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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thank you

Hello dear friends

I am still here, just very busy at the moment. I would like to thank you all for your kind wishes on my new granddaughter, she is gorgeous and has stolen the heart of both Grandpa and myself. My heartfelt thanks to all who have emailed me and sent cards and gifts on this very happy occasion.

There's not been much time for crafting this past couple of weeks, hardly a stitch has been done.

I did have a lovely Sunday last weekend with a couple of hours to myself where i managed to make up the challenge piece for May, i had already stitched it in plenty of time for the reveal.

A lovely free design from Sablaise. Just a little pincushion this time for me, not very challenging, the other finishes can be seen in the album.

In the evening i have been more than a little tired and have had the knitting needles out instead of the stitching when i have felt the need for a crafting fix.

It doesn't need so much concentration to whip up a little bunny.

This little RAK was sent off to Hazel to brighten her days and she has named her Rosie Posy. I hope she is well behaved for you Hazel and i'm pleased that she arrived safely and you like her.

This little beauty dropped through my mailbox as a surprise for me. Cathey was the winner of my blogoversary draw at the beginning of the year.

She thought i would like 'a bunny for a bunny' and made me this beautiful little lady. The fabric is so gorgeous, can you see the tiny rabbits that are printed on it.

Thank you Cathey for this special little gift xx

Before i publish my post, someone else would like to say a few words....

Dear Mums friends

The words "thank you" just don't seem good enough to say for the wonderful cards and gifts that you sent to us to help celebrate the birth of our new baby daughter Isabelle.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, it really has been a very emotional time for us all and you have all made it even more special

love from Amy, Paul & Isabelle xxx

Thank you for your continuing friendship
{{big hugs}} to you all


  1. Aww BLESS .Your challenge piece is lovely Julie and your little grandaughter is the bees knees.
    Big hug to Amy and family. Will speak soon.

  2. Sweet pictures of Isabelle. Congratulations again!

    Love the bunny you sent to Hazel. She is darling! As is the bunny from Cathey.

  3. Oh, I was away on vacation and missed the news of your new little Isabelle, Julie! What a lucky grandma you are--she is just so precious :) Congratulations to you, your daughter and the whole family!

    I saw Rosie Posy on Hazel's blog--what a cutie! And your bunny from Cathey is darling as well...

    Enjoy your new little granddaughter--spoil her now, that's what grandmas are for :)

  4. Lovely photos Julie, congratulations once again to the whoel family xx

  5. I've been looking forward to the photographs Julie ~ Isabelle is adorable. Congratulations to you all.
    Love the challenge piece and the latest bunny for Hazel, the fabric one you received is lovely too.

  6. Beautiful baby! You both have some interesting times ahead. I'm going to Houston to see my three tomorrow. I did receive the newspapers and stopped what I was doing to read them and I enjoyed them SO much. I loved all the wedding celebrations (I bought the DVD on Tuesday and have watched it 4 times since then. Should have been British ;) ).

  7. Lovely photos of your new granddaughter Julie. Enjoy getting to know her. Great stitching and knitting, gifts sent and received.

  8. Isabelle is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Great pincushion finish, and two very sweet bunnies

  9. Aww glad to hear you are enjoying being granny! They don't stay that small for long!

  10. *squee* Love the new baby photos!!!

  11. Lovely photos of Isabelle and Amy. She is such a cutie :)

    Your challenge piece is beautiful and Hazel's bunny is so sweet.

    Lovely bunny from Cathey :)

  12. A beautiful little challenge finish, Julie. I love the bright colors!

    Rosy Posy is a cutie. She will have a great home with Hazel.

    Cathey's bunny is so pretty. Lucky you!

  13. Isabelle is just adorable. I love that little rabbit.

  14. I'm SO happy that she finally arrived and that you like her :o) The purple fabric just doesn't show well in pictures and I don't know why. Maybe it's just my monitor...

    Love the latest bunny you stitched up!

    Absolutely adorable pictures of Isabelle :o)


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