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Monday, 23 May 2011

Craft inspiration

Reading blogs, getting inspiration and seeing others work always gives me a buzz, there are so many talented folks around

I was directed to a new to me blog recently. Jacquie at Bunny Mummy has some amazing craftwork tutorials and posts on her blog. 16th May was a very inspiring post, she made a beautiful bunny out of an old jacket belonging to one of her children.

Sometimes reading blogs sparks off an old memory, does it do that for you?

Jacquie's 'make do and mend' post reminded me of my late MIL, she was a whizz with using up old things. Cupboards, wardrobes and such were full to the brim with old things that she might use one day. She would unravel knitted items to re-use the wool and still turned the collars on dads shirts until he retired!

Here's one of the lovely projects that MIL made, a lovely embroidered tablecloth that we now use. I have lots of them and other handmade things of hers.

She was never without wool, thread or fabric in her hand and a new projet on the go. I often wonder where she got her inspiration for things from as she was from an age before computers.

A vast collection of patterns and those little Patons Bazaar books that you used to be able to buy to make items for bazaars and craft sales were something she had plenty of, i guess that was where she found ideas. I've inherited a lot of them and they are fun to look through. Anyone remember the knitted or crocheted dog spare toilet roll covers!!

Toy making has been happening here this week.

Here's my very first amogurumi crochet toy. Ballerina bunny was from Love Knitting for baby ~ Spring 2011. The wool used is Debbie Bliss DK cotton, it's really soft and i'm so pleased i was able to locate the wool asked for.

The pattern was quite easy to follow and i think she's turned out well for a first attempt. She just needs a name, i'm sure Amy will come up with something suitable.

A little stitching on Shores this week too.

Block 4 doesn't have so much as the last one so hopefully i'll be able to finish it before the end of the month to be on target for a block a month.

Next month we are house building again so another biggie block with plenty of brickwork to keep me busy

Mrs Tapemeasure has been received by Lindsay at the weeekend and has settled in happily, although Lindsay did she was wasn't too happy with the journey with Royal Mail and did feel a little sick at times .... we do have fun with these little bunnys LOL

Posite called on me too with a little surprise giftie.

Barb had attended a local craft sale in the church and come across this delicately crocheted pansy bookmark and thought i might like it. The stitches are so teeny tiny and it is so perfect. A big well done to the lady who made this beauty.

We've both read the books Crow Lake and The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson both of which we enjoyed. The book Barb enclosed is called Flowers on the Milkstool - the diary of Mary Lawson. i'm looking forward to reading diary entires from 1871 Kansas.

Have a lovely week, happy crafting ...


  1. What a neat memory about your MIL. Brought back memories of my grandmother....if only I could go back in time!

    Love new projects and happy stitching....

  2. Wow that bunny is so cute...enjoy your book and bookmark xx

  3. What a pretty treasure tablecloth to be cherished from your MIL.
    Awww! the bunny is cute. I never did get a good start on the Ami goggies I had a rented book from the library, i am not very talented when it caomes to yarn, lol
    Nice bookmark from Barb
    Shores is looking great
    Take care!!

  4. A lovely table cloth from your MIL. I have one that my Aunt made. Your crochet toy is gorgeous, I'm sure Amy will soon find a name for her. Great gift from Barb and progress on Shores.

  5. Gosh you have been busy your crocheted bunny is gorgeous well done xxxxHope you are keeping well Thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog comments seem to be thin on the ground at the moment lol,
    Hugs Shellie xxx

  6. Blogs really do bring other things to mind and its amazing to wonder what we did before blogs and their inspiration. Of course once upon a time we used to actually see people instead of "seeing" them online. But then online has its advantages too I have opened my doors to a much bigger community!!!

    That bunny is oh so cute!

  7. Lovely memories. I'm in to memories as well at the moment.

  8. Your bunny is very cute.

    My grandmother had the poodle crochet covers in her bathroom. She must have adjusted them because she had them to fit the bubble bath as well.

  9. Thanks for the link, that is a lovely blog and I've added it to my list. Your MIL's cloth is beautiful, I love those old embroidered cloths and am always picking them up at charity shops and the like.
    Your crochet bunny is adorable, beautiful gift from Barb too

  10. Lovely memories and that tablecloth is beautiful. Thanks for the blog link - it's on my reading list now.
    Love that ballerina bunny - so cute and a fabulous gift from Barb too.

  11. We had a spare loo roll cover but it was a plastic doll with a knitted dress, my Mum used to tell me off as it would often go missing LOL
    Lovely Table cloth.
    Well done on that cute bunny, is it easy too do?

  12. Your bunny turned out to be brilliant Julie! Great job :o) Thanks for the link to the Bunny Mummy. What a great idea!

    Shores is really coming along nicely. You are doing well keeping up with it on a monthly basis :o)

  13. Love that bunny Julie and Shores is looking great. Lovely gift from Barb too.

  14. Darcey Bussell looks a sweetie Julie, and I can just see her cavorting through life with Babe, as for those bazaar makes I am old enough to remember making things for them lol. We too have tablecloths Martins grandmother made. I do remember embroidering crinoline lady cushion covers and oooh tray cloths were the in thing when I was young!! Perhaps we could start a revival. Glad you liked the book and the bookmark. Now off to find that blog you mentioned.Hugs

  15. Wow Julie Ballerina Bunny is so cute!

    Lovely tablecloth that your MIL made. She must have been a very talented lady.

    Shores is coming along well.

    Lovely gift from Barb:)

    Hope Amy is well.

  16. Love the amogurumi, so cute!
    Great progress on Shores.
    The bookmark Barb sent is lovely.


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