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Sunday, 27 March 2011

What's a squirrels favourite food?

A few days lovely sunshine and my camelia bushes are beginning to open their buds to reveal these beautiful pink flowers

I'm beginning to think that Mr Squirrels favourite food is my camelia buds though, they must be the equivalent of chocolate to us as he can't seem to get enough of them. This year is not going to be such a good show as previous years due to his addiction. Does anyone else have this problem?

This little design is what i was stitching last week at the meet-up. It's one of the Sweet Nothings by JBW Designs called 'Our Family'

My mum will be celebrating her 70th birthday next month and i wanted something small to put into a frame. Instead of the charms the chart asks for, i've decided to add her age and maybe name into the spaces, but have left it for now whilst i make up my mind. What do you think would be nice in the spaces??

I've stitched this little kit from Elizabeth Designs before and it sits on my own tree. It was such a lovely design i kept the chart.

When i had my Christmas tree up last year, i had a couple of comments on how lovely it was so decided to make another one to give as a gift this Christmas. Stitched on 32ct cashel linen, no idea of colour, using Vicki Clayton silks in verdigris, dark evergreen and garnet, i think it turned out better than the original one i have LOL

Mothers Day will soon be upon us. The signed book i mentioned in the last post was for my mum and to accompany it i've stitched her this springtime bookmark. It's a design from a very old magazine called The Gallery, it used to be very popular here in the UK quite a few years ago but they stopped printing it.

This week i'm having a new start, i'll be joining Barb and the ladies on Wednesday night at Needlecraft Haven in their The Sampler girl SAL. The design i'll be doing is 'At Home with Jane Austen' There have been some wonderful finishes in this SAL, Tanya Marie Anderson is a very popular designer.

Did you all remember to alter your clocks an hour last night? The way i remember which way they go is by an old saying that my gran taught me 'spring forward, fall back' so it really must be spring now as we have all sprung forward, hopefully there will be plenty more lovely spring sunshine in the weeks to come.

I hope you have all had a good week and life is running along a smooth path for you all, thank you for visiting


  1. Pretty stitched finish for your mom. I think your idea would be good, considering it's for her birthday
    I love the ornie, it's so pretty
    Have lots of fun with the girls and the SAL.

  2. Not sure how many siblings you have but what about initials of children? Love the Eliabeth ornament. Will keep an eye on our camellia bushes - we just moved into a new house!

  3. Lovely Camilla flowers. I think the idea for your mum is perfect. Gorgeous ornament and book mark. Look forward to seeing your new start. I have stitched this and loved it.

  4. Your camelia is certainly a lot further on than mine, the buds are quite small and certainly not as many as in past years. Sorry can't help wit the squirrel problem. How about special dates in the spaces? Something that means something to your Mum.

  5. What beautiful flowers!
    Love all your finishes especially the christmas ornament, perfectly finished!

  6. I only remembered to change the clocks at 11.30 this morning , the day has gone by pretty fast , lol . Love the stitch for your Mum , her name and birthday would be a nice touch . X

  7. Bratty squirrels! How big is this bush? I am sure there is a taste deterrent spray you could try. You might ask at the garden center.

    That little samper for you mom is really pretty! I think her initials & maybe birthdate would be perfect since it is a birthday gift.

    Oh wow ~ that IS a gorgeous Christmas ornament, Julie! I can see why you'd stitch that one more than once.

  8. Flowers are beautiful and so is the stitching. We're heavy into azaleas here. They are beautiful but are on the downside now.

  9. Your camellias are beautiful. I didn't know squirrels ate the buds, pesky little beggars!
    I love the sampler you stitched for your Mum, I think I'd put her initials and year of birth in the boxes.
    It does feel more like spring now the clocks have changed. It was lovely to have a long light evening yesterday, but a bit harder to get up int h dark this morning!

  10. Oh, what a shame that those naughty squirrels are eating such lovely flowers! You're so lucky to have blooming flowers already, Julie--our yard is just stuck in winter mode with our sub-freezing temperatures so far this "spring."

    Your mom will love her little birthday piece--I would stitch her name or initials and her birthdate. Make sure you show us a photo of what you end up doing.

    Isn't it nice to have the extra daylight hour in the evening? We changed our clocks a couple of weeks ago and it just makes the evenings so much more pleasant...

  11. Your flowers are so pretty! And I LOVE that ornament, it's gorgeous!

  12. Hi there Julie, I have not heard of squirrels eating Camellia buds, but then we only have one squirrel who visits infrequently and prefers the birds peanuts.
    Oohhh love the ornie.
    As for your mum I think I would go with your idea, it is very delicate and pretty.
    Look forward to seeing you Wednesday and being AT home with you.Hugs

  13. You have some lovely finishes there Julie, well done.

  14. Lovely ornie finish and bookmark finish Julie :-)

    Very pretty camelias, i nearly bought one the other day in town but not sure if they would sure how they would fair in my garden.
    guess i'm not going to be doing much in the garden anyway in the next few weeks, lol

    Have a good week x

  15. Lovely finishes Julie, you have chosen some very pretty designs.
    Your camellias are beautiful, pesky squirrels! I hope you are right and Spring is really here.

  16. You have some beautiful finishes Julie. I like your idea of putting your Mum's age and name in the boxes or maybe her year of birth rather than age??

    Can't help you with the squirrel problem I'm afraid but what a shame they're eating the buds.The flowers look so pretty.

  17. The gift idea for your mom is perfect!

    Your flowers are gorgeous! Tell those nasty squirrels to eat something else ;o) LOL!


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