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Monday, 27 June 2011

A little is better than none

Stitching has been a little more productive this week, not a lot but a little ....

The SAL's i'm doing received some attention this week. The weekly Sampler Girl 'In the Meadow' had it's usual Wednesday evening attention at the stitch club, but unfortunately we had a heated debate about the recent Terry Pratchett TV programme on assisted suicide so not a lot was stitched. It was a very thought provoking programme and gave me food for thought in the days after its airing, did anyone else watch it?

Shores also had a little time spent on it, more of a blank square than a finished one for June i think with this, never mind, i'll catch up.

No longer a figment of my imagination, but a reality, the June monthly ornament got stitched and made up. It couldn't be more simpler, but at least it's a finish and i'm still on track for one a month. I can't remember where this free one came from, can anyone help?

I'll have to try and remember to take a pic of the 6 ornaments i have so far this year all together, it's a nice collection.

Unfortunately, the monthly challenge has escaped me this month, sorry Christine, i didn't even get as far as printing the chart off!

This weekend the UK has been basking in the hottest days of the year so far, over 30 degrees and way too hot and humid for me and especially for little Isabelle, she is struggling keeping comfy and sleeping, but weighs in now at a healthy 8lb.

I heard on the news today that they are predicting a good thunderstorm to end this mini heatwave later today, that'll suit me just fine and also my garden.

It's a good job DH is handy with a watering can - although we are supposed to be having a ban on using water on the gardens if we dont get a good amount of rain - washing up water does help to keep my plants in pots looking nice, i have a pair like this that i can see from my kitchen window, so bright and cheery to look at.

Before i close this post today, i really wanted to share something that arrived in the post for Amy and Isabelle.

This was stitched by Kathy, she doesn't have a blog to show off her work, but i really wanted you all to see how beautiful it is. Kathy does read my blog, and i'd like to say thank you Kathy, Amy is really delighted with it and i'm sure the other readers here will also think you have done a lovely job.

DH commented that it really does look like Isabelle and i must admit, i have to agree with him, it does!

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the new visitors, it's always nice to see that someone new stopped by for a quick read.


Hazel said...

Is it an istitch chart freebie? I have def seen it somewhere. Lovely stitching as ever Julie and what a gorgeous gift to get through the post. x

Anonymous said...

That sweet ornament you made is a freebie from Nan at Threadwork Primitives.

valerie said...

Wow! What a wonderful gift from Kathy! That's a cute ornie...I think it's a Threadwork Primitives design too.

Rachael xxx said...

What a lovely gift from Kathy!, I do hope you are enjoying being a gran Julie.

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous gift from Kathy. Great progress on your wips. Another lovely ornament finish.

Maggie said...

Lovely stitches as usual Julie :-)
You are putting me to shame with your stitched ornies, i have yet to finish one this year!

I spent yesterday sitting in the garden making the most of the weather (don't do that very often!) And yes, the predicted rain has just reached us here, chucking it down as they say, right now!

Have a good week x

Barb said...

What a beautiful gift for Amy and Isabelle Julie, you have been such a special friend to so many and now you and yours are having a little of your kindness returned to you -well deserved sweetie. Will drop you a note in a day or two.
Hugs Barb. Ps nice wips and a dear little finish.
Hope it gets a bit cooler for you soon.

Shari said...

all of your work looks guess on the freebie was Istitch, like someone else said...but maybe I saw it on one of the other sites/!?!?!
Love the gift you got from Kathy....what a priceless gift!!

Carol said...

Glad to hear little Isabelle is well and gaining weight... What an incredible gift from Kathy--I'm sure Amy will treasure it :)

Your ornament is so cute, Julie--I'd love to see a photo of all six. It's a good feeling to keep up with the monthly ornaments isn't it?

Christine said...

Its more stitching than I've managed in the last month Julie!
The gift Kathy sent is just gorgeous.

Sally said...

Lovely stitching Julie. I do like your Jane piece. I really must start this before much longer when I have a free slot!

Lovely gift from Kathy. It is such a gorgeous piece.

It's much cooler up here today and I am so relieved. It has been way too hot for me! I can distant rumblings of thunder as I type.

jane said...

Lovely stitching Julie and what a thoughtful gift from Kathy!

Tina said...

Beautiful gift received from Kathy,wip's are looking good and love the planter,it's so bright and cheery
Tina x

Melanie said...

What a wonderful gift!!

staci said...

Wonderful stitching and congrats on your sweet ornie finish!

That is an amazing gift from Kathy!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That's a great free little ornament! What a lovely gift for the baby, I think a friend of mine is stitching that same design right now!

Mylene said...

You have made a good progress on the Sampler and cute ornament finished.

What a lovely gift from Kathy!!

Kathy said...

The sampler looks fab Julie, what a fab gift from Kathy to.

have a fab weekend hun

Hugs xxxx

Denise said...

Just trying to catch up. It's been between 40 and 46C here. Being the desert it's normal. I'm miserable walking out the door.

That is lovely gift Kathy sent you. How very special.

Pumpkin said...

At least you're getting some stitching done ;o)

What an amazing gift from Kathy! WOW!