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Sunday, 20 February 2011

A gift, a RR and other stitching!

Clare's round robin arrived safely with me earlier this month, the post out date isn't till mid March and instead of posting this time we'll be exchanging at the next stitchers meet-up on March 19th.

Here's the square i finally chose to stitch, it was a hard decision to make as i liked all the Lizzie Kate designs Clare has plotted onto the graph for her cushion design.

The pink border is so lovely with the middle X's being a slightly different pink to the outer and it really is pretty and Clare also charted our names using the same font as the designs - so clever!

My RR is currently with Hazel, and she has completed her square, you can visit Hazel's blog to see which All Our Yesterday number she chose to add to mine. Thank you Hazel it looks fabulous xx

This one is a little gift for my friend Barb's birthday earlier this week.

She is a great fan of Shepards Bush designs so when i saw this little February one i knew it would make the perfect little bag for her February birthday. I added a couple of little chocolate lambs inside but i'm not sure she'll be able to bring herself to nibble those as she does have a fondness for the little fluffy animals. You can admire all the other lovely gifts that stitching friends made for Barb on her blog.

Just Nans Floral Fifteen has another 2 motifs added this week for UFO at Needlecraft Haven, Mr Stick will be pleased!

Shores has also had some attention and we can all now paddle in the sea, just the sunshine in the corner and a couple more seagulls to add so hopefully i'll be on target to get Block 1 completed by the end of the month.

DH and i celebrated our wedding annnivesary yesterday. We had planned to have a nice day out, but the weather had other ideas so we had a trip to a local shopping centre and will have a day out another time. The day was marred though as when we got home we noticed that some rotten ratbag had stolen both rear wheel trims off my new car. A bottle of wine, a box of chocs and a movie was how we spent the evening but it was very subdued.

I hope you have enjoyed a nice weekend with your loved ones


  1. Those are absolutely beautiful. I wish I could do them that well.

  2. Lovely stitching Julie and what a perfect gift for Barb.
    Happy Anniversary, shame the day was marred bit wine,chocs and a movie sounds good.

  3. Happy anniversary. I didn't realise we were exchanging at the meet up. That will save some postage pennies hehe. Lovely finishes Julie and I love your Shores. I'm going to place an order for threads tonight. x

  4. Lovely stitching Julie, and a beautiful gift for Barb. A bit to chilly for a paddle lol, but Shores looks great. Happy anniversary to you and your DH, such a shame to have it spoiled by the toerags who stole your wheel trims.

  5. Beautiful stitching! Love the little bag gift for Barb. Happy Anniversary to you and your DH. So sorry to hear your rims were stolen. The nerve of some ppl!

  6. Love your LK RR... can't wait to see the progress on them all.

    Great stitching all around....

    Sorry about your car... congrats on your anniversary and hope you had a good day in spite of this!

    happy stitching....

  7. Great stitching. Love the L*K RR. Happy Anniversary. Sorry to hear your rims were stolen. Glad you still managed to have a good day.

  8. Happy Anniversary! You have some lovely projects underway...happy stitching!

  9. Lovely RR's and what a super gift for Barb.
    What rotter's to do that,I hope it is not too costly to replace them!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!
    Fun RR
    Love the little bad, it's oh so sweet.
    Nice progress on the WIP's

  11. everything looks wonderful Julie!!! I love each & everyone!!
    Happy anniversary, but so sorry about the bad ending to the new day....who do people have to be so nasty?

  12. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Julie! What a terrible thing to have your wheel trims stolen, though on such a special occasion!

    Each and every piece is looking lovely. I especially like the little bag you made for your friend's February birthday--what a great idea...

    Hope this week brings no more "rotten ratbags" into your life!!

  13. Clare's RR is beautiful and I love the gift you made for Barb. It's perfect for her.

    Shores in coming along well as is Floral Fifteen.

    Happy Belated Anniversary. I'm sorry the day was marred. I hope they get their come-upance. {{{hugs}}}

  14. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    What a bummer about the rims. Pffffft. POX ON THAT PERSON! lol

  15. Great job on the RR! You gals definitely came up with some great ideas :o)

    What an adorable bag! Shores is coming along nicely and glad to hear you have someone on top of you about your JN project ;o) LOL!

    That blows! Sorry to hear that :o( Happy Anniversary though :o)

  16. Belated Happy Anniversary to you and your DH.
    Beautiful progress on your WIP's.

  17. Great stitching Julie, I love the little bag you made for Barb.
    Sorry you had such an unpleasant surprise when you got home, miserable toe-rags!

  18. I love what you chose to stitch for Clare's RR, very pretty, and the little bag for Barb is just lovely. I bought myself one of the little lambs last week but haven't been able to bring myself to have it yet lol.
    Nice progress on your wips as well, your UFO if flying each week.
    A belated Happy Anniversary, but sorry to hear about the nasty thief, why do some people insist on taking things that aren't there's?!


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