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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Round Robin returns home

Postie called today and i signed for a package, as soon as i saw the name on the back i knew what was inside. It was my very first round robin returning home that we started way back in February.

I was so worried about doing a RR that i've put it off for such a long time. As regular readers will remember, last October when we had the stitchers meet-up, Clare and Tina (no blog) persuaded Hazel (who also hadn't done a RR) and myself that there is nothing to fear and it really is good fun.

We caved in and gave it a go, and i must say i have thoroughly enjoyed stitching on other ladies work, some different designs that i would not normally have chosen to do.

I'm really thrilled with how mine turned out, thank you ladies for your beautiful stitching and hard work, it really does look fabulous and will be something i'll treasure.

Here's a close up of Hazel and Clare's blocks

and of Tina's and mine

I think all the robins have arrived safely home now, so definately a good experience for us all. You often hear such awful stories about problems with RR's and bad experiences with people not stitching and them getting lost.

Thanks again ladies for making my first experience so enjoyable, maybe i'll have another go sometime...


  1. Your RR is absolutely gorgeous. Glad it all turned out okay for you. Look forward to seeing the others.

  2. It looks lovely Julie and I am glad I was a small part of it. Loved it. xx

  3. Looks really lovely. Glad you had a good experience when you did yours.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. That is such a darling piece and a wonderful reminder of your stitching friends, Julie...I'm glad it made it home safely :)

  5. I'm so glad you decided to join the RR - I really enjoyed stitching on it.

    Thank you for stitching on mine too x x

  6. oh how pretty!!! I love the designs you used.....and SO HAPPY you got it back!!!!!!!

  7. How cute! I love your RR and it's even more special that your stitching friends added a little bit to the whole piece.

  8. Great design you picked for your rr, Julie. Everyone did a wonderful job.

  9. your RR looks wonderful it is a shame when it all goes wrong, well done to everyone who worked on it

  10. I absolutely love your RR Julie. Well done to all who stitched on it.

  11. It turned out beautiful. I'm glad your experience turned out a positive one.

    My past experiences not so much so.

  12. Okay, I just LOVE this! What an amazing job you gals did and I love how you picked out the design Julie. What a special RR :o)


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