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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fun, french & a finish

As some of you know i run the UFO group at Needlecraft Haven, we used to have a specific night, Tuesday, to stitch and make progress on your UFO but some ladies were busy Tuesdays so it was mutually decided that you could stitch any night of the week and post a pic of your progress before a new week started. Mr Stick (The resident encourager) a nice friendly chap but with a stick of iron to make sure you do actually stitch is on hand to help out

Recently numbers have dropped and for the past couple of weeks there have been no UFO stitchers. I decided that we needed to do something so Mr Stick invited a friend along.

This is what was posted on the forum last week .......

Bonjour mes amis (Hello my friends)
Mon nom est Madame Ruban à Mesurer mesurer les progrès i (My name is Madame Tape Measure, i measure progress)
Monsieur Stick m'a invité à visiter (Mr Stick has invited me to visit)

To find out why i am here, you need to decipher this message:-

Chaque piqueuse OVNI qui montre des images des progrès cette semaine
seront admissibles à un tirage et je vais aller vivre avec le gagnant

For those who don't speak french the translation reads (and yes, i am very grateful to the translators on the web LOL)

Each UFO stitcher that shows images of progress this week
will be eligible for a draw and I am going to live with the winner.

4 ladies worked out what had to be done and posted pics of their progress this week, Christine, Lindsay, Lisa and Angi(no blog). Well done ladies.

I decided that as it had been a bit of fun, the drawing of the name for the winner would also be fun and not the usual ask DH to pull a name out the bowl. I wrote the 4 names onto some brightly coloured paper, screwed them up and threw them to Mr Moe, he batted them around the kitchen for a while and one went under the fridge (here he is still looking for it even though i have retrieved it) but eventually be decided on one that he wanted to play with and Lindsay was drawn the winner.

Congrats Lindsay, i'll get Mrs Tape Measure into the mail to you when i next visit the post office.

Wednesday night is stitch club and also The Sampler Girl SAL night, but this week i will not be stitching as we have the AGM of our community association and the same room as we have our weekly meeting is used. Instead i stitched on mine Monday evening this week and have a happy dance ... YAY!!!!

The frame is a recycled one that i saved after Amy broke the doughcraft dolly that was framed on a piece of board in it many years ago. One of those 'it might come in useful one day' saves, i'm sure you all do it. The design was a perfect fit, but with no glass i decided to add some wadding to the back and make it puff out a bit. It's sitting on my mantlepiece right now whilst i decide where to hang it and i'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

I do have another Sampler Girl design to continue the SAL next week, a very nice design too, you'll have to wait for the first WIP to see what i've chosen this time.

Shores was out last night, the first stitch into Block 4 for the month of May, oh where is this month going to? only 2 weeks left to complete this block and the challenge hasn't had a stitch put into it yet either.... HELP... LOL

au revoir, till the next time


  1. Your At Home looks gorgeous Julie. Perfect frame. How I wish I'd kept frames from years ago. They'd have been so handy now.

    I wish I could get back tp UFO night with Guardian but I have loads on the go at the moment. I always found it gave me so much enthusiasm. One day I hope if Mr Stick will have me back! Lol!

  2. Congratulations to Lindsay on winning the UFO draw, looks like Mr Moe enjoyed it too!
    Well done on your happy dance, looks lovely in the recycled frame.

  3. Congrats on your JA finish. The frame looks perfect. Congrats to Lindsay on winning the UFO draw.

  4. Beautiful finish and framing! Love Madame Ruban. She is so cute! Looks like Mr. Moe had a lot of fun picking out the winner.

  5. Your JA finish looks wonderful in that frame.
    Congratulations to Lindsay, Mr Moe certainly looked as if he enjoyed choosing

  6. Congratulations on the JA finish it's gorgeous.
    Love Madame Ruban - congratulations to Lindsay on being the winner.
    I need to get back to UFO night - I still haven't finished my LHN Snowflakes!

  7. Congrats Lindsay,
    I really need to take part in UFO nights, maybe miss twiggy with prod me!

  8. Julie Mum I will have to wave my stick and shout louder and I will get the girls on the case too , I know Barb found a ufo (another one) this morning and heard her say to herself (hmmm she does talk to herself)that she needed to get it done so watch out Mr Stick she may be back this week.
    Congrats to Lindsay,on her win.The At home looks so 'at home' on your mantle shelf.Look forward to seeing your new start on Wednesday next.

  9. At Home looks great Julie, great idea to recycle the frame.
    Congratulations to Lindsey on winning the UFO prize.

  10. The frame is perfect!! Couldn't have worked out better. That's awesome.

  11. What a fun way to encourage those stitchers! You are so clever.

    Congratulations to Lindsay!

  12. Oooh Ms. Tapemeasure! How creative!!!

    What a great recycled finish!

  13. LOL what a great way to motivate those of us with too many UFOs to mention ;-). I've been MIA on NH lately, time to pay another visit I think. Congratulations Lindsay! At home looks just that, a perfect place for it.


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