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Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Day

Good afternoon blog readers, the weather here in the UK is brilliant sunshine and it's been so lovely for the bank holiday weekend.

Friday started this second long bank holiday weekend of April and my boys decided to work Friday as they are really busy. I know a lot who have no work at all in the current economic climate, so this is good news and neither of them are die-hard Royalists. I spent a lovely day camped out on the sofa watching the Royal Wedding on my own. I thought it was a beautiful service and didn't Catherine look devine.

Shores accompanied me, but unfortunately even with an extra days stitching this month, i still didn't manage to get Block 3 completed in April.

I still have the house to fill in with that wonderful colour white! Going to be very boring, so will do a little at a time inbetween completing Block 4 during May.

Saturday, DH and i spent quite a lot of the day wandering around garden centres. I have a lovely lion faced water feature that was a birthday gift some years ago but during the winter months the pump has become damaged.

We finally located a replacement pump at the 4th one and it's now spouting lovely again thanks to DH and his DIY skills.

I do love to sit outside and read in the sunshine to the sound of a water feature, which is exactly what i have been doing today whilst supervising DH in the garden. When we were at the garden centre a few new plants just happened to jump into the basket and make their way home with us, you know how it is, they look at you and plead to be given a good home and DH just can't resist, good job i took my purse with me to help spread the cost for him LOL

Wednesday as usual was The Sampler Girl SAL that Barb is running over at Neddlecraft Haven.

I took 'At Home' with me to the stitching club and managed to complete the house and a little more besides so a good week this time, and no frogs to hinder my progress.

There are lots of lovely Sampler Girl designs being stitched in this year long SAL and i think it's one that i will be continuing with when i've finished this design.

Do you remember the crochet magazine that had the lovely amigurumi bunny in that Amy wanted me to make.... i finally managed to locate some of the wool it asked for. My local shop informed me that even though the magazine was the latest edition, the wool was no longer available to order.

The yarn was purchased from Meadow Yarn and their service was excellant so i am happy to give them a plug here on the blog. The invoice that came in the parcel had a lovely green tea teabag attached to it, i thought that was a lovely gesture.

Tomorrow to round off this beautiful relaxing weekend, i am expecting a visit from my oldest school friend. Life and family have got in the way over the past few months for both of us and we haven't met up for a chat for quite a while, so i'm really looking forward to some girlie time together.

I hope you too have had a lovely weekend, what did you get up to with family, friends and loved ones?


  1. Great progress on Shores and At Home Julie, looking forward to seeing the crocheted bunny

  2. Andy worked friday as well :0(
    But I enjoyed watching the wedding!
    Oh that bunny looks gorgeous!!

  3. Lovely progress on your wips. Have a great time tomorrow with your old school friend. I enjoyed the wedding too.

  4. We are being very lucky with the weather at the moment, glad you are making the most of it :-)

    My DH was at work all over these extended Bank Holidays too, the park is almost ready to open now so he will be at home anoying us all soon enough, lol.

    Lovely progress on shores and At Home. Glad you managed to locate the yarn you needed.

    Have a good week x

  5. I have recently struggled to get hold of Rowan wool that has been discontinued and it is such a pain. I finally managed to locate it in various places. Your shores is looking great! I still haven't started mine. x

  6. Wonderful stitching! Love the colors of your new yarn...will look forward to seeing what you create with it!

  7. I can't believe this weather. Family to stay, went to Wales, a walled garden yesterday, not sure what today will bring, hope day with friend is fun!

  8. I am so envious whenever I read of the gorgeous weather Europe is having this spring, Julie--ours has been rain day after day and this week looks no better!

    Your little lion fountain is so darling--glad you were able to find a new pump without a problem... Love the Jane Austen WIP piece, too, and of course the Shores block--filling in with all that white won't be fun, but it will look gorgeous when all finished up!

  9. Shores is looking great Julie and I look forward to seeing the crochet bunny. Enjoy your Bank Holiday!

  10. Shores is looking fab Julie and so is youe JA piece. That yarn looks wonderful...may have to pay a visit there :0)

  11. Phill had last Friday off but is working today, he's just pleased to have the work. Shores is looking wonderful. I hope you enjoyed the visit from your friend.

  12. your blog posts are always so inspiring Julie....thanks for have a great way with words....
    I want some of your gorgeous weather....can you share with me??? I am so tired of rain & cold, day in & day out....
    Oh, to sit out by your lion fountain & read a book.......that in itself sounds heavenly!!!

  13. Julie your garden sounds just devine I'd sure love to pull up a comfortable alwn chair and stitch the day away in the warm sun (it must be in the UK becasue I think the sun has forsaken us in Canada).

  14. oooo... such pretty new stitching since I last checked!! The knitted bunny will be so cute! Jeleous of your garden... which I'm sure must have a bloom or two.

  15. The wedding was beautiful and yes, she looked amazing!

    I'm glad to hear that you've got some warm weather over your way. It must have passed us by. There is no way I'm going to sit outside and watch my DH in the garden :o( Sounds so lovely!

    Shores is looking great and I don't blame you for not looking forward to filling in the house. LOL!

    Are you serious? Then why use it in the first place? Glad you got a hold of it. Very pretty colors :o)

    I hope you have a nice time with your friend!

  16. Shores is coming along well Julie. I think that block took me a while with all that white.

    Lovely progress on At Home. I really must join in the SAL sometime soon as I'm missing my Jane fix.

    That wool is gorgeous.

    Hope you had a lovely time with your friend:)

  17. Your wips are looking great. I hate stitching white, and hate stitching big blocks of one colours, so I feel for you.
    Love your water feature, listening to water trickling is so relaxing.


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