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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Stitching and streaking!!

Last week i shared with you the lovely lion fountain in my garden. Whilst i was in the city centre going through the Town Hall Square this week i was sitting next to another lovely lion fountain that i enjoy and thought you might like to see that too.

This one is much more elaborate than mine. It was unveiled in September 1879 and is magnificent. You can see close up pics and read more about it here.

I took my picture and mentioned to DH that i was going to share it with my blog readers. Imagine my surprise when in the next days Leicester Mercury (our local daily newspaper) there was a report of a streaker in the exact spot i had been sitting the previous day. Good job he wasn't there when i was taking my pic, how would i have explained that LOL

Another of the ladies at the stitching club has a birthday next week, so this week i've whipped up a covered tape measure for her.

Next week we are not meeting at the community centre as we are off out for a meal to the local pub. We were due to go during the Easter holidays but one of our members had sadly lost her father so the outing was postponed.

Shores was put on the floor stand this week.

I knew f i didn't get all that white filled in on the house before i started the next block i might just decide that i liked it without and it would never get done. Very boring stitching but i did a small bit at a time and i must admit, it does look much better now it's done and Block 3 is complete.

One more WIP for this week and of course you all know what that will be. I bet you are fed up with seeing the same thing every week on here.

At Home from the Sampler Girl (the SAL at Needlecraft Haven on Wednesday evening) is of course what it is. I'll have to stitch on this a different night next week with being at the pub on Wednesday.

I have also started the crochet bunny, it now has a head, 2 ears and 2 arms!

Thank you to Shari who said she would send me some of her rain that she is fed up with. It arrived on Friday and has really given my garden a good soaking, my plants are very grateful Shari.

As i bid you farewell till the next time, i'll just leave you with a pic of the stunning cactus that is flowering in my conservatory. A tiny cutting that was given to me some years ago and it never fails to amaze me. The blooms are approx 6" across when open fully and the colour is just breathtaking.

Thinking of all the overseas ladies that celebrate Mothers Day today, i hope you have had a lovely day.


  1. LOL at the streaker, he was probably hoping you'd come back and make him famous throughout blogland!
    Lovely stitching, and looking forward to seeing your crochet bunny.
    Your Easter cactus is stunning!

  2. Congrats on finishing block 3 of shores. Great progress on your JA.

  3. Lol@ the streaker!

    Congratulations on finishing block 3 of Shores. It looks fantastic. JA is looking lovely.

    Your Easter cactus is gorgeous. What a pretty colour.

  4. Your Jane sampler is coming along great, i started mine too but from below-i am on the numbers last night. But had to put aside as i need a couple of gifts to finish..

    Another lovely block, congrats!

  5. What a pretty park, something we do not have here. Sounds to me the lady doth protest too much that the streaker came a day too late lol.
    Shores is looking amazing, and well have to say Jane is lovely, I did enjoy doing that one.
    Looking forward to doing the Nutcracker with you when the Ballerina is finished.
    Julie your blog is lovely and I for one look forward to reading your posts.

  6. The Jane sampler is looking lovely!! :)

  7. Beautiful park Julie, your stitching looks great.

  8. Love your tape measure finish, I'm going to have to try one of those someday.
    Well done on finishing another block on Shores.

  9. A streaker. That would have been pretty funny. Interesting time of year for that to happen. Usually, it happens in the beginning of College Frat hazing weeks.

    Love your stitching and your cactus. My mom had one when I was very young.


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