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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Block 4's completed!

Today started out so lovely, the sun was beaming into my bedroom window at 6.30am, it woke me up so downstairs i went to make a cup of tea and headed back to bed with one for DH too.

After breakfast he set off for the allotment, that was a short visit though, as the heavens opened and he got soaked.

He did manage to pick our first lot of sweet peas up there though before the rain damaged them, they are really early this year and smell so beautiful in the sitting room.

I thought i would share them with you my friends, i do wish you could get the scent of them too.

Wednesday evening and i was at the stitching club for my weekly get together with like minded ladies.

I'd kitted up my new Sampler Girl start for the SAL at NH. In the Meadow and was in the Gift of Stitching magazine May 2010. Unfortunately, only a little bit was stitched as we had a little visitor. Amy came by to surprise the ladies and brought Isabelle to say thank you for the goodies she had received from them. Lots of cuddles and chat about baby things, it was an enjoyable evening but i'll have to do better next week LOL

With all the rain today, DH has been firmly planted in the sitting room on the sofa watching the motorsport thats been on the TV. I spent a lot of the day in the conservatory escaping it and managed to finish Block 4 of Shores. I'm really pleased with how it's looking now the top row is finished.

I've also started Hazel's RR this week too but i can't show you that just yet, that also is looking really lovely and i'm the final person to stitch on it. We're all due to get ours back later this month and i can't wait to see mine finished. This was my first RR and it's been a really lovely experience, maybe i'll do another sometime.

I hope you've all enjoyed a lovely weekend with your loved ones


  1. I have really enjoyed the RR too. I must get Tina's out and start getting it finished. Lovely Shores! x

  2. Congrats on finishing block 4. Lovely new start. Your sweet peas look gorgeous. Look forward to seeing your RR when it arrives back to you.

  3. Those lovely sweet peas brought back wonderful memories for me, Julie. You see my dear mother always used to have them growing up a trellis right next to the back door of my childhood home--such a sweet scent :)

    Congratulations on finishing Block 4 of Shores--the whole design is looking splendid!

  4. The Sweet Peas are lovely !!! congrats on finishing block 4. Sounds like a great time at your get together. Nice start on your stitching.

  5. I have sweet peas growing not as far along as your though.
    It was nice of Amy to stop by thank everyone.

  6. Great block on Shores.
    I love your sweet peas, mine are nowhere near flowering yet.

  7. the flowers are gorgeous...I am so jealous of your group stitching time....I so miss that...
    all of your stitching looks wonderful!!!

  8. The rr block looks lovely, congrats on finishing it.
    You did a good start on the new project and what lovely lovely flowers!

  9. Shores is looking really great Julie!

    I love sweetpeas too, really pretty :-)

  10. Shores is looking fab Julie,really must start mine again,love sweet peas,mine are only small at the moment,looking forward to getting my RR back as i bet you are too
    Tina xx

  11. Congratulations on finishing block 4 Julie, it looks great. Love those sweet peas too.

  12. The new block looks really great.

  13. Those Sweet Peas are gorgeous Julie. Takes me back to my childhood:)

    Congratulations on finishing bloc 4 on Shores. You're making brilliant progress on it.

    Lovely start on your JA piece. That's one I want to stitch one day. I have it printed out somewhere!!

  14. I really miss sweet peas. They grow wild along the roadside where I'm from in Western NY.

    They wouldn't last a NY minute down here in the desert.

  15. Congrats on finishing another block! Woohoo!

    Me thinks Isabelle might slow down your stitching ;o) LOL!


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