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Monday, 18 July 2011

Something nice...

A neighbour of mine called in with something carefully wrapped in bubblewrap and asked if i would like it ....

What could it be i wondered as i carefully opened it's packaging.

She knows that i love old china and use it at every opportunity, old cups and saucers and one off plates etc and as she was having a clear out, wondered if i could give this beautiful cake stand a new home.

Could i give it a home?? YOU BET I COULD

The design is by John Russell and was circulated in the 1960's by Midwinter. It's called 'Oranges and Lemons' and i think it's just fabulous.

I already have some glass cake stands that my late dad used to bring me from car boot sales and flea markets. I was wondering where to put it when inspiration struck... does a cake stand have to have cakes on it? Of course it doesn't, so i now have the most fantastic fruit stand instead of a fruit bowl and it looks magnificent on my kitchen worktop.

It got me thinking and wondering, what else do people have that definately has a different use other than what you use it for, i'd love to see and hear what you have?

Sock happy dancing

Hubby was all excited when i did the kitchener stitch to finish off the second sock yesterday. Do you all remember 'Mr Boring and Anything Blue and i'll wear it' buying the two odd balls of wool for his funky socks and telling me he would definately wear them.

Yesterday, we were having a nice cup of tea and some relaxation time in the conservatory, watching the rain coming down in buckets and he was so excited they were finished, he just had to whip off his socks and try on the new pair. He said he wanted funky and thats what he got, and they don't even match each other! You can see by how his feet are placed just where the wool pattern match is..... and yes i did it on purpose, well he did say he wanted to get a bit more funky, i wont tell him if you don't that it wasn't a mistake LOL He's really pleased with them so a big thumbs up for another knitting project.

Stitching progress

Shores had a little attention this week, filling in the brickwork on the house.

The Sampler Girl - In The Meadow - was taken to the stitch club and page 1 is now complete.

I've had a horrible thought over the weekend though, we are now in mid July and i still haven't sorted out chart, fabric and thread for the Fruit and Veg sampler for this years show in early September. I think i had better make this top priority otherwise the Best in Show winner will not be getting a sampler this year to take home with the cup.

Too much to do and not enough hours in the day...arrgghhhh, i often hear you all shouting the same messsage


  1. Love the way you're using your new cake stand :)

    And love those funky socks...they're the best kind!!!

  2. What a fabulous way to use a cake stand, I am going to keep an eye out in the charity shops!!
    Those socks are fab!!

  3. What a great idea....I have a cake stand which is a fruit stand it may have to become! Lovely socks and your WIPs are looking fab too

  4. I love the stand, lucky you!
    Lovely funky socks and the WIP's are looking good.
    That little Isabelle is a cutie, you can post photo's of her anytime

  5. Great use of the cake stand. Love the funky socks. Lovely progress on your wips.

  6. Hadn't thought of doing that with my cake stand - think I mught just use the idea hope you don't mind?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. I'd like one to put smalls on, biscornus and such. Love the stitching progress.

  8. What a great way to display your fruit, Julie--how nice of your neighbor to pass it along to someone she knew would appreciate it.

    The socks are great--beautiful colors; and your WIPs are both looking lovely :)

  9. That cake stand is beautiful, I pile mine up with nuts, clementines and tiny baubles at Christmas.
    Funky those socks certainly are, I'm glad he likes them.
    Great work on your WIPs, now get to work on that veg sampler before you have to turn Mr Stick on yourself ;D

  10. Love the cake stand and the way you've put it to work.
    Fab socks!
    Lovely progress on the WIP's

  11. I think you have found a perfect use for your pretty new cake stand! I love the funky socks and your WIPS are looking wonderful!!

  12. Great new socks, that's not normal for a guy to ask for something funky! Brave man!

    Yes, I think you've usually started your sampler by now! Time is definately going by too fast but you have that fabulous granddaughter to keep you busy!!!

  13. What a sweet thing for your neighbor to do! They are just darling.

    That's just too funny about those socks. Glad to see he held up his end of the deal. ;^)

  14. Love the cake stand, my one daughter has taken to making cupcakes and I think I'm going to get her a nice stand to display them on!
    Hope you get your fruit and veg pattern sorted soon !

  15. Oooh I love your cake/ fruit stand Julie. What a fantastic idea:)

    Lovely WIPs. Shores is coming along really well and I just love your JA piece.

    I love those socks!

  16. Hello Julie,,
    Love the cake stand , why do these things not get used anymore as they are just soooo nice,with fruit or cake.
    OOhh nice wips and funky socks. and well we all know what I think about that Isabelle dont we.
    Oh dear when you find the time fairy can you send her to me when you have finished with her, I am not getting a lot acheived here with himself at home.
    Take care sweetie of youand yours.

  17. Hi Julie

    Saw those socks on the NH forum. I love them, what was the wool you used? I think I can feel a sock knitting session coming! And all your stitching is coming along nicely too.. hope Amy and Isabelle are well.
    Hugs Chris x

  18. Well, what a creative use for your stand.

    Nice progress on your stitchin :)

    LOL...I can almost imagine those toes wiggling in delight and I can't see, but was he grining from eart to ear? :D

  19. Love that cake stand. I'm envious.

    Great job on the funky socks.

  20. That's brilliant Julie!

    LOL! Seems like you have a proud DH there ;o)

    Shores is looking fantastic!


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