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Monday, 20 June 2011

Shocked (or should that be socked!)

In the absence of a real friend, sometimes this little 'sheep a knitting' and i will have a conversation about things and put the world to rights.

She's a really good listener and doesn't often give bad advice!

Recently though we had a conversation about something that astounded me.

A local department store with a very small craft section had a sale ready for a refurbishment. I don't often buy things there as the prices are quite high, but decided to take a look and see if there was anything worth picking up.

DH was with me and he was wandering around too, he came to me with a basket containing 2 balls of sock wool

Nothing exciting about that except his comment when he showed them to me "I seem to remember this band on the wool, isn't it the sort you have knitted me a pair of socks with?" Mouth agape and unable to utter a single word for a moment or two i just stared at him. "What" he said, "It is isn't it?" and yes, he was right and at 99p per ball it was a bargain.

All you keen eyed crafters will no doubt have noticed that the balls are different. There was infact only 1 ball of each colour left on the shelf and each ball will knit only 1 sock. I mentioned this fact to DH, but ever the bargain hunter he was not to be put off. "I'll have a pair of funky socks then won't i" says he.

Now, this is the man, that unless it's a shade of blue, blue or blue isn't usually interested. He doesn't do trendy at all! Big discussions followed about 'Will you wear them if i knit them?' and 'do you want one of each colour or half and half?'

He was undecided, so i made a start and got as far as the heel flap whilst he pondered and made up his mind.

As you can see, Mr Trendy with one foot in each colour has backtracked and decided that the leg part could be one colour and foot part another, so here we are the half 'n' half first sock that will have only cost a fraction of his other pairs.

I do hope i don't have to fight him to wear them when they are finished, or just maybe with him turning the big 60 in a couple of months, and recently becoming a grandpa he's turning in a cool dude LOL

Stitching news is not a lot has been happening this week. Some progress on In the Meadow by The Samper Girl for the Wednesday evening SAL,we now have a couple of caged birds.

No progress on Shores at all ths week, not a single stitch, so am way behind with that one for the month of June and the challenge and monthly ornament are a mere figment of my imagination so far.

More exciting things had to be done this week. It's the final round of the RR. This is Hazel's and the block i finally finished yesterday. There was a lovely choice of charts for this one, but i went with the sweet little robin in the end. It did give me a few little problems with the fractionals in it, but it's turned out lovely and i'm pleased with it.

Safely in the hands of Royal Mail as of this morning, it's winging it's way back to Hazel all completed and mine will be on it's way home soon too.

Yesterday here in the UK was Fathers Day, we had a lovely time with the family here for the day. Lovely to sit around the table and chat and laugh about old times and dad thoroughly enjoyed his day and his gifts and cards, his first Grandpa card too, that was really special. I hope you too had a lovely weekend with your loved ones.


  1. The Sox are absolutely brilliant, and where did you find your knitting listening sheep I could sure do with one of those at the mo.
    Hope you are keeping well or at thwe least dealing with things ok
    hugs Sheliie xxx

  2. Fab yarn bargain! Oooh I love my Robin's robin! Lovely job. Sorry about the fractionals and fussy stitches in it. xx

  3. The socks are great. I love the fact that your husband pick the wool himself. I got a backhanded compliment about my stitching from my husband this week. Lovely RR and progress on Sampler Girl.

  4. A very creative idea to use the different wool balls for the different parts of the socks. They will look very special.
    That little robin is looking so nice. Hazel will love it.

  5. What a brill idea and he can't not wear them having taken such an active part in their making :)Happy Solstice

  6. Are Lewis's downsizing their craft area again? Great bargain on the wool anyway, and those two tone socks are fabulous.
    Great progress on the JA, and I love the little robin on Hazel's RR

  7. Fantastic bargain Julie. Your DH is going to look cool in his socks. I love them.

    Lovely progress on the JA and Hazel's RR is gorgeous.

  8. So as the man of the house is a trendsetter and WOW they look fab-u-lous! will Nanny be joining him. His and her socks oohh now there is an idea.
    Love that sheep but then that would be obvious I suppose.
    Good job on the Robin for Hazel. May I say Julie I really enjoyed this post(think the socks tale clinched it! , and although the birds were caged I bet they were pleased they were part of it. Hugs

  9. Heeeheee! That's too funny about the socks! You'll have to update us as to whether or not he ends up wearing them. :)

  10. Love the socks Julie - I'mnot surprised you were 'socked' DH's do amaze us sometimes, don't they.

    Great stitching on Hazel's RR :)

  11. Lovin' them groovy socks! Your WIPs are looking fabbo too xx

  12. ROFL!!!! That's too funny :o) Great idea though and yes, at that price, how could you pass them up!

    The robin is adorable. Your WIP is coming along nicely :o)

  13. He'll have to wear them since he did insist on getting the yarn.

    Your robin is cute.

    Glad you had a wonderful Father's Day.

  14. I love you hubby's " subtle" hint. Laugh out loud reading.
    They could be his magic socks. (though I have no idea what powers they would posess) wait... power of smell? Kidding, I'm sure his toes-es smell like roses, LOL (from formerly, Certifiable hobbyist)

  15. A good bargain with the wool and it is looking lovely, i think it will look great when finish.

    Cute design for Hazel's rr.


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