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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oh i do love to......

be beside the seaside ......

DH celebrated a milestone birthday on Friday and for the past few weeks he has been real grumpy about the upcoming event. He didn't want a party, he didn't want a cake, and certainly no balloons advertising the fact that he was 60 this time.

DS couldn't resist and just had to get a helium one, we also bought a big choccie cake too in the hopes of lifting the spirits

The actual day went well, friends stopped by for tea and cake, and Amy with her partner and Isabelle were here too.

Amidst the celebrations DH decided hat he really should celebrate this milestone birthday and would i like to go with him to the seaside for the weekend?

YES, YES, YES, WOOHOO!!!! YAY!!!!! fabulous news

A 100 mile drive to our favourite quaint little seaside village of Chapel St Leonards. We love this place and have spent many happy holidays with our children here.

What did we see and do???

Locate a bed and breakfast place to stay the night, busy time of the Summer and most were full up so we ended up in a very old fashioned but clean and tidy place but had to have twin beds LOL

Smell the sea air and take in the beautiful view of the sea, listen to the waves crashing on the shore - perfect!

Eat the picnic lunch i had packed off my new vintage looking melamine plates

Feel the sand between your toes as you walk along the beach

Head up to Chapel Point and look for the tell tale brightly coloured beach huts that span the horizon - i would love to own one of these

Take a break on the steps below the beach huts, have a kit kat and a cuppa, sit and read a book for an hour or two soaking up the loveliness of it all

You've just got to get your feet wet and have a little paddle

Look North and see for miles and miles up the coast

You can't come to the seaside and not have fish and chips out of the paper for your tea

and watch the fishermen setting up in the evening light waiting to haul in a good catch

Time for bed Saturday's been a long day ....

Sunday we woke early and the sun was shining beautifully. After a fabulous full english cooked breakfast we wandered along into the village as there was a craft and gift fair in the Village Hall. Lots of lovely knitting and crochet work on show, and some great paintings by local artists.

A wander round the shops, stopping to look at all the brightly coloured buckets and spades and dream of next year when we can bring Isabelle along to enjoy her first seaside adventure and Grandpa can make sandcastles with her

Sit next to the monument (the bell strikes every hour) and read the Sunday newspapers and enjoy a hot sausage roll and drink. Feel the buzz of excitement as you watch children and their parents heading off up to the beach with everything packed into their bags for a days bucket and spading, windbreaks under their arms and kites for flying and nets for fishing.

Wander along the beach and notice that up at Chapel Point there were flags on the beach huts..... pirates at the point, an invasion of pirates celebrating their annual fun day. Captain Pugwash was there and Jack Sparrow, he was walking along the sand giving out balloon swords to the children, how i wished i had a child to accompany me and get a sword LOL. Lots of fun and laughter and loud piratey music.... yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

We spent a lovely couple of hours sitting reading our books and listening to the music and fun that was being had. Soon the dark weather clouds were approaching and it was time to head for home. Just one more stop before we head off. A trip into Sutton on Sea, only a short drive of about 6 miles north and an old favourite place that i used to holiday in so often with my grandmother, such lovely memories of those times.

Time for another ice cream before we head home

What a lot we packed into our relaxing and restful weekend, we really must do it again soon. We both had a superb time and came home with batteries recharged and feeling wonderful. Not long till DH retires, i wonder if we can move to the seaside when that happens????

Happy 60th Birthday Paul, i am so glad you decided to celebrate your birthday after all!


  1. Awww wonderful. Happy birthday Paul. xx

  2. Perfect, just perfect. Happy Birthday Paul x x

  3. Happy Birthday Paul, What a lovely surprise to go for a weekend by the seaside!!

  4. what a wonderful weekend you nice!!
    That sounds exactly like the type birthday celebration we would pick!!

  5. Happy Birthday Paul. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

    I really miss the fish fries from back home. (sigh)

  6. Wonderful and just what we did my Mike reached the new 40 last Year in November... albeit just for the day in Southend but it was so hot (Nov 1st) we sat outside for coffee and ice creams in short sleeved tops..and we saw seals basking on a sand bank!
    Then later we had fish and chips, Well you can't go to the sea side and not have fish and chips.
    A perfect day for you.. and once he is retired you'll love it JuLie I do.. even though he has computer work some days, we do so much together, its lovely.
    Hugs Chris x
    PS Your birthdays are quite close together.

  7. How lovely! Used to go to the beach at Theddlethorpe when we lived in Nottingham way back when. Beach huts now require a mortgage! Happy Birthday, Paul!

  8. Who can resist fish and chips at the seaside! sounds like a perfect weekend :-)
    Happy birthday to your DH.

    I'm behind on my blog reading so happy belated happy birthday to you too!

    I have been having the same problem as you, low iron levels. I've been on iron tablets twice now, due a blood test in the next week to see if the levels have gone up. Hope yours are working, never come across that name, i have just been taking the regular ones.

    Have a good week x

  9. Oh thanks for sharing pics of your weekend away and the pic of Paul and his icecream. Another lovely memory for the album.
    A lovely post Julie,and if you decide to move to the seaside Julie come to Weymouth.

  10. Your husband's 60th birthday celebration looks delightful, Julie! Thanks for sharing your outing with all of us :)

  11. How fantastic!!!! I was going to comment on the twin beds ;o) LOL! What a fabulous vacation you must have had. Love the pictures and I'm glad your DH decided to celebrate this important milestone. My DH turned 40 this year and he's been bellyaching about it since the first of the year! Oye!

  12. Happy Birthday to him!!! Sounds like a fabulous time was had by the both of you. :)

  13. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate a birthday.
    Many Happy Returns Paul

  14. Happy Birthday to Paul! Your trip sounds wonderful, and the photos were amazing!!

  15. Happy Birthday Paul! What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday with a trip to the seaside. It looks lovely too.

  16. What a great way to celebrate! Happy Belated 60th to your DH!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday to your husband. We were in Chapel St Leonards on Tuesday. We love it there and it was nice to see your photos of a place we love to go. Although we are trying to get our children to broaden their horizons because they only ever want to go to Chapel lol.

  18. Must have been the perfect weekend for both of you. Great pictures.

  19. I usually don't read a whole article but this one had me captivated..your week-end sounded so wonderful, peaceful, fun...I love the shore also and there is no better place to spend down time...As I was reading I could picture all that you did...wonderful time...charlene

  20. Skegness and Mablethorpe - the destination for many Sunday School outings for me in the 60's!! Where did you get the melamine plate from? Love them!!


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