.

  6. Lovely stitching for the fruit and veg show. Congrats to Isabelle for having two teeth - great photo.

  7. Lovely stitching for the fruit and veg show Julie. Love your Sampler Girl piece.

    I can't believe Isabelle is 3 months old!! She is so beautiful. 2 teeth already!

  8. Great Sampler finish Julie,you have been very busy,.In the meadow is simply lovely. Love the coaster too .
    Well what can I say! that is one very proud grandpa with his princess. Lovely photo of them both,now just have a word with Isabelle she needs to smile now at the camera so we can see the "2" teeth. Bless.

  9. Isabelle is absolutley adorable. Is it hurting her much as her new teeth come in? Your stitching is nice and I like the book covers. Who designed them.

  10. It turned out brilliant Julie!!!! Congrats :o)

    Awww! What a sweet picture :o)


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