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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fruit & Veg Sampler

Warm days, some sunshine and the greenhouse is blooming into an eaters paradise.

There are plenty of cucumbers growing and lots and lots of tomatoes.

At the weekend we picked the first cucumber of the year and also a few of the tomatoes, they were a delicious compliment to the lovely lettuces that we have growing in pots too.

There is something so satisfying about going down the garden and picking things, bringing them back to the house, washing them and putting them onto a plate, knife and fork in hand and then popping them into your mouth. Garden to tummy in 5 mins ... wonderful!!

As i mentioned in my last post, the fruit and veg show will soon be upon us for 2011. Saturday 10th September is the date for this years show. I've now sorted out a chart for the Best in Show sampler and made a start.

This gardening ABC is from an old World of Cross Stitching magazine, Issue 87, August 2004 to be exact. It's designed by Joanne Sanderson and is stitching up really nicely. There are only 6 actual different pictures to accompany the letters so i'll have to be a bit creative with colour and design and see how i can swop them about to make it colourful and yet attractive. The name of the show and the date will of course be along the bottom as usual. So far i'm really pleased with how it's turning out.

Last week The Sampler Girl - In The Meadow went with me to the stitching club as usual and 2 little people were added as well as another word, the red diamond, and more of the zig-zag line along the bottom.

Unfortunately, i wont be taking it with me this week as i really need to crack on with the sampler so thats my priority now until it's completed. Sorry Barb, please can i be excused this week from SAL Class?? We also have a birthday this week, so we'll be eating cake too, a homemade beetroot cake to be precise!

Life here has been somewhat hectic this past month. We had a major leak in the bathroom that resulted in a new floor and airing cupboard being needed. We had been intending to replace the bathroom suite for some years but never got round to it, cash saved was always spent on something else, always a more pressing use for the savings.

Trawling round bathroom shops in an emergency is not my idea of fun, but these things have to be done and progress is happening now. DH is off work this week to try and make a big dent in whats left to be done, but that does mean that my crafting and computer time (what little i have been having since Isabelle arrived) will be even less this week with me helping to fetch and carry things up and down the stairs for DH, and of course as you girls will know, we always get the cleaning up job when the day is over.

I love this picture of Isabelle, and just had to share it with you... (yawn, nanny's at it again, i can hear you all saying LOL)

She is now smiling a lot and we have tried so hard to get a smiley picture, she laughs and giggles but as soon as you get the camera out, she goes all camera shy and coy.

Poor little treasure if off to the dr's tomorrow for her first round of injections, OUCH. As i have told her mum, who is really not looking forward to watching her little one suffer at the hands of a professional, these really need to be done and you will be so grateful when she only gets some of the childhood diseases slightly instead of the full blown strength. All us mums have been there and we can all identify with the terrible guilt you feel when letting someone hurt your baby intentionally but knowing it's for the best. It's the same for us pet owners too when you take your animal to the vets isn't it LOL

Thanks for stopping by, i hope you are all well and life is going along smoothly for you all


  1. Very cute sampler for this year's show! I like how you've stitched guide lines for placement ~ very clever!

  2. Lovely new picture of Isabelle. The Best in Show sampler is looking good. I do find that annoying with those magazine alphabet charts. They look all well and good as complete alphabets in the mags but as soon as you try to spell anything out, bang! you end up with two identical motifs next to each other

  3. Well who is the fairest baby in the land Izzy is!! bet she has a lovely smile.
    Your story of the bathroom is a bit like ,it was on a monday morning that the gas man came to call ,sounds like you certainly have had your hands full.Hope it all gets shipshape again soon.
    Well done on the progress on Best in Show another Julie masterpiece. I will of course let you off tomorrow, but in the meadow is really looking lovely.Speak soon it is so good to hear you are ok.

  4. Little Isabelle is so precious, Julie--I'm so envious! How I would love to have a little grandchild to spoil :)

    Your Best in Show sampler is coming along nicely--what a wonderful idea.

    I've never heard of beetroot cake--I'll bet it is moist and delicious... enjoy the celebration!

  5. Your sampler is looking lovely Julie. Whoever wins will be delighted with their prize.

    Lovely progress on your JA.

    What an adorable photo of Isabelle. She is so sweet. I hope the injections go well, bless her.

  6. Great progress on your wips. However wins best in show will be thrilled. Great picture of Isabelle. Will never be bored of seeing the pictures. Hope the jabs go well.

  7. Sorry to hear that your "treasure" isn't the any leak in your life! renos...not always so much fun :(

    what a sweet picture of your baby :)

    Can't say I've experienced beet root cake! Carrot cake is yummy, so it can't be a bad taste, right?

    Stitching progress looks great. I like your choice of using a veggie alphabet.

  8. renovations are a pain in the wallet for sure, but you will be happy when its all sparkly-new.

    Baby Isabelle is too adorable. Can't wait to see the smiles she shares when she isn't camera shy.

    I like your choice of pattern for "best in show" project ! Nice progress on your other piece too.

  9. She is gorgeous x x and you are so good to stitch for the fruit and veg show every year :)

    I just read your previous post Julie and you have inspired me - I hate our fruit bowl as stuff gets left at the bottom. I am now going to hunt a cake stand in the charity shops when I go to France & Wales - fab idea :)

  10. Heeee!! She is such a cutie!!

    Our tomatoes are finally starting to come in and it's been NOM NOM NOM all the time munching on them, I love them so much. (Sadly though, something ate all my cauliflower/broccoli/pea plants. Grr.)

  11. Hi Julie

    Making good progress on your fruit and veg sampler and well done on the tomatoes and cucumber. My tomatoes are still green but they weren't planted till late because of moving here. But we do have some beautiful green ones!!
    Isabelle is gorgeous, and you have every right to be a proud nanny

    Hugs Chris x

  12. Lovely stitching! And, little Isabelle is simply adorable!! Also, Happy Birthday!!!!!

  13. Isabelle is adorable !! Lovely name. Those veggies look great -- did you say you were sending me some of them. LOL I love the alphabet sampler and the other sampler too. BTW Happy Birthday a little late.

  14. Isabelle is gettign so fast so quickly!

    Your sampler is going to be great this year!!!

  15. Your sampler is going to beautiful. Crossing paws you finish in time.

    Isabelle is getting so big. She's very cute. I used to hate shot time when mine were little.

  16. I miss having garden fresh veggies :o( Looks like you have a great start to your sampler!

    Isabelle is SO adorable!

    Sorry to hear about your bathroom woes :o( We had our hot water tank burn up and let me tell you, I would rather have spent that money somewhere else...


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