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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Special thank you message

Saturday 30th July was my 48th birthday, i had the most wonderful day spent with family and friends.

My first nanny card from Isabelle and that brought tears to my eyes and lots of lovely gifts received too.

I would like to express my very sincere thanks to the following ladies for their kindness and share with you the lovely cards and gifts i received

Karan made me the lovely scissor holder and included the most beautiful pink pair of scissors together with other goodies and a handmade Karan card. Karen has been busy with her beautiful glass making and made me the gorgeous purple glass bracelet, together with a lovely piece of fabric, needles and bath bombs, she sent me a funny card too which made me smile, and yes Karen, you will always be a little bit older than me LOL

A beautiful skein of thread and some pot pourri from Clare, and Barb stitched me the beautiful pincushion and added some really wonderful pins into the parcel. We all had a giggle here when i opened the bunny card from Seymour bunny, his wife Rose and their 2 little babies (Barb always makes me smile with the antics of her little family of bunnies i knitted for her, you can read about them here) He had written that the girls had pinched his specs so he was not able to keep an eye on Barb and her UFO stitching and apologised for the handwriting in the card as he had been busy all day picking carrots!! They added into the card a guardian angel pin for me which was really lovely.

Angi made me one of her beautiful handmade cards and also a lovely bookmark and Tina kindly sent me a beautiful grab bag of fabric from Polstitches threads. A card also arrived from Fi.

A lovely card from Sally together with a Shepherds Bush stitched pillow and Kathy made me the lovely needlebook with the tiniest needles i have ever seen inside.

Thank you so much ladies for your kindness. The postie called often in the days before my birthday and on Friday he stood at my front door and sang Happy Birthday (the full version) to me as he would be on his day off on the Saturday. He did comment that i had a lot of lovely friends to remember my birthday and said you'll all give him a hernia before too long but he is grateful that you keep him in a job LOL

I have done a little knitting and crocheting. My neighbour went away on hols a couple of weeks ago and i was cat sitting her 7 cats. Her daughter was expecting a baby and unfortunately he arrived early whilst they were away, so they arrived home with an extra little person!

I've knitted the little boy a cardigan and crocheted a car seat blanket for him, i also added other goodies to the parcel i took round. He really is a little smasher and is doing very well for an early baby.

The fruit and veg sampler is finished and a frame has been purchased for it. I'll show you that next time and also the other little thing i have stitched for the show.

Healthwise i have not felt too good for a few weeks, nothing specific, just slow and lethargic (more than i normally am) so at my latest check up at the drs blood tests were done again and it seems i have quite low iron levels.

She prescribed me a course of iron tablets but the ones she gave me are for pregnant ladies called pregaday. I kind of left them on the kitchen table for when DH came home from work, he took one look at them and was speaking in tongues, who, where, how, when etc .... poor chap he really did think Isabelle was about to have an auntie younger than her. I thought about keeping him in suspense as to why i was taking them for a while, but decided to put the poor guy out of his misery and come clean, boy was he relieved, its good to have some fun and laughter in a marriage and we sure have lots of it here.

The bathroom is coming along well and we are now at the painting stage, not long till its all completed, i can't wait. It's been a mammoth job and i really cant wait to see the back of all the dust and muck thats everywhere.

Thanks for dropping in to read my waffles, and thank you again to the kind and lovely friends i have made through the stitching community, i really do appreciate your kindness and value your friendships

Till the next time, take care and stay happy


  1. Lovely b'day gifts
    LOL you tease you, your poor DH!!!!
    I hope the tablets help!!

  2. Happy Belated birthday to you dear friend. I am so sorry. I am absolutely the worst at remembering birthdays. Really bad to my shame. Looks like you had a lot of lovely things through. xxx

  3. Happy belated birthday. I had to laught at your poor postman suffering a hernia somtime due to all your gifts which are absolutely gorgeous. I also laughed at your teasing your husband with your iron tablets. The cardigan and blanket for your next door neighbour's grandson are gorgeous too. I'm sure they were thrilled with them.

  4. Happy belated Birthday1 Each gift is beautiful. The baby things for your neighbor are lovely.

  5. Wonderful birthday presents! And, the sweater and blanket you knitted for the little one are precious!!

  6. Glad you had a nice birthday, there are some lovely gifts there.
    You are cruel to your poor DH, he must have just about had kittens!
    My Dad had a nephew a few months younger than him, people used to ask them at school if they were brothers and they took great delight in putting them right.
    Lovely gifts for your neighbours new baby

  7. So pleased your day was a happy one. You deserve it sweetie.
    Nice goodies you received. What a suprise for your neighbours, hope the cats wont cause a problem .
    Oh Julie I would love to have been a little mouse and seen DH face, oh perhaps not with Mr Moe and Midge about.
    Did make me smile though.Be in touch soon.Hugs.

  8. Too funny about the pills, Julie! I can just imagine your poor husband about ready to pass out!! And I love that the postman sang to you--how special. That would never happen here :(

    Happy Belated birthday to you--lovely gifts from your friends. How special--enjoy :)

  9. So glad you had a lovely birthday Julie. You received some gorgeous gifts. I think it's wonderful that your postie sang Happy Birthday to you:)

    Lol @ your DH. Poor man!

  10. belated Happy Birthday. You received some lovely gifts. I hope the tablets help you.

  11. Lovely birthday gifts from your stitchy friends Julie, sounds like you had a very happy birthday.
    The baby gifts are very pretty too.

  12. Such lovely gifts. I'm glad you had a nice birthday. :)

  13. You definitely had the kind of birthday you deserved - youare always so kind and generous to everyone else :) and what a lovely postie !!

    Hope the iron tablets work - poor DH - haha they deserve a shake up now and then though :) much love x x

  14. I'm SO sorry I missed your birthday! Would you believe that it's on the same day as my DH's? :o) What lovely gifts you received.

    LOL! I bet the look on his face was priceless ;o)

    Beautiful projects you finished.


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