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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Stitching and Unstitching!

Here's my lovely blossom tree and the inspiration for the pink stitching on the blue fabric for the card in my previous post.

The sunshine this week has opened up the remaining blooms and it's at full bloom right now, with no rain or wind to speak of the blossom has lasted for the longest i can remember.

We looked like we'd had a wedding in the garden with the lawn being covered in white blossom from my pear tree, but its all gone now as DH has been busy in the garden with the lawnmower today.

Wednesday was the stitching club and The Samper Girl SAL night.

When i took it out of my bag i noticed a problem .... the left border was one stitch out, and being me i had to rip out the pink heart and the Jane Austin wording. Here's the evidence of the unstitching.

Mr Kipling and his lemon slices were on hand with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea to console me before i began to re-stitch it.

I continued with it when i arrived home and stayed up a bit later than normal so it would look like i had made some progress this week.

Additional to where i left it last week is the pink row, the golden key and the little tree.

I hope the other ladies had a better week with theirs!

The builders will be in next week making a start on the house. DH commented that maybe this week they had been enjoying the sunshine and having extended tea breaks so their work rate had been somewhat slower than normal!!

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow has also had some attention this week.

I'm not sure about the mermaid, her white skin looks a bit stark against the blue sea.

She does remind me of Flat Stanley the childrens book character, does anyone remember him?

Monthly ornament for April

This little design, a complimentary chart by Plum Pudding Needlearts called Fa La La.

I've seen this one stitched lots of times in the past and it's another thats been in the 'to do' pile for such a long time. Fabric is a 32ct offcut that i had in my oddment drawer but its lost it's name, i do think it's a very effective colour for a Christmas design.

I've had a quiet week away from the computer, not feeling so upbeat this week and needed to take a step back and recharge my batteries. Talking of charging batteries, my laptop is giving notice and shuts down on me at the worst moments. We've been shopping this week to look at new ones and DH has narrowed it down to a choice of 2, now he's looking to find the best price before we part with our cash.

I hope you've all had a happy and good week


  1. I discovered I was out in my counting on Olga this afternoon so I can sympathise. So glad Mr Kipling dropped by with some lemony comfort!

  2. I have restitched the tree on Simple Joys three times this week so know how you feel. Love your ornie, I have this in my to do pile - hopefully this year lol. Hope you are feeling recharged and manage to find a suitable laptop.

  3. Lovely stitching. Sad the frags came. I have been a bit low too an sometimes a break away can do you good. Hope you have a better week next week. x

  4. Good luck with the 'puter hunting. Frogs are sent to try us, however the progress looks good. I hope your recharged batteries are fully recharged.

  5. Sorry to hear about the frogs but your stitching is lovely. I really like the snowman on that gold's lovely and the snowman really pops!

  6. Still laughing at your Flat Stanley mermaid, Julie. I've been participating in a Flat Stanley project for a fellow blogger's daughter this month--what fun I've had :)

    I'm glad you are back on track with the Jane Austen--it is such a pretty piece. Sorry the frog paid an unwanted visit (well, I guess he's never really wanted, is he?).

    Your Fa La La ornament is one of my favorites--I stitched it a couple years ago, too. Love it on the fabric you chose.

    Good luck choosing your new computer...

  7. She does look a bit likeFlat stanley, you could always mail her to me when you are done LOL
    Good luck with finding a new laptop, there are so many to chose from it is hard to know which one is best.
    The blossom has gone from my tree, and I love pink blossom, enjoy it whilst it lasts.

  8. LOL I remember Flat Stanley!
    Shame the frogs came calling on the JA but its looking lovely, and your snowman ornament is just gorgeous

  9. Sorry to hear about your counting mishap, but how kind of Mr Kipling to console you lol. I love the little ornament, very cute indeed.

  10. Sorry you had to rip back. Had a bit of that going on last week myself. Never fun.

    Love the new ornament! It's great. :)

  11. It's so annoying when you find a counting error like that - good way to console yourself though and your JA piece is looking great now.
    Shores looks great, I know what you mean about Flat Stanley!

  12. It's frustrating to find a mistake like that - I can vouch for that!
    Re-stitching looks fabulous though so hopefully you feel better about it now.
    Love the snowman - the colours are perfect.
    Hope the laptop shopping goes well.

  13. Sorry about the frogs Julie. It seems they are very naughtily visiting a lot of people- me included! Lovely progress though.

    Shores is coming along well and I love your ornament.

    Lots of hugs coming your way xxx

  14. Your WIPs are looking good :o)

    I do love that fabric you used on your ornament! Is it a shade of yellow?

  15. Love your ornament, so cute. Sorry to hear about the frogging.

    A happy easter to you and your family.

  16. Sorry to hear you had to frog, I hope they'r banished now! So many have been feeling low lately (myself included) I keep trying to recharge my batteries but it only seems to last for a day and I'm back to my exhausted self.

    Take care!

  17. Wonderful finish! It looks fantastic on that fabric, Julie. I love this design and have stitched it twice already. Both given away so I need to do it once more for myself!


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