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Monday, 16 May 2011

A gift or two

Sending out a handmade little something always gives me such great pleasure, i only wish i was there to see the recipients face when it comes to opening it.

One of ladies at the stitching club loved her covered tape measure she received for her birthday in January and asked if i would be able to make one for her sisters birthday later this month. I was only too pleased to be able to help.

The little bluetit is also a covered tape measure, an oval shape this time and not the usual round one. Kathy (no blog) has a birthday soon and this one is now in the hands of Royal Mail on it's journey. I think i'm safe posting a pic as Kathy is away on her hols this week so wont see it.

Time for another Christmas ornament too. I'm still on target with an ornament a month and enjoying the chance to have 12 made up to give as Christmas gifts later in the year.

I'm sure most of you have seen this little guy, he's the free design from Midnight Stitching called Snowmans Quaker Christmas. He's another thats been waiting to be stitched for quite some time.

I used one of the finishing forms to make him up. They are so easy to use and give you a perfect finish. Ideal for those of you who are a little worried about making up ornaments, try one and give it a go, i'm sure you'll be impressed how they work, instructions are included in the packet. They come in different shapes and sizes too.

At Home with Jane Austin had an evening spent on her this week, although not the usual Wednesday SAL night at Needlecraft Haven. That night i was in the pub having a meal with the stitching club ladies. We had postponed our Easter meal as one of our members sadly lost her father. A good time was had by all, plenty of laughs and good food.

Only the bottom row to add to this one now, its the same as the top floral row, then time to decide on another to be able to continue in the SAL.

This weekend i was able to finish the crochet on the ballerina bunny that i started. Tense moments as the wool was being used up and i thought i was going to run out. An 18" long piece is all thats left of the cream colour and a very small amount of both pinks. I wonder if like me you always work faster when you know the end of the wool/thread is coming up, it's as if you think it might go that little bit further if you do it quicker!! I just need to sew it together and stuff it sometime soon, i dont think i've shown you a WIP of it? so it wil be nice to reveal it finished.

I'm feeling the need to start a pair of socks too. I keep seeing nice socks on blogs and am itching to get out wool and needles for that. I have been knitting last week, a bunny has been made... more about that in the next post.

Midge is sitting in the conservatory sprawled out in the sunshine. He's pretending to be sleeping, but i know better. He squinted his eyes tightly shut as i took this pic. You can bet, as soon as i press 'publish post' on here and head towards the kitchen to make a cuppa he'll be hot on my heels hoping for a quick snack. He's already opened his eyes and looked in my direction twice to see if i am still busy on here, it's a wonder you can't hear his sighing wondering how long i'm going to be LOL


  1. Those are lovely Julie!!

    Aww look at Midge, Butter wouldn't melt

  2. I have that exact same feeling about sending gifts!!! Yours are lovely and I'm sure they'll bring big smiles to the lucky recipients!

  3. Love the new covered tape measure, the bluetit is so nice and I'm sure the recipient will be over the moon with it.
    Your christmas ornie finish looks perfect, will have to look into getting some of those finishing forms at some point and giving them a go.
    Great progress on Jane Austen, you'll soon be having a happy dance.
    Mitch looks so peaceful and relaxed in that pic, I miss seeing Chocky relaxing in the warmth of the conservatory on a sunny day, treasure him, although I know you do already.

  4. Julie those little tape measures are just so sweet , I love mine and use it often.
    Well done on At Home wonder what will be next.
    Awww Midge looks so contented, and they always find the spot in the sun don't they.
    Lovely post sweetie

  5. Lovely tape measure covers I'm sure the receipients will be thrilled. Great progress on your JA. Midge looks very comfy - great picture.

  6. I do love your covered tape measures. I wish you would do a little tutorial on how you make them up. Please consider it???? Lovely wips and finishes. I have some of the finishing forms and want to make mine into needle holders. Just another one on the To Do list. x

  7. Lovely finishes Julie, I'll have to give those finishing forms a try

  8. Lovley gifts Julie and great progress on your JA. Looking forward to seeing ballerina bunny!
    I must have a go with those finishing forms - I didn't realise there was such a range of sizes available.

  9. Great job on the tape measure, they looks lovely.
    Wow! you are nearly done with the sampler!!

  10. Ah, the life of a cat--how sweet is Midge drowsing in the sun!

    Your Jane Austen is looking wonderful, Julie and I do love the snowman ornament--think I could stitch him again and again...

    How nice of you to stitch another tape measure for your club-members sister--I'm sure she'll love it :)

  11. Such great lovelies!!

    I love the colors you used for the snowman. I have wanted to do that one for a while - I'll have to remember your color scheme. :)

  12. Lots of lovely finishes Julie. I had a good giggle when I read about stitching faster when you're getting to the end of your thread - you are so right, I do that!
    Aren't cats just the coolest - Midge looks very content.

  13. oh I do love your tape measure finishes Julie they are brilliant and so useful too

    those finishing forms are a great idea wonder if they sell them on a uk online store?

    your sampler girl piece is looking great I love the colours on this design

    love your christmas ornie, I
    haven't stitched any this year!

    aww how cute is Midge? he looks so snuggly

  14. I just love your little tape measures. So very cute.

    Love your cat too.

  15. Oh, I forgot. HE's HOME!!! We arrived at home about the same time you commented on my blog.

  16. Julie, I LOVE your beautiful tape measures! What a wonderful, creative idea! Would mind sharing how you finished you have a tutorial? Just such lovely little things! I also stitched "At Home with Jane Austen" and love the beautiful colours. I've chosen backing fabric and have plans for finishing it very will be posted on my stitching blog.

    Midge looks quite content, enjoying enjoying the nice warm sunshine in your conservatory:)

    Crossing in Stitches With You!

  17. Your covered tape measures are gorgeous Julie. I treasure mine :)

    Lovely ornament too. I will have a lok at those finishing forms as I'm always worried about finishing round ornaments as I know they won't be round when I've finished!

    Midge looks so content there, bless him:)

  18. Forgot to say your JA is coming along beautifully!


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