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Thursday, 31 March 2011

March comes to an end...

and what weather we are having on the last day of the month. I woke to howling winds and heavy rain and now the suns shining beautifully although the wind speed is still giving my lovely spring flowers cause for concern bending their heads to the ground

Block 2 of Shores is complete so i'm happy with progress on that this month. All ready to begin Block 3 tomorrow and on target with a block a month since the start of this SAL. Kathy (no blog) is also stitching this one which is nice, she is at the same stage as i am. Thanks for showing me a pic of yours Kathy. Quite an assortment of CHS designs being stitched by others at Needlecraft Haven too.

As i mentioned in the last post, i have joined another weekly SAL at NH, Barb is running this one to stitch any design by Tanya at The Sampler Girl.

I took my 'At home with Jane Austen' to the stitchy club last night and then continued with it when i came home, here's where i got to. Most of my stitching is over 2 at the moment so i decided that a teeny tiny would be nice and am stitching this over 1 on 25ct laguna in potato. Lizzie Mouse is keeping check on my progress and reporting back to Barb LOL

Friend or foe!

A little knitting time this morning on the sofa and a little fluffy boy decided he would like to sit next to mum IN my knitting basket. He tried very hard to out the plastic bag with the already knitted baby bits in, so i removed it and he snuggled down on top of my crochet magazine in the sunshine so i took a pic of him looking lovely and cute ..... the doorbell went and when i returned he had vacated the basket and was playing with the spare knitting pin - cue grab camera and take another pic whilst not disturbing him ....

knitting pin drops to the floor with a little help from a great big furry paw and it'a great game to play whilst mum is not here (or so he thinks, and it's a good job he went for the pin with no knitting on it!) but the games over when the pin just sits still on the floor and refuses to play ... one grumpy cat, no fun inside when things wont play with you and mum has spotted what you've been up to.

He's now gone upstairs onto my bed and is grabbing some zzz's with the sunshine streaming through the window on him, he does have a good life this kitty of mine LOL

Thank you for all your thoughts and comments on the JBW for mum. I decided to put 'Mum' inside the wreath and then go with her birthdate and age in the other 2 boxes. I tried it in a few of the colours i'd used in the design but decided to go with the paler lavendar blue as the others stood out too much and it detracted from the wording on the design. Just need to find a nice special frame now for it to go in, it's nice to have something completed in plenty of time and not rush to get it done, my forward planning seems to be going ok this year so far... hope i haven't spoken too soon!

Thanks for stopping by, i hope you are having a lovely day


  1. Congratulations on finishing your secong block Julie. it's looking lovely.

    Nice start on Jane too. Looks gorgeous over one on 25 count.

    Mr Moe is so cute and looks so innocent too!

    Your gift for your Mum is lovely.

    Very windy up here too. Wasn't so bad when I nipped to the PO earlier but now it's horrible!

  2. Congrats on the finish for your Mum. It is gorgeous. Great new start and progress on your JA - I love this one. Lovely progress on Shores. Its very windy here to so hopefully the washing will dry lol.

  3. Beautiful stitching Julie and love that cat, She is full of fun and great to watch.

    Hugs Chris x

  4. Wonderful progress on your Shores! All your stitching looks beautiful!

  5. Well odne on finishing the Shores block, and the sampler fro your mum. Great start on the JA too.
    Mr Moe is too funny

  6. Beautiful stitching! I am sure your mum will love your gift!

  7. What gorgeous wips and and finish! I am loving your Shores and itching to start mine now. I don't know what is putting me off. Maybe the fabric count?? x

  8. My cats love basket especially ones not meant for them LOL

  9. Good for you! Shores is looking lovely :o)

    I think what you did with your mom's piece is perfect and she'll love it.

    Looks like someone gets into trouble a lot when mom's not looking ;o) LOL!

  10. Your stitches are lovely Julie :-)

    Mr Moe is very cute! My Molly love baskets (and bags) too and very often sits in my stitching basket although she is far to big for it lol.

    It's been windy here too and has bent a lot of my daffs over. Great for drying the washing though!

    Have a good weekend. x

  11. Great progress on various stitcheries Julie, love the one you did for your Mum. Oh! someone has just gone by with a battered umbrella up so I do not think my washing will be going out. Drat!!
    I love your kitties, and would Mr Moe allow a cuddle. Midge too of course.
    You may have a hug too!

  12. Lovely block completed and what a beautiful piece for your Mum. Good start with the new project too.
    Have a happy weekend.

  13. Lovely stitching on Shores and I like the way you completed the piece for your mum. Great kitty pics too.

  14. Cats are so naughty but nice. Lovely photos

  15. Shores is looking lovely, as is your JA piece. You have a lovely cozy stitching/crocheting area there, no wonder Mr Moe wanted to join you! As I type this all three of mine are laying on my bed out for the count lol

  16. Beautiful finish on block 2 of Shores. You've done great keeping up!

    ROFLOL at your knitting "helper" photos. Silly kitty!


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